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Facebook Ads News & Analysis

Smarter Advertising Strategies for Facebook

2014-25-November-Facebook Screen.jpg

Facebook may be a source of daily amusement (or annoyance) for many, but it’s also a growing and evolving advertising platform for businesses.

Recent changes to the social media giant, including the decision to shut the like gate, are changing the way Facebook advertisers do business.

Experts say businesses who want to use Facebook effectively to attract customers are increasingly going to need some new strategies in their toolbox.

Social Media Briefs: Facebook Makes It Easier to Create Ads, Find Users


The US government is still shut down, but social media is wide open. This week, Facebook makes it easier to create and measure ads, while making it harder for users to stay hidden. Another week, another user interface update at Yahoo. 

Facebook Introduces New Conversion Measurement Tools for All Advertisers

Social media giant Facebook is introducing a new system for measuring and optimizing conversions for all direct marketers. Conversion measurement allows the recording of consumer actions driven by Facebook ads, such as registrations, to determine Facebook ad ROI.

Facebook Advertising Works - If You Don't Make These 3 Mistakes

There are still marketers who do not believe Facebook advertising works. For those people, this article is for you. By avoiding these three mistakes, learn how your brand’s Facebook advertising efforts can be effective.  

Passing the Tipping Point: Facebook Ads Becomes Synonymous with Online Advertising

covario-logo.png The senior vice president and chief marketing officer at Covario has some interesting ideas about Facebook, advertising and branding campaigns. In a recent company blog post, Craig Macdonald declared that Facebook Has Passed The Tipping Point in Brand Advertising.

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