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Enterprise Integration News & Analysis

Three Steps to a Holistic Enterprise Technology Integration Strategy

As organizations around the world seek to “do more with less,” they are increasingly looking to integrate IT systems to eliminate redundancy and improve efficiency. Although point-to-point integration projects are sometimes necessary, putting a holistic integration strategy in place ensures that you are building a platform that can serve as a true foundation for future growth.

SnapLogic Adds US$10m in Funding for Enterprise Integration Solutions

snaplogic_logo_2010.jpgThe need to bridge data and information from various systems is greater than ever and SnapLogic (news, site) has introduced updates to its server, as well as a new control center to keep things humming along.

Analysts Expect iPad Adoption to Impact Enterprise Application Market

The iPad has been well received by the general consumer market, but analysts are seeing a business market for it and other tablets -- including business intelligence and CRM.

MindTouch Supports Business App Integration in its Enterprise 2.0 Platform

MindTouch Adds Collaborative Video and More to MindTouch 2009The truth is, there's always been the ability to integrate business applications with MindTouch's (news, site) platform. But now it's even easier, and it may be the added incentive to look away from SharePoint.

Telligent Updates and ReBrands Community Solutions, New Analytics Solution

Telligent Updates and ReBrands Community Solutions, New Analytics Solution It's a day for news on the Enterprise 2.0 front and Telligent (news, site) wants you to hear what they've been hard at work on. It's about that time of the year when Telligent offers up a new version of their community solutions. This time, instead of simply a new version number with some new functionality, we get major products upgrades and new branding to boot.

Say goodbye to Community Server, Community Server Evolution and Harvest†Reporting Server. Say hello to Telligent Community 5.0, Telligent Enterprise 2.0 and Telligent Analytics 3.0.

Oh, and for those of you interested in Telligent Graffiti, we have a little update, but don't get too excited.

Taking a SaaSy Web Content Management System to the Corporate World

Taking a SaaSy Web Content Management System to the Corporate World Probably best known for implementing their SaaS-based web content management system for media publishers, today Clickability offers a new solution that takes them further into the corporate world. Clickability Corporate Solutions is designed not only to provide publishing solutions that work for the marketing department, but that integrate the back office systems providing a website that much more than just a pretty face.

Is Adobe Missing the Mark on Enterprise Integration?

Adobe Logo

Adobe just announced the availability of their Technical Communication Suite. While the offering is broad and appears to be tightly integrated, itís still just shy of where it needs to be in terms of addressing critical requirements for true enterprise deployment.

Microsoft Presents Biztalk, the SOA Miracle Package

Microsoft Logo

To buck the trend IT managers face of purchasing (at exorbitant price points) and implementing (unnecessary complexity) service oriented architecture in piecemeal fashion, Microsoft’s BizTalk product claims to proffer all enterprise IT needs under the sun, in a single package.

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