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Facebook, Social Media News & Practices

Facebook Feature of the Week: Graph Search

This time around on the Facebook Feature of the Week we're looking at Facebook Graph Search, a relatively new feature designed to improve the search experience.

5 Ways to Bring Your Content Marketing to Facebook

Social media has become a top resource for content marketing. This article teaches best practices for bringing your content marketing efforts online and to Facebook.

Get Ready, Twitter - Facebook Is Eyeing Hashtags

The hashtag is best known for its use in Twitter, right? Not if Facebook moves forward with a reported plan to incorporate hashtag groupings into its service. 

Facebook Feature of the Week: Facebook for Business

This week we are continuing our month long look at products and services that Facebook offers with our Facebook Feature of the Week series. Our topic for this week is Facebook for Business, a service that gives tips and advice about making marketing impact within the social network.

Facebook Features: The Mobile App on iOS, Android, Windows Phone & BlackBerry

This month at CMSWire we’re doing a special Facebook series on tools the social networks offers. With this in mind our first article looks at the functionality of the Facebook mobile app.

Facebook Bumps Up News Feed Prominence, Moves Navigation Buttons

Whenever Facebook makes a big update to its core features, it sure seems like more and more people start considering using it less. Facebook is now rolling out the final third of its most recent makeover, and it's all about the News Feed.

Adobe Marketing Cloud Further Integrates Dashboard and Analytics, Adds Predictive Scoring #adobesummit

Over the last 12 months, Adobe has been piecing together its Marketing Cloud from its former incarnation as the Digital Marketing Suite, and by folding in acquisitions. This week the company debuted a more seamlessly integrated system at the Adobe Summit.

Tech Superstars Dot Forbes' Annual List of Billionaires

Technology is once again proving itself to be as good as gold. In the just-published Forbes magazine annual list of The World’s Billionaires, a number of list members owe their fortune to tech. 

Facebook Buys the Atlas Advertiser Suite From Microsoft to Improve Ad Impact

Facebook has announced it has purchased the Atlas Advertiser Suite, a marketing and advertising campaign management and measurement platform from Microsoft. Facebook says this acquisition will benefit both marketers and users, since marketers will be able to launch better advertising campaigns.

New Facebook Tool Targets Audiences in Both an Offline and Online Capacity

Facebook Studio, the social network’s marketing creativity resource aims to improve how much impact an advertisement can have by offering online and offline targeting capabilities.

Brightcove Nixes HTML5-based Hybrid Video Player, Goes Native for iOS + Android

Citing a dynamic app development marketplace and the speed of innovation, Brightcove has announced it is abandoning its hybird HTML5-based video player in favor of native iOS and Android versions.

Google+ Social Sign-In Debuts

Instead of signing in to apps with Facebook or Twitter, there's now the option to sign in with Google+.

Facebook App of the Week: TidalWave for App Design

This week for our Facebook app of week, we take a look at TidalWave, an app design tool.

Top 40 Most Influential CEOs on Social Media [Infographic]

Anyone who's ever wondered how to measure social media impact, should take note of the most influential CEOs on social media.

ePrize Launches Facebook Analytics Service to Focus Marketing Campaigns

Is social media worth the expense and effort? The answer to that question depends on the results, and the results depend on the data analytics. To help marketers make sense of social data, digital engagement provider ePrize has unveiled a new social analytics reporting service based on Facebook information.

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