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12 Steps To A Successful ECM Deployment #gartnerpcc

2014-9-16 Gartner PCC developing an ecm strategy.jpg

Many enterprises are investing in costly enterprise content management (ECM) systems without knowing why or even how they will be used.

On the sidelines of the Gartner Portals, Content and Collaboration summit in London yesterday, Kenneth Chin, Gartner research vice president for ECM, explained that many enterprises have yet to develop strategies around their ECM deployments. He also outlined 12 considerations that enterprises should consider to make their ECM deployments successful.

Is NSA Leaker Edward Snowden the Info Governance Champ?

AIIM information governance in the enterprise 320 x 240.jpg Whatever you think of US National Security Agency leakerEdward Snowden, you have to concede he has done a lot for information governance (IG). He didn't build the ultimate IG technology.

But his behavior over the past 12 months have forced a large number of organizations to sit down and ask themselves, "What if?"

What if your information is not governed properly?

New research from AIIM shows only 10 percent of organizations have an effective IG policy in place, while 21 percent have polices that are mostly ignored. Most of the rest consider IG a work in progress.

Document Mgt Roll-up: Mostly SharePoint #SPC14

You can argue it if you want, but this week was all about SharePoint -- and little about Microsoft Dynamics CRM and AX. In fact, as one of our editors pointed out, there’s more SharePoint than you could shake a stick at — largely as a result of the SharePoint Conference 2014 in Las Vegas.

In no particular order, here are some of the items that either slipped under the radar or which caught our attention. There is also some mention of Microsoft Convergence Dynamics.

OpenText SharePoint Services Release Unites ERP, ECM #SPC14

OpenText SharePoint Services Release Unites ERP, ECM #SPC2014SharePoint Conference 2014 kicked off this morning and the vendors are wasting no time announcing new releases. OpenText started the ball rolling with the release of OpenText Microsoft SharePoint Services (SPS) for Extended ECM for SAP Solutions. The combined solution brings together the worlds of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

Are You Putting Productivity Ahead of Security in the Cloud?


All this talk about big data this month has us questioning the security of it all, especially when data lives in cloud, as most of it does now. A new report from SkyHigh about the risk cloud services present to organization sheds new light on our concerns. 

How to Clearly Articulate Your Enterprise Content Management Objectives, Guiding Principles

You’ll often need to explain the goals of your Enterprise Content Management (ECM) program in more detail than an elevator pitch. Here are the objectives and guiding principles applicable to most ECM programs.

From Dwelling in Darkness to Prosumer Delight: ECM Technologies Come Alive in 2013

Some say that Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems are at their best when they are boring.

I respectfully disagree.

Enterprise Content Management, Knowledge Management, Collaboration in 2013 - Same Old, Same Old?

I am really not big on speculative, future prediction posts. There are too many factors in our highly complex world that can derail even the most well researched and thought out theories for how our industry could develop, so I am going to shy away from predictions per se. Instead, I'll consider some general directions, and why other people's predictions make me laugh and make me feel like a Knowledge Management / Enterprise Content Management Grinch! Prepare for a visit from the Ghost of Christmas Past ...

Document Mgt Roll-up: M-Files Partners With goVirtualOffice for NetSuite Integration

This week there’s been a number of items, including the partnership between M-Files and goVirtualOffice for NetSuite Integration, Laserfiche has released an app for iPad, Zoho continues to offer social capabilities, Metalogix releases SharePoint Content Manager and Hannon Hill releases Cascade v7.0.

Nuxeo, Liferay Offer Cross-Platform Integration via CMIS, OpenSocial

nuxeo_logo_2009.jpgIf you use open source enterprise CMS platform Nuxeo and open source portal platform Liferay, we have good news for you. The vendors announced that Nuxeo’s platform is certified as a content source for Liferay.

Forrester: Where SharePoint Lacks as Enterprise CMS, Supplement and Integrate

With SharePoint firmly established in the enterprise, and companies looking to deploy an enterprise content management system across the company, many businesses are being forced to answer the question as to whether they should replace their enterprise CMS with SharePoint, or integrate the two.

Forrester: Businesses Reinvest in Enterprise CMS, Focus On Cloud, Mobile Content

Enterprise content management looks set to make a comeback this year. While most of the curtain calls over the past year have been in the mobile and social media space and enterprise content management has been neglected in many enterprises, new research from Forrester suggests that companies will be investing again in ECM in the coming year.

EMC Modernizes the Documentum User Experience

Together, EMC Corporation and C6, a French enterprise content management software provider, are on a mission to ease CMS efforts. Today the pair released EMC Documentum D2, an application for the codeless building of content solutions that quickly match ECM application functionality to business needs. 

MetaVis, Quest, Lightning Tools, IGC Release Products at SharePoint Conference #spc11

Heading into Day 2 of the SharePoint conference in Anaheim, Calif., and in terms of new releases migration tools and enterprise collaboration remain the buzzwords among delegates and vendors -- not surprising, really, given the relative youth of SharePoint 2010. Here are some of today’s noteworthy announcements:

SharePoint Conference 2011 Releases Focus on Content Migration, Social Media #spc11

It's SharePoint time again as this year’s conference kicks off in Anheim, Calif., for four days of demonstrations and releases. With a more than a year gone since the release of SharePoint 2010, there are now dozens of releases of products to the market, and many more as this conference will show.

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