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Employee Engagement: Its ROI May be More Than You Think

When it comes to employee engagement, the biggest ROI is to think of your staff just like you would a customer: seek to understand their interests, their rituals, and their ways of communicating as well as how they want to be treated.

The X Factor: The Convergence of Customer Experience and Web Experience Management

Within a crowded marketplace, organizations are turning their sights to drive sales and brand recognition through one key relationship -- the customer. Under the umbrella of customer experience there is a growing fever and host of initiatives, theories and ideas of how to improve it across channels -- but at the root of it all, there is one place where customer experience must reign supreme. 

Cross-Device Search: The Next Step in Mobile Search Delivery

The world is a mobile place, we all know it. So, is there a way for enterprises to search effectively when using a combination of mobile devices? 

How to Develop and Implement Your Discovery Readiness Program

It all starts with a “discovery program framework” -- which is just a glorified checklist. But it’s proven to be one heck of a useful checklist for those organizations who are addressing litigation readiness, compliance and e-Discovery.

How to Create a Culture of Customer Centricity

Companies today are acutely interested in becoming more customer-centric and increasing customers' lifetime value. One key way to deepen engagement with customers is by creating and cultivating a customer community, but many companies don't know how to develop a compelling community -- one that keeps customers engaged over time. 

More Than a Game: Introducing Game Mechanics to the Workforce

Who wants to be a loser? No one.

You Don't Need an Online Strategy

We’re all online. And we’re spending more and more of our time there. Strategy must change because of online.

SharePoint or No, Organizations Need to Rethink Approach to Records Management

In the last post, I called it like I seen it: SharePoint out of the box can’t do records management. 2007, 2010, 2013 -- none of ‘em left to their own devices are worth much when it comes to automating the retention and (more importantly) disposition of your records according to the retention schedule.

3 Logjams to Overcome for Communities

If we look at all of the communities we are part of, it might look like an infinite field of overlapping VENN diagrams. I look at community creation as a labor of assisted self-discovery -- the community you wish to create already exists, but the members just don't know it yet.

Knowledge Is Power: The Problem With 'Social'

Social computing is changing the world -- but there's a problem.

Real World Digital Asset Management ROI

In common with most types of business oriented software, DAM systems need to have business case that can demonstrate an opportunity to gain a positive ROI (Return On Investment). While all this is obvious stuff that you don't need an MBA to understand, proving an ROI case is harder than it might superficially appear.

Focus On Engagement, Not Followers to Build Your Twitter Community

I can’t count the number of times I’ve overheard brand representatives bragging about reaching the milestone of “ten thousands followers on Twitter!” Or a hundred thousand. Or even a million. Of course, these numbers are big, and at first glance they’re impressive. But counting followers is like counting beans: the real value comes from what you do with them.

Is SharePoint a Failed Vision for Collaboration?

Has the massive investment in SharePoint lived up to its promise as the uber-collaboration platform for the enterprise?

You Can't Do Records Management in SharePoint

Let’s start this admittedly provocative post with a question: Anybody out there actually doing records management in SharePoint?

Is it True: What Happens When Google Says No?

The Little Britain skit in which the computer so hilariously says “no” to situations that couldn’t possibly be real is a hoot to watch. But it’s not so different from something you might experience every day on Google and not even know it.

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