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Hotmail Becoming as Microsoft Changes the Email Game

outlook_logo.PNG Microsoft has claimed over a million sign-ups on the first day of its new email service, with the promise of a far great experience through improved interaction with attachments and wider links to social media. With plans to migrate the millions of Microsoft Hotmail users, will it attract users from Yahoo, Gmail and other services?

iMeet Enterprise Level Video Conferencing Debuts Version 2.0

Longtime audio conferencing heavyweight PGI is ready to launch version 2.0 of its year-old iMeet video conferencing system.

Every Social Media Manager Should be Under 25 (Really?)

There was an interesting article in the NextGen Journal earlier this month.

It argues that every social media manager should be be under 25 years of age. As one might expect, it has stirred up its share of attention (7.5 k Facebook “likes,” 1727 tweets and 872 Google+) and controversy (especially from those of us who are over 25).

Zynga Share Drop Damages Facebook Value

Thumbnail image for facebook-logo.JPG Embattled Facebook stock, which has wavered in value since being released in a May 2012 IPO at US$ 38 per share, took another blow yesterday when the share price of social game provider Zynga dropped 40 percent to about US$ 3 in after-hours trading.

Microsoft, Skype and Privacy Conspiracies

Microsoft acquired Skype last May, triggering more than a few posts, comments and tweets expressing fear about the Seattle giant changing the software. Time passed, and excluding a few outages, discussions of Skype and Microsoft slowed. This week that changed when hackers accused the company of modifying the software’s architecture to make it easier to monitor user communications.

Social Media Revenues to Hit $16.9B in 2012, Mostly From Ads

Is there no such thing as a free lunch? Oh, but if you consider free lunch supported by brand advertisements on the menu and on the main entree, then we may just have ourselves a winner. Gartner says social media will be a US$ 16.9 billion industry this year, with more than half of revenues coming from advertising. Are our favorite networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ earning their billions at our expense?

Q3 Planning: Key CXM, EIM, E2.0 Events for Your Calendar (24-July-12)

Our industry event planner gives you the heads-up on what key industry events are coming around the corner. If we've missed something, don’t hesitate to add your event to the list. (You can view the full calendar here.)

Webinar: Mastering Content Marketing with Robert Rose
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SugarCRM Joins OpenSocial Foundation, Boosting Standard for Social Business

opensocial logo 72212.pngCustomer relationship management (CRM) provider SugarCRM is taking a larger role with the OpenSocial Foundation, boosting that organization's focus toward the enterprise. The company announced that two of its executives have taken leadership positions to further the development of social business open standards.

Facebook Testing Sponsored Results for Search

facebook-logo.JPGFacebook is upping its range of advertising possibilities. The popular social media site is testing Sponsored Results, which are ads that show up in the Facebook search area.

Recession Relief: New Job Openings at Facebook, Tealium, Skype, Yammer and Hootsuite (19-Jul-12)

Start off Summer with a new gig -- we've got a shopping list of hot jobs for you to browse. Our featured jobs list is a great collection of opportunities spanning specialties and continents. Here's who's hiring this week (and if you're hiring, post your open jobs here).

Content Marketing: Web Engagement, Evolved

shutterstock_73514752.jpg Today’s business climate expects an organization to accomplish more online that ever before, while controlling costs and driving revenue. At the same time our website visitors demand a rich, immersive and personalized experience with relevant and compelling content. How can we build a content marketing strategy to solve this?

Document Management Roll-up: Office 2013's New Document Abilities Unveiled

This week, document management was only ever going to be about the official release of details around Office 2013, which Steve Ballmer unveiled at an event on Monday. Also this week, Alfresco enters alliance with Kodak, Docile takes capture to the cloud and Kofax upgrades Kofax Express.

Alfresco Extends Document Management Reach With Kodak Alliance

Thumbnail image for alfresco logo 62112.pngAlfresco has been growing at an impressive rate since its 2005 founding through a combination of products and strategic partnerships. While it is already in use in countries all over the world, the announcement of a strategic alliance with Kodak should up its game again.

Facebook's New API Integrates with iOS 6 For Better Social Interactions

Thumbnail image for facebook-logo.JPG Apple's shunning of Facebook from the native OS feature set was never going to last. And, it looks like everyone has kissed and made up, as the latest Facebook API beta integrates at the OS level for iPhones and iPads, letting app developers have greater levels of social interaction in their products. 

Does Facebook Need to Improve How it Measures Engagement?

Could the way Facebook measures engagement be improved? The folks at Ticular think so. They expressed their suggested improvements in what has become standard format these days -- an infographic.

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