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How Salesforce Builds Its Ecosystem, 1 Company at a Time

John Somorjai was the corporate counsel at Oracle 18 years ago when an opening popped up in the corporate development group. He's never looked back.

Starting as a manager, he found he had a knack for spotting good companies and cutting deals. Within 18 months, he was named the group's senior director.

For the past decade, he's been at, where he's now executive vice president for corporate development and Salesforce Ventures, the company's investment arm. Salesforce Ventures has invested in more than 100 enterprise cloud companies since its inception in 2009, including Box, DocuSign, Dropbox, Evernote, Gainsight, Apttus, HubSpot and recently, SteelBrick.

"We have a great advantage of being on the corporate side. You really understand the trends of the independent software vendors (ISVs) and system integrator (SI) partners who are building an ecosystem," Somorjai told CMSWire yesterday.

We asked him to share some of the strategy about the company's investments and to peek into the future of the marketing technology vendors out there today. 

Box, LinkedIn, Evernote, DocuSign All Debut Salesforce1 Apps #DF13

Box, LinkedIn, Evernote, Docusign + Others Debut Salesforce1 Apps #df13A handful of Salesforce partners revealed their Salesforce1 apps this week at the annual Dreamforce convention in San Francisco, including Evernote, Box, LinkedIn, DocuSign and about a dozen others. But that doesn't mean they are ready to use.

RX for Microsoft: Hire Pivotal Boss Paul Maritz, Buy Box + Evernote

Information Management, RX for Microsoft: Hire Pivotal Boss Paul Maritz + Buy Box & Evernote(Nomura analyst Rick Sherlund might be responsible for formulating the prescription) 

Don’t tell SharePoint enthusiasts, but Microsoft has big changes coming its way.

Evernote Business v2.0 Is More Social, Releases Salesforce Integration App

Just over a year since it originally launched Business v1.0, Evernote has announced that it will release v2.0 towards the end of this week.

Evernote Updates its Windows Phone and Android Apps

evernote_logo.gifHot on the heels of Google's Keep announcement, Evernote has been boosting its profile with a string of news, including updates for its mobile apps, adding new features and other improvements. 

Amazon Extends "Send to Kindle" Button to Websites, Blogs

So much to read online and still no one has come out with an app to stretch time. Workarounds for non-elastic time include several kinds of “read it later” apps. And now, Amazon is extending its “read it later” functionality, with a Send to Kindle button for Websites and WordPress blogs. 

Google Keep Arrives To Store Your Digital Ideas and Discoveries

keep_logo_2013.jpg Google's badly-kept-secret note taking service called Keep has finally been formally unveiled, putting all your thoughts into Google's cloud via an Android app. 

Board Oversight of IT and Technology

I admit to criticizing my “alma mater” PwC for much of their thought "leadership" over the last years. Today, I come to praise PwC, not to bury it.

Apple Unveils First 128GB iPad 4, Aims for the Enterprise

This week, Apple released a 128GB version of its fourth generation iPad, with a high-resolution 9.7-inch Retina screen. This is the first iOS model with more than 64GB of storage, and as tablet variations from other manufacturers begin to crowd the iPad, bigger storage better positions the iPad for productivity applications.

YouSendIt Buys Found for All in One File Search from Anywhere

File sharing service YouSendIt has expanded its roster of duties by purchasing Found, a system for enabling file search across devices and clouds.

Evernote Business Released as a Collaboration & Communication Tool for SMBs

The company whose collection of products aim to "help the world remember everything" -- otherwise known as Evernote -- has announced the launch of Evernote Business, a collaboration and communication tool for small and medium sized businesses.

Mobile App of the Week: Manage Documents, Photos & More with Evernote

It’s time for the Mobile App of the Week. For week’s app we’re looking at the Android version of Evernote. Evernote is not only a note taking app, but gives users other options, such as sharing notebooks, converting speech to text and taking photos.

Evernote Aims at SMBs With New Business-Class Product

 evernote_logo.gifFour years after starting up, Evernote's business model has evolved and scaled-up along with the company itself, to offer larger groups of the workers the power to collaborate. Enter Evernote Business to cater for bigger customers. 

With Storify, Zendesk and Evernote App Plugins, HootSuite Strengthens App Directory

With Storify, Zendesk and Evernote App Plugins, HootSuite Strengthens App Directory Another week, another HootSuite update. To add to its ever increasing arsenal of tools aimed at helping social media managers, content strategists and community managers better organize and share their company content, HootSuite has introduced social app plugins.

Evernote Plans Asia Expansion, But Will Privacy Issues in China Prevail?

Evernote Plans Asia Expansion, But Will Privacy Issues in China Prevail?Evernote, the cloud-based service that helps users remember everything through note-taking and clipping, is expanding to new regions. But, with plans to set up datacenters in China, should users be concerned about privacy amid Chinese regulations toward censorship and data access?

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