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Feedroom News & Analysis

The FeedRoom Releases SaaS Enterprise Communications Solution

The FeedRoom-logo_2009.jpg New York-based FeedRoom (news, site) has just launched a ‘lite’ version of its SaaS Enterprise Video Platform v4.0(EVP) demonstrating the competition that exists in the market to provide enterprises with video as a marketing tool.

The new product -- Enterprise Communication Channel Package -- is based on the FeedRoom 4.0 EVP, and gives user’s access to a number of different a lightweight, user-customizable video players.

FeedRoom Feeds Captioning to Enterprise Video Platform

FeedRoom Extends EVP Reach With CaptioningThe announcement by The FeedRoom (news, site) that it has teamed up with 3Play Media is the most recent step by the provider of Web video and digital media solutions to broaden the appeal of its Enterprise Video Platform (EVP).

This new partnership will give The FeedRoom another edge by providing its EVP with the ability to produce high-quality video captions in compliance with Section 508 of the  American Rehabilitation Act. This regulation obliges organizations, particularly in the public sector, to make information available to people with special needs or disabilities.

FeedRoom Goes SaaS With Enterprise Video Platform v4.0

feedroom_logo.jpg The announcement that The FeedRoom (news, site), New York-based provider of Web video and digital media solutions, has released a SaaS version of its v4.0 Enterprise Video Platform (EVP) is not really surprising.

Given the popularity of video at the moment, and the costs involved in developing live video streaming, it was only a matter of time before the company went down that road as companies like Kaltura lead the race to the (price) bottom by making its open source video solution free.

However, The FeedRoom is targeting companies that have large public relations or press departments and argue that public organizations will have to take to video in a market where transparency appears to be the buzz word.

FeedRoom Partners to Share Web Videos Across Social Networks

FeedRoom Partners to Share Web Videos Across Social Networks Last October, The FeedRoom (news, site), a New York-based provider of Web video and digital media solutions, released v4.0 of its Enterprise Video Platform (EVP), which allows users distribute, upload and manage video across the Web.

Now, with the phenomenal growth in the use of video in social networks, the company has just announced that it has entered into a partnership with Clearspring Technologies that will allow users to bookmark and share video content on social networks and blogs -- with point-and-click tools.

FeedRoom Supplies Advanced Video Tools for Enterprise

The FeedRoom Web Site Enterprise Video Platform Distribution

Businesses interested in sprucing up their video solutions might want to take a look at FeedRoom. The video solutions provider recently released its fourth iteration of their enterprise video platform that comes with new features allowing users to more easily and efficiently manage, upload and distribute video.

The company considers FeedRoom 4.0 as the most exciting release yet. The system has been heavily modified to stand up to the competition in the video marketplace. In the process, the company has also managed to provide a robust solution that also features a modular design.

FeedRoom Inc. Gets Fed With Open Text's Artesia


FeedRoom Inc., a provider of Web video and digital media solutions and services, is getting cozier with Open Text’s Artesia Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution, broadening its use in order to better serve its growing client base.

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