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Understanding Your Community's Value

Two of the most common questions Forrester receives from marketers are “How do I know if it’s worth having a community?” and “How can I prove to my executives that my community is worth their investment?”  

The Path to Excellence for Internal Audit

If internal audit is to remain relevant, it needs to move beyond the services currently performed to provide assurance to the main stakeholders.

Predictions versus Perspective: The Moneyball - Steve Jobs Analytics Scale

Baseball season is here. As we now live in the world of "Big Data" and "data driven organizations" many in the analytics field think about the Billy Beane and Moneyball effect on how it has brought data into the realm of "cool." When I read Moneyball in 1996, I was inspired to write a book about analytics because it totally struck a chord.

Seven Steps to a Successful SharePoint Governance Plan

As a SharePoint MVP, active member of the global SharePoint community, an experienced project manager with knowledge of SharePoint business user topics, I am often asked "What are the best practices for SharePoint governance?"

5 Signs Your Customer Community Is Working and The Metrics to Prove It

By now, all businesses -- both large and small -- realize the importance of having a social strategy.

Outsourcing Security to the Cloud: As Safe as Burying Treasure Near a Pirate

Welcome! Yea, though a scurvy pirate or two has occasioned to dare set foot within our establishment, they were swiftly dealt with and ne’ery a one have been eyed since. Aaargh …’tis no safer place to bury yer treasure. Thar treasure chests are sturdy and their locks sure. We afford ye yer own shovel for buryin’ and the watchmen step lively to thwart the ne’er-do-wells. Would ye care for a copy of our SSAE-16? Did I mention that we’re PCI compliant?

Five Yammer Features that SharePoint Users are Going to Love

Microsoft recently announced its phased approach for integrating Yammer with SharePoint 2013, so it will be much later this year before we see any meaningful work completed to bring the two platforms together. But in the meantime, users can look forward to easier access to Yammer from within Office 365 and SharePoint Online.

The Holy Grail of Engagement and Why Communities Matter

Engagement for engagement’s sake is not very interesting.

Data Visionary, Deja Vu: Creating Information-Driven Innovation

Data Visionary, Déjà Vu is not the name of a rock band I intend to form, but rather my look at the role technology plays in advancing information-driven innovation. To do this, I consider examples from the past that build foundations for an exciting future.

Four Tips for Getting Your Mobile Marketing Initiatives off the Ground

For many brands, mobile marketing offers the potential to explore new heights in record time, creating positive customer experiences and building customer loyalty. 

Getting Real About Employee Engagement

When I look at my history of blogging and talks, I realize that employee engagement is the single thread that ties my perspectives together --  it's a topic near and dear to my heart. I believe that without meaningful change in employee engagement, our efforts to gain value from social business are completely lost.

Customer Communities: Build it and They Will Come? Or Move to Their House?

Customer communities are now an active part of your marketing funnel -- how you nurture them is a choice you must make. 

Shine a Spotlight on Your Company's Customer Success

With a strong process in place and the right amount of vigilance on your part, you can begin working with your customers to turn their stories of success into even more success for your business.

Digital Workplace: Social, Mobile and Cloud - Far from the Tipping Point

“Digital Workplace Trends 2013,” a report based on surveying 362 organizations worldwide, shows that digital workplaces are in very early days.

SharePoint Content Migration + The Sins of Your Past

If you think that talking about SharePoint migration challenges is like a broken record, think again. Not only are their new challenges with each new release of SharePoint, but migration isn’t just a one-time activity. Smart organizations know it’s an ongoing task. But more importantly, with the last release of Office 365, SharePoint Online and SharePoint 2013, it’s even more critical to have a good migration strategy. Let me tell you why.

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