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Azaleos Eases Configuration for Microsoft FAST Search Server 2010

Azaleos Eases Configuration for Microsoft FAST Search Server 2010Microsoft FAST Search Server 2010 prides itself on delivering an exceptional intranet and people search experience and a platform for building custom search-driven applications. However, that doesn’t mean it’s easy to configure. Thanks to Azaleos, now it can be.

Engaged, Informed Employees Get the Job Done

This month's theme for CMSWire is about taking the focus of Customer Experience Management (CXM) and applying it internally to the enterprise, particularly to Enterprise Information Management (EIM) environments.

Initially that gave me pause for thought, because although I work for a large organization where the focus is very firmly on the customer first, and everything I do, even in an internal role, has to be linked to a positive impact on the customer, I am certainly no expert in CXM. So, while I think I understand the overall focus of CXM, my first step was Wikipedia to check on the definition of the term!

Advice From Counsel Reveals e-Discovery Maturity, Strategy

Since I began covering e-Discovery in 2008, a lot has happened. Companies have been hard-pressed to come up with a cost-effective, yet manageable way to collect, gain access to and review relevant information created within its four walls and in the cloud. Companies experimented with outside counsel and in-house e-Discovery platforms. Vendors promised exciting new technologies from enterprise search to workflow management to predictive coding, aimed at decreasing cost, effort and risk, while increasing reliability, accuracy and defensibility. And yet, we still don’t always know what’s working well within the enterprise. Thanks to a new report by FTI, we have an inside look at how companies are using e-Discovery, their best practices and their expectations for the future.

Ektron Implements FAST Search Server to Improve the Customer Experience

Ektron has announced that it now uses FAST Search Server for more than a search engine. It's now Ektron's answer to automating the creation of personalized content for your website.

Attivio Brings Action and Intelligence to Unified Information Access

attivioLogo.jpgYou may have noticed an artificial split between where search engines end and information management begins. With the launch of Attivio’s Active Intelligence Engine 3.0 (AIE 3.0) disparate content and data is reorganized and unified so it can be found and used to reframe and rethink business challenges and processes.

Attendees at Lucene EuroCon Learn Open Source Search Is Not All Sunshine and Rainbows #eurocon

Today was the second and final day of Lucid Imagination’s annual Lucene love fest, Apache Lucene EuroCon, in Barcelona, Spain. The information exchange, networking and new ideas continued to flow in sessions, halls and over the free wine at lunch.

Software Companies Find Lucene/Solr based LucidWorks Attractive #eurocon

Open source adoption is rising in the enterprise. However, lack of commercial support and enterprise capabilities like monitoring still holds back some IT organizations. Companies like Lucid Imagination offer a middle ground, and it seems to be working.

Big Data a Big Deal at Lucid's Apache Lucene EuroCon #eurocon

While most of North America was fast asleep, Lucid Imagination kicked-off the first sessions its annual European conference, Apache Lucence EuroCon. Hundreds of attendees have converged in Barcelona, Spain to learn from Solr experts, compare notes with peers and maybe find a little fun outside of the search conference hours.

Marketing the Benefits of Enterprise Search & Search Vendor Products

For the last few months I have been working on a project for the Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (an agency of the European Commission) to prepare a techno-economic assessment of the enterprise search industry and market in Europe. I’m not in a position to disclose the outcomes of the project, but in the course of the research I did examine how organizations went about selecting an enterprise search solution, and looked at the websites of around 60 vendors. At the same time I was working on an intranet strategy project for a European company with over 40,000 employees world-wide and no enterprise search capability! In this column I’ve summarized some of my conclusions from these two projects.

Enterprise Search & the Cloud: Unifying Information Across SharePoint 2010, Office 365, LOB Systems & More #spc11

Yesterday was the final day of the SharePoint conference. I chose to attend a morning session lead by Jeff Fried, CTO & VP of Engineering at BA Insight and Guy Mounier, Co-Founder & CEO of BA Insight. This session is a vendor-sponsored session, which means that the vendors are free to discuss their specific products and tools. I have worked in the past with previous versions of BA Insight and I was curious to see what they had in mind for working with Office 365.

HP Closes Autonomy Deal, Rethink on PC Business Possible

The only thing that is clear about the HP acquisition of Autonomy deal at the moment is that it was concluded, after the U$ 10.24 billion deal was finally given the green light by 87% of Autonomy’s shareholders.

Lucid Imagination's LucidWorks 2.0 Makes Open Search Attractive to the Enterprise

lucidLogosmall.pngLucid Imagination has announced the latest version of its commercially supported Lucene/Solr distribution, LucidWorks Platform 2.0. The release is squarely focused on putting open-source search inside the enterprise, and despite what you may have heard, Lucid Imagination wants to make it clear it is not an enterprise search vendor.

Forrester Evaluates Enterprise Search Landscape, None Open Source

Forrester has published its latest assessment of the enterprise search market. The study assesses twelve vendors, surprisingly none open-source, and finds the most popular players are getting more competition – especially in specialized capabilities.

Apache Lucene/Solr 3.4.0 Released, Brings Improved Indexing, Faster Search, Bug Fixes

Apache Lucene/Solr 3.4.0 Released, Brings Improved Indexing, Faster Search, Bug FixesSearch is an integral component of any enterprise content management system. Whether you run content mainly for external clients, or as an internal knowledge base, finding the right information at the right time will usually spell the difference between success and difficulty in search -- hence the importance of an up-to-date enterprise search engine. The Apache Lucene Project Management Committee has announced the latest Lucene/Solr release, which will ensure searches are on the mark, with optimized indexing and search, as well as bug fixes.

7 Ways to Ensure Your Lucene/Solr Implementation Fails

The emergence of Google and other web search engines has made search pervasive. It has created a generation of users that expect to locate information at work as easily as they can at home online. But, often that is not the reality. Implement a tool to find stuff. How difficult could that possibly be? Ask anyone that has ever implemented anything but the simplest search solution, and they’ll likely agree -- pretty freaking hard.

Here are a few things to avoid to not make your enterprise search implementation even harder.

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