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An Electronic Records Management Journal: Confusing Motion with Action

Electronic Records Management JournalIt doesn't matter if your industry is highly regulated or not. The Electronic Records Management System (ERMS) implementation is a privilege, not a right. You mustn't take the opportunity for granted.

An Electronic Records Management Implementation Journal: Month Three

By month three, everyone is uncomfortable. Don’t take it personally, but do manage it. This is no time to slow down. Doggedly move forward.

Miles Ahead in the Roadmap of an Electronic Records Management Implementation

By the second month of your electronic records management (ERM) implementation, the project plan has been curtailed several times. It happens regardless of your industry or the company you work for. Despite the beauty, simplicity and elegance of your critical path, one or more surprises will suddenly appear.

Enterprise Risk Management: Building the Business Case

Managing enterprise risk management (ERM) is something every organization should want to do, not just have to do. Here are some tips on how to build the business case and get management actively on board.

Tools for Understanding and Ensuring Records Management Best Practices

AIIM (news, site) posed an interesting question: Have you (really) embraced Electronic Records Management (ERM), or are you still stuck in the age of paper management?

Judging by a recent personal experience when visiting a local government office, ERM has long ways to go and AIIM's 2010 Records Management toolkit might just be that guiding star.

Main Motivator for ERM Use is Fear of Leaking Secrets

Enterprise Rights Management: Business Imperatives and Implementation Readiness

Gilbane Group, Inc., the analyst and consulting firm focused on content technologies, released a study on the state of Enterprise Rights Management (ERM) adoption.

Turns out, not only the industry’s growth is tremendous, since it first saw the light as an industry about five years ago; more and more companies adopt ERM and their main motivator is fear of leaking sensitive information outside the enterprise firewalls.

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