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Oracle Speaks Out on its Customer Experience Strategy

We knew Oracle was working on a customer experience management (CXM) strategy, the last few acquisitions were clear evidence of that. Now, the enterprise solutions giant is speaking out, announcing its plans.

Oracle Targets Documentum Customers, Time to Switch Enterprise CMS Platforms?

Enterprise content management is a 2.7 billion dollar industry with just a hand full of vendors competing for market share. Documentum was once the master of the content management space, the de facto product for most companies looking to automate their processes and get control over unstructured data. After the dot-com bust, Documentum’s presence wavered and was eventually purchased by EMC. EMC CEO Joe Tucci’s recently announced on an EMC’s earnings call that the Information Intelligence Group at ECM was down 5%. Oracle’s, on the other hand, is expecting to show an impressive 20% growth. And it has come up with a plan it thinks will help Documentum customers.

Oracle Focuses on WebCenter Sites (Formerly FatWire)

I was fortunate enough to attend a partner conference at Oracle’s headquarters in Redwood Shores, California, just prior to the announcement of the rebranding WebCenter product launch. Our meeting focused on Oracle’s vision purpose behind the rebranding and grouping of their portal, content management, web content management and enterprise social applications. During the meeting, we were presented with Oracle’s already published pending acquisition of FatWire (which has since been re-branded to WebCenter Sites).

Adobe Reorg Puts Customer Experience Up Front as HP Enters Competitive Fray with Autonomy

As digital advertising grows to an estimated US$ 72 billion market in 2011 measuring, managing and optimizing this spend has become a priority for Adobe. A reorganization announced today puts Brad Rencher, currently in charge of Adobe's Omniture business unit, out front in this domain and overseeing the company's customer experience management (CXM) solutions, largely got via the Day Software acquisition.

Oracle Outlines Fatwire's Customer Experience, Web CMS Roadmap #CXM

Since Oracle announced that it was buying web experience management vendor FatWire (news, site), there has been a lot of speculation as to what the company might do with the product set. Yesterday, Andy MacMillan, VP of Product Management for Enterprise 2.0 at Oracle, outlined the roadmap for Fatwire and explained how Oracle will make sense of things under the Oracle WebCenter moniker.

Adobe, SDL Lead Forrester Wave for Online Customer Experience (CXM)

The Forrester Wave: Web Content Management for Online Customer Experience (CXM) has just arrived and it reads like a who's who of web content management. Seems there are few WCM vendors who don't make some attempt to support the delivery of a complete online customer experience, but most still have a lot of work to do. Who leads and who challenges? Read on.

Oracle WebCenter Focuses on the Complete Customer Experience

Today Oracle (news, site) released detailed on its plans for customer engagement through the use of Oracle WebCenter. What does this mean for FatWire's web engagement platform?

Oracle Up Despite Disappointing Hardware Sales, May Call Temporary Halt to Acquisitions

Oracle Up Despite Disappointing Hardware Sales, May Call Temporary Halt to Acquisitions With the acquisition of Fatwire all but completed, it may be a while before Oracle (news, site) buys anything else, CEO Larry Ellison said in a conference call, following the release of Q4 figures that showed a growth in net income of 36% to US$ 3.2 billion.

Oracle's Web Engagement Strategy with the FatWire Acquisition

Oracle’s Web Engagement Strategy with the FatWire Acquisition While it will take a while for the dust to settle on the announcement by Oracle that it is buying FatWire for an undisclosed sum, and longer to uncover what Oracle (news, site) plans to do with it, an initial analysis of products and goals suggests that the two should fit together well, even if there could be trouble ahead.

Oracle Buys Fatwire, Can Now Offer a Complete Customer Experience Management Solution

Oracle has entered into an agreement to buy web experience management vendor FatWire Software in deal that is expected to close in the middle of this year. Now, the enterprise content management vendor has a complete customer experience solution. But has it come to the playground a little too late?

Oracle Buys Web Experience Management Vendor Fatwire Software

EMC Extends Choices with Web Content Management #emcworld

In the beginning of 2010, EMC (news, site) announced a partnership with FatWire (news, site) to bring their web content management offerings to EMC customers. One year later, EMC announced a similar partnership with SDL (news, site) to offer Tridion to the EMC customer base. While there has been a lot of speculation as to the reasons behind the addition of a fairly similar offering to EMC’s partner portfolio, EMC has explained that it is all about offering their customers the choices they need to be successful.

What's Hot in Web Content Management in 2011?

There are many different perspectives on what's big in web content management (WCM) this year, and where better to hear them then from the crow's nests of WCM vendors themselves? Following are a number of brief interviews we conducted at the recent Gartner PCC and Forrester Marketing Forum events.

FatWire Offers New Tools For Rapid Implementation of Content Server

FatWire Offers New Tools For Rapid Implementation of Content ServerFatWire (news, site) has a new release of Content Server out today and the update is aimed at developers and sys admins. Let's check out what's new.

Mobile Content Delivery: FatWire Mobility Server Feature Review

Mobile Tech Review: FatWire Mobility Server FatWire's (news, site) updated mobile server product enables enterprises to deliver existing web content to mobile devices, with slick presentation, whatever the hardware. Here's a look at the features.

FatWire 2010 Results See 76 Percent License Revenue Growth

FatWire 2010 Results See 76 Percent License Revenue GrowthFatWire (news, site) hit the headlines today with record results for the 2010 fiscal year. The Web CMS provider achieved a whopping 76 percent license revenue growth compared with 2009, increased their customer base, broadened their geographical horizons, and kicked out a slew of new offerings. 

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