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Facebook, Social Media News & Practices

Mozilla Firefox Incorporates Facebook Messenger Sidebar

Facebook has partnered with Mozilla Firefox to integrate its messenger tool directly into the web browser’s interface.

SumAll Analytics Platform Raises US $6m For Social & E-Commerce ROI

Free analytics platform SumAll is a startup focused on providing at-a-glance insight into social and e-commerce ROI, and the company has a new round of funding to fine tune its product -- and donate to charity.

Selling on Facebook Now Easier to Track

Selling on Facebook is now a bit easier to track as the company is readying a new analytics tool that allows e-retailers to see which ads are most effective. 

8 Ways Businesses Can Use Facebook and Customer Relationship Management

CRM + Social = Power. Social media is the latest and greatest tool for customer relationship management, learn how to use it to your advantage.

Facebook Launches Social Job Search App: A Good Idea?

Facebook launched a Social Job Search App yesterday, positioning it as an altruistic move of sorts.

They say they want to be instrumental in putting the world back to work. 

Facebook Tests Thread Commenting; Likes Play a Key Role

Facebook is experimenting with a new comment structure. The social network is testing a threading comment system that aims to make comments more conversational.

Facebook App of the Week: The Static HTML iFrame Facebook Tab

It’s time for the Facebook App of the Week. This week we're discussing the Static HTML iFrame Facebook Tab app which enables users to create custom tabs for their Facebook fan pages.

Movable Type Releases 39 Plug Ins, Includes Social, Analytic, Editing Enhancements

Blogging platform Movable Type has 39 plug ins available now that the entire set has been fully translated over from the original Japanese.

HootSuite Adds Demographic Targeting, Other Facebook Features

Enterprise social media management solutions provider HootSuite is adding six new/enhanced Facebook features for its users. Most notable is the ability to perform demographic targeting and messaging for Facebook users.

Facebook App of the Week: Designing a Professional Fan Page with Pagemodo

This week our Facebook App of the Week is Pagemodo, an app designed to give Facebook fan pages and tabs a more professional look.

PageLever Incorporates Real-Time Analytics into its Facebook Analytics App

PageLever, a company that provides analytics tools for Facebook has announced PageLever Now, a tool which allows engagement analytics to be displayed in real-time.

Display Ads Still Favored Over Facebook Ads When it Comes to Mobile

Facebook may eventually help to reinvigorate the mobile ad game, but for now at least, ad sellers are still favoring display ads by a wide margin, according to a study by ad vendor PaperG.

Facebook App of the Week: Managing RSS Feeds with RSS Graffiti

For this week’s Facebook App of the Week our focus is on RSS Graffiti. The Demand Media App is designed to help businesses manage and monitor their RSS Feeds by choosing where and how to post the information gathered.

Socially Devoted? A Challenge to Be More Responsive on Facebook

Socially Devoted? A Challenge to Be More Responsive on FacebookSo your company is on social media. You have a Facebook page, a Twitter presence. You dabble with Pinterest and have a blog. But what happens when someone asks a question about a product, upcoming release or the implications of that new research study? Do you reply? Or is it radio silence? A few months ago, the folks at SocialBakers, after conducting a study that found that Facebook page admins ignored seventy-percent of the questions they received, challenged companies to open their Facebook walls to a productive dialogue. So what happened?

ExactTarget Folds Strutta Promotions Builder into its SocialPages Tool

Strutta Media announces that its social promotions tools are now integrated with interactive marketer ExactTarget's social media offerings.

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