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7 Ways to Ensure Your Lucene/Solr Implementation Fails

The emergence of Google and other web search engines has made search pervasive. It has created a generation of users that expect to locate information at work as easily as they can at home online. But, often that is not the reality. Implement a tool to find stuff. How difficult could that possibly be? Ask anyone that has ever implemented anything but the simplest search solution, and they’ll likely agree -- pretty freaking hard.

Here are a few things to avoid to not make your enterprise search implementation even harder.

Confirmed: HP Offers to Acquire Autonomy for $10.2 Bil in Cash

HP's third quarter earnings release confirms the offer to acquire information management software vendor Autonomy. As CMSWire readers know, Autonomy is also the proud owner of the assets once known as Interwoven. This makes for yet another exciting purchase in our sector, most recently following Oracle's acquisition of Fatwire Software.

Analytics & Monitoring Key to Effective Enterprise Search

Organizations are investing heavily in enterprise search and information accessibility, but a surprising number have no understanding of their users’ search behavior. We recently sat down with Otis Gospodnetić, founder of Sematext (newssite) and co-author of the book Lucene in Action. Otis shared some key lessons learned via the emerging discipline of Search Analtyics.

Keyword Searching Next Generation of Targeted Collection for e-Discovery, Clearwell Says

Keyword Searching Next Generation of Targeted Collection for eDiscovery, Clearwell Says For companies that have been lured into a false sense of security by using enterprise search tools to comb through their growing repositories of online data, Clearwell says, not so fast. The e-Discovery vendor -- recently bought by Symantec -- has announced a few key enhancements to its identification and collection module designed to bring the next generation of targeted collection to e-Discovery.

Lucene Revolution Day 2: It's About All Data, Big & Small #lucenerev

Today is day two of Lucid Imagination’s (news, site) two-day conference, Lucene Revolution in San Francisco. Lucid Imagination, provider of commercial products and services for Apache Lucene and Solar, has managed to attract nearly 500 participants from all over the globe to learn, review case studies and network with their peers about the widely used open source search solution. The second day kicked off with a discussion of extracting value from data big and small.

Lucene Revolution Day 1: Searching for the Value of Certification #lucenerev

lucidLogosmall.pngDay one of Lucid Imagination’s (news, site) 2011 Lucene Revolution has concluded. Lucene Revolution is the only conference dedicated to the popular Apache Lucene/Solr projects. This is the second year the conference takes place in the U.S., and interest in attending the open-source enterprise search fest continues to grow -- like the data it interrogates.

Future of Enterprise Search Relies More on Strategies than Technologies

Forrester_logo_2009.jpgRecently, Forrester examined the role and challenge that video plays within the world of enterprise search. But it’s not just video that the enterprise should be focusing on. In a new report, Forrester outlines six additional trends emerging within enterprise search and what it means for the way companies plan.

LucidWorks Focuses on Solr/Lucene Enterprise Readiness

lucid_imagination_logo.jpg Lucid Imagination (news, site), commercial provider of services for open source enterprise search platform Apache Solr/Lucene, has announced the general availability of LucidWorks 1.7 with a number of new features, such as SharePoint integration, that make the platform more attractive for enterprise customers.

Next-Generation Enteprise Search Platform for All Kinds of Data

qsensei_logo.pngThe reinvention of the traditional search engine has kept many companies busy. And while consumer search engines such as Google and Bing may reign supreme, within the enterprise, search queries often require more substance and hearty discovery. Especially because the enterprise doesn’t always know what it knows, searching for information can be laborious, increasing the need for an enterprise search tool that can penetrate massive amounts of data.

Searching for Value: Overcoming the Challenges of Video in the Enterprise

Forrester_logo_2009.jpgIs video a viable part of both your enterprise content and search strategies? If you’re like most companies, video is getting more attention in the enterprise. According to a recent Forrester study, the pervasiveness of video has become a significant consumer and corporate trend.

Has Lucid Imagination Found the Open Source Solution for Enterprise Search?

lucid_imagination_logo.jpgLucid Imagination (newssite) hopes it has found the solution for enterprise search with the release of a general availability version of their open source enterprise search solution. Based on the Apache Solr Lucene Search server, the release is available for free download.

3 Elements that Defined eDiscovery in 2010

In the last year, advancements in e-Discovery have focused on maintaining, managing and mining data in a way that not only promotes collecting, reviewing and archiving, but advances amidst emerging technologies. There a few key elements that defined e-Discovery in 2010.

12 Useful Tips That Can Improve Your Ability to Google

We all love Google to help us find all things we are looking for. But the results we get aren't necessarily the right ones. Here are 12 tips to make your Google searching more relevant and productive.

Forward Search 2.0 for Enterprise and Web Includes Web CMS Integrations


Forward Search (news, site) 2.0 release aims to increase the amount of website and enterprise data you can search to better mine results and improve business intelligence.

Information Overload & Improving Intranet Findability

Information management agility is about being able to deliver the right information to the right people at the right time. But what if there's just so much information that we are caught in a battle trying to find the things that are relevant to achieve our goals? There is a way to get past this information overload and improve findability.

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