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Enterprise Social Network tibbr Adds File Sharing, Tasks, New Partnership with Huddle

Tibco is pumping up its enterprise social network tibbr with file storage and sharing, task management, a platform for managing and publishing content and a new partnership with enterprise collaboration solution Huddle. 

The Next Frontiers: Resiliency, Concurrency, Adaptability

What SXSW is to the user experience (UX) and design geeks who make the Internet useful, useable and desirable, the Cultivate and Velocity conferences are to the teams of geeks that literally make the Internet function. Both conferences, produced by O'Reilly, were held this week in New York City. The week began with the warm and fuzzy, culture-focused Cultivate (which actually kicked off with a morning yoga session). Day two and three at Velocity… not so warm or fuzzy. Velocity is designed for the hard-core web technology geek. The tag line says it all -- "Building a Faster, Stronger Web"

Will Technology Leaders of Tomorrow See the Beauty or the Beast?

The first Cultivate Conference, produced by O'Reilly, was a beautiful thing that has potential to inspire  empathy-challenged technology geeks to be warmer and more empathetic. But even the conference speakers seemed divided on the best ways to promote culture within the enterprise.

Why Yammer and Office Make SharePoint 'User Adoption' a Dying Concern

Social Business, Familiarity Breeds Usability: Yammer, Office and why A small cottage industry has grown over the years around helping companies become more engaged with their SharePoint platforms. The catch-all term for this practice is “user adoption” and it’s traditionally been important to the enterprise, the user and Microsoft alike.

As of this year, I’d like to stick a fork in it.

10 Lessons Intranets Can Learn from Wikipedia

Persuading employees to use the company intranet is one of the biggest challenges intranet managers face, primarily because it's hard to get employees to contribute content their colleagues will find useful.

FoKo Launches 'Instagram for the Enterprise'


Let’s say you want to share photos of a new product prototype, but only with your colleagues. One of your options is  FoKo, a  new photo sharing service for enterprises launching this week.


With HP's Work-From-Home Directive, Is the Digital Workplace Broken?

social business, HP Another Yahoo with Work-From-Home Directive? Depends on Who You AskDepending on who you ask, Hewlett-Packard made this week one of two moves regarding where its employees work:

They either pulled a Marissa-Mayer-Yahoo-esque directive or ... they didn’t.

The Culture versus Technology Argument Isn't Helping

Social Business, Culture may not be the problem. Or the solution.In the pursuit of “Social” business, the relationship between technology and what is often called "culture" (a word I distrust for both its imprecision and overuse) is not what the industry would have you believe.

CMSWire Tweet Jam: Becoming a Responsive Social Business #SocBizChat

Becoming a Responsive Social Business -- Measuring for Success

CMSWire Social Business Tweet JamJoin us on Thursday, October 24th at 10am PDT / 1pm EDT / 1700 GMT for a special Social Business Tweet Jam sponsored by OpenText. 

This time around we'll be looking at the challenges surrounding social business ROI measurement and how -- if at all -- it's changed in the past year.

IBM Makes SoftLayer the Foundation of Cloud Portfolio, Introduces New SaaS Business Services

Big Blue announces a series of steps that build on its SoftLayer acquisition with the release of new cloud-based business services. 

Wanted: Information Specialists for Search Management Roles

Thumbnail image for shutterstock_89947684.jpgThe search world faces many challenges but one of the greatest is convincing businesses of the need for information specialists.

Social Collaboration's Analytics Gap

Social Business, Social Collaboration's Analytics GapMetrics are the key to driving end user adoption. Unfortunately, social collaboration has an analytics gap. 

Knowledge Is Power: What's Your Strategy for Social Business?

Social Business, Knowledge Is Power: What's Your Strategy for Social Business?Social business has no value without purpose.

Why Most People Know X But Do Y and What You Can Do About It

stephen fishman, ux, user experienceIf pain shared is pain divided, then the UX community should be happy that they are not alone in their Don Quixote quest to get people to join their crusade for the good of enterprises, employees and users.

7 Ways that SharePoint 2013's New Mobile Features Fall Short

sharepoint 2013, mobile enterprise, mobileSharePoint 2013's new mobile features are definitely a step up from the mobile features in previous versions. In fact, one could argue that mobile devices get better support than ever before, with better mobile browser support; new features such as device channels, push notifications and location services; and Office Web Apps integration. But there's still much room for improvement.

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