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When a Woman in Tech Opens Her Mouth - Sheryl Sandberg

Too often when a woman in tech opens her mouth, she gets slammed.

What Does Your Employee Experience Look Like?

Most of us have to put up with airline travel several times a year. Few of us look forward to it. Some of us actively dread it. And yet, does the flying experience have to be something we dread?  

Customer Communities Require Customer-Centric Thinking

A community, by definition, is a group bound together by common interest. In your case, it’s an interest in your brand, products and services. And as in any relationship, there are steps you need to take to make your community grow and flourish.

Content Strategy: Content Empty Versus Content Full

Content full brands are those on which customers need more detail. Whereas with content empty brands, the less customers know the better.

Employee Engagement - From Buzzword to Business Value

"Any company trying to compete … must figure out a way to engage the mind of every employee.” -- Jack Welch

Building Smarter Mobile Apps to Fuel User Engagement

We are in the midst of a mobile revolution. Consumers are becoming savvier with their mobile devices and are expecting more from their digital experience. Traditional desktop activities -- such as entertainment, shopping or banking -- are now being experienced on tablets and smartphones.

Employee Engagement 2.0 Requires a Human 1.0 Foundation

Are you seeing the phrase "employee engagement" a lot lately? Boy, I am. Along with "collaboration technologies" and "internal communities," the focus of a large number of articles and monographs online appears to be how to enable the people in your company to feel more a part of the work they do and how to enable that. So why is it that many of these same colleagues read these same articles and come away ambivalent about the efforts?

Windows 8 Should Be the Choice for Touch Business Apps

Windows 8 was a bold move for Microsoft. And whether you are a regular Microsoft or iOS user, businesses looking to build a line of business mobile applications should consider Windows 8 a front runner, specifically if its touch application would augment what you want to do.

Five Things to Localize + Five to Keep Centralized in Web Content Management

Back in the 1990's, many companies had only one global website to represent their businesses. Now you’re likely to have a dedicated website for each of your markets, and may even have several.

Cool Hand Luke and Why I'm Passionate about Intranets

I often catch the train to work and it’s depressing to see the perennial look of gloom on the commuter faces each morning. Work is this huge chore that must be endured, Mondays are the worst day of the week, the weekend cannot come quickly enough and retirement is the holy grail that we all work towards.

Annihilating Time + Space: Launch Social Collaboration with Social Governance, Communications Plans

The other day, I read an article about a new communication technology described as being so revolutionary that “time and space have been annihilated to a very remarkable extent.” The article was from 1860 and it was referring to the Pony Express.

Four Ways to Grasp the Potential of the 'Second Screen'

Tapping into mobile marketing’s potential and using it to achieve business success continues to be a highly contested topic. From botched QR code attempts and SMS disasters to ignorable mobile ads, we've seemingly tried it all. Many who fail at these relatively newer technologies still haven’t mastered the more familiar channels consumers are using to reach their brands (web, TV, social, etc). So with the advent of the “second screen,” marketers are bracing themselves to tackle yet another phenomenon.

Engage and Motivate with Employee Intranets

Now more than ever attracting, motivating and retaining top talent is vital to a success of a company and the key to it all is engagement

3 Ways to Boost Your Content Marketing Results

Sure you’re smart. You’re part of the 91% of B2B marketers that do content marketing, right? You understand that content is a must for engaging buyers before they’re ready to buy, and building brand trust for when your sales team starts reaching out to them. And chances are good you've been doing content marketing for a while now -- so to quote Dr. Phil: “How’s that working out for you?”

Gamification in the Enterprise - I Just Don't Get It

There's been a lot of talk about Gamification lately, and while I'm no expert, I'd like to take some time to explain why I just don't get it, why I don't think I ever will, and why I think the current treatment of the subject is overblown and heading into "trendy fad" territory.

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