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Mobile Offers Unique Challenges to Ad Servers

Ad serving technology on mobile devices continues to be disrupted, and companies like Facebook and Google are no doubt hard at work on this very problem. Meanwhile, SAS has teamed up with a company called Pinger to use the SAS Intelligent Advertising for Publishers platform to improve the Pinger call and text app.

Android Dominates Burgeoning US Smartphone Market

Android was the dominant smartphone operating system in the US during Q3 2012 according to data from Nielsen, commanding 52 percent of the market. This put Android substantially ahead of any other smartphone OS, including Apple, which held 35 percent of the market.

Facebook App of the Week: Designing Apps with iFrapp

In this week’s Facebook App of the Week we’re looking at iFrapp, an application design tool.

Firefox 18 Feeds Need for Web Speed

Web browser provider Mozilla is releasing version 18 of its Firefox web browser, with significantly increased speed for Web apps and games among its chief selling points.

Where is the Search Box?

Do you suffer from IDF on a regular basis? IDF (Information Discovery Failure) usually occurs when the website or intranet information architecture fails to find the information required and you then have no option but to use the search application. You know before you start out that this is not going to be a good user experience.

Four Web Content Management Trends in 2013 Every Marketer Needs to Know

While 2012 was a memorable year for Web content management, 2013 will prove to be the year WCM makes its greatest impact, becoming the bedrock of the digital entity of any public institution, business or brand powerhouse. At least the ones that will remain relevant in the 21st century.

FTC Closes Google Investigation; Google Required to Modify Business Practices #FTCantitrust

FTC.jpeg In June 2011, the Federal Trade Commission announced that it would begin examining Google for anti-competitive practices. Nearly two years later, the FTC announced what it found.

A Look Back at Customer Experience in 2012

2012 was certainly a busy year for customer experience managers. Web access turned into a pervasive part of life for the average consumer, meaning they “went online” differently than in the past and also had much higher expectations of the quality and convenience of their online experience.

A Look Back at Social Media in 2012

In 2012, the social media landscape got manicured. Many more prominent channels emerged and older ones became more refined as they worked to embrace where and how we engage, manage and otherwise share information. Still, even as the types of social media changed, the strategies used to engage fans, friends and followers stayed mostly the same. Here, we take a look at the social media channels that emerged and evolved throughout the year.

Facebook Takes Lead in Mobile Display Ad Revenue

New estimates from eMarketer indicate Facebook is expected to take a leading 18 percent of net US mobile display advertising revenue during 2012. This gives Facebook a narrow lead on previous leader Google, who will still maintain a strong second place standing with 17 percent.

YouTube Capture App Gets Video Online Fast From Your iPhone

Thumbnail image for youtube_app_logo.PNGEver wondered why you can't upload video using the YouTube app to the site? Well, now there's an app just for that as Google reveals YouTube Capture, the point, shoot and upload app for content creators.  

Study: Retail Digital Marketers Don't Use Twitter as an Engagement Tool

Social media may have become an important tool for digital marketing, but according to a new study from the Acquity Group the customer engagement process needs be reevaluated.

2013 Predictions: The Changing Needs of the Mobile, Social Business

"I confess that in 1901, I said to my brother Orville that man would not fly for fifty years…Ever since, I have distrusted myself and avoided all predictions."  -- Wilbur Wright, 1908

With none of Wilbur Wright’s humility, here are my predictions for some significant business developments in 2013.

[Infographic] Social Business in 2012

It's a month of retrospective insights, social business has proven perhaps the most evolutionary. Just look how far we've come in a year. Not only are there more social platforms to engage with, but we're so much closer to integrating social interactions into our business applications. Whether it's a social intranet or social CRM, we're socializing business one way or another.

Facebook App of the Week: Page Design and Engagement with Ripe Social

In this week's Facebook App of the Week we're looking at Ripe Social, a collection of page design and engagement tools.

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