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Facebook Agrees to Buy Face-Recognition Software Provider -

Facebook Agrees to Buy Face-Recognizing Face.comFacebook has a new Face -- and it can recognize yours. On Monday, the social networking giant announced that it had agreed to acquire, which provides the face-recognition technology used by Facebook.

5 Investments Businesses Can Make in Social Media that Will Pay Big Dividends

I’ve had conversations with representatives from major brands and agencies who will tell me they’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on a national ad campaign, but then balk at spending $30 a month on their social media efforts. Companies seem to have no problem spending money on traditional methods like coupon books, newspaper ads, mailing lists, radio and television spots, etc., but when it comes to social media, they somehow can’t get their wallets open. While you may be able to use Facebook or Twitter for free -- advertising, engaging, and tracking are not.

Apple Kills Ping in iTunes, Streaming Services and Better App Store on the Way?

applelogo.png Among all the shiny new announcements at WWDC, Apple's social service Ping looks like it was left to exit via the back doors, without so much as a goodbye wave. But what will Apple be looking to add for users with the next iTunes upgrade?

Facebook App Center Launches to Complement iTunes and Google Play

facebook-logosmall.JPG Facebook promised its App Center last month and has now launched the shop front for web and download apps. It caters for both Facebook desktop and mobile users, with iOS and Android users getting some 600 apps to try.

Recession Relief: New Jobs at Facebook, Sapient, Amazon, Oracle and Adobe (7-June-12)

Start off Summer with a new gig -- we've got a shopping list of hot jobs for you to browse. Our featured jobs list is a great collection of opportunities spanning specialties and continents. Here's who's hiring this week (and if you're hiring, post your open jobs here).

GRC Roll-up: Google Warns Email May Be Attacked, IBM Offers Mobile Security

This week the focus was principally on security as Google warned that some accounts may be the focus of state sponsored attacks, while IBM offered security components for mobile devices. Also this week, both RSA and Lockpath upgraded their GRC platform offerings.

Can Advertisers Score on Social Media?

General Motors caused a tremor last month when it pulled its paid banner ads from Facebook. Because the timing of the news was so close to the social networking site’s IPO, there wasn’t much talk about what the world’s largest automaker’s decision might signal about the effectiveness of ads on social media as a whole, or whether other brands are likely to reconsider their social spends.

But with Facebook’s stock hitting an all-time low yesterday (it closed at US$ 26.90, the lowest price since the stock began trading at US$ 38 on May 18), some say the tremor has turned into a full-blown earthquake. It comes as a shock to many that petabytes of big, personal data don’t easily translate to dollars.

Salesforce Rounds Out Marketing Platform With Buy of Social Ad Player Buddy Media

salesforcelogo.jpgLast week, rumors swirled about gobbling up social media marketing provider Buddy Media. Well, it seems this time the rumors were true. The software-as-a-service giant has released an official statement confirming a definitive agreement to acquire Buddy Media.

Facebook Aims New Page Admin Levels at Business Users

facebook-logosmall.JPGFacebook is launching another effort to make its social networking platform more business-friendly with the introduction of five new levels of page admins. The different tiers allow businesses to segment user access to their Facebook pages, maximizing corporate control while also enabling different types of users to perform certain tasks without having to explicitly request permission. 

Track Twitter, Facebook and Now YouTube with Socialbakers' Analytics

Socialbakers' Analytics Pro Adds YouTube SupportA few weeks after announcing its product to track Facebook and Twitter campaign performance, Socialbakers adds YouTube support to Analytics Pro.

Salesforce Sets Sights on Buddy Media With Acquisition

salesforce_logo.jpgBuddy Media and Salesforce reps won't comment, but sources say a US$ 800 million transaction is in the works. With the Buddy Media acquisition, Salesforce enforces its commitment to the enterprise social market.

Tim Cook Pledges More Secrecy as iPhone 5 Parts Appear

applelogo.png Want Apple to spill the beans? Getting blood from a stone would have been easier, as Apple CEO Tim Cook sat down for a chat at the All Things D conference last night. Instead of giving the merest hint at the company's future plans, he promised even greater secrecy. Good look with that, as what may be the first iPhone 5 components leaked into view.

Facebook Rumored to Acquire, Opera: Will a Facebook Phone Come Next?

Facebook is reportedly acquiring, which is in line with the social network's strategy to remain relevant in an increasingly mobile computing environment. Sources peg the acquisition amount at US$ 100 million.

Facebook vs Google Display Network Online Ad Smackdown: Who Comes Out On Top?

When it comes to online display advertising, two titans clearly dominate the marketplace: Facebook and Google Display Network. So if you are looking to place an online display ad and only want to use one outlet, which is the better choice?

Smile, Facebook Launches new iPhone Camera App


Trying to get over the IPO debacle, Facebook keeps rolling out the updates with a new iOS Camera app to better view, manage and send photos between you and your friends.

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