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Firefox News & Analysis

Mozilla Pilots New 'TowTruck' Collaboration Service

Web browser provider Mozilla is introducing the alpha version of “TowTruck,” a new open source service designed to ease online collaboration.

Adobe Releases Flash Player Security Updates for Mac, Windows, Android + IE 10

Malicious Flash Player content has been circulating, and Adobe has responded with an emergency security update for Mac, Windows, Linux, Android and various browser systems.

Firefox OS Brings Smartphone Interactivity to Web Apps, Unveils Developer Phones

firefox_phone_thumb.jpg Firefox opens up a new front in the smartphone war with its own OS that can help turn any website into an app, and bring greater interaction with the phone's hardware features to the fore. 

Firefox 18 Feeds Need for Web Speed

Web browser provider Mozilla is releasing version 18 of its Firefox web browser, with significantly increased speed for Web apps and games among its chief selling points.

Mozilla Firefox Incorporates Facebook Messenger Sidebar

Facebook has partnered with Mozilla Firefox to integrate its messenger tool directly into the web browser’s interface.

Mozilla Firefox Aurora Marketplace Opens For Android Users, Time to Get Testing

As apps become a commonplace with both an increased interest in web apps and smartphone usage, there are more and more options for where users can get them. Mozilla Firefox has joined other companies, like Google, and developed its own web and mobile app marketplace.


Privacyfix Extension for Chrome, Firefox Puts Users in Control of Their Online Privacy

Privacyfix Extension for Chrome, Firefox Puts Users in Control of Their Online PrivacyWe have become a society intent on not letting Facebook’s privacy settings get the better of us. Thanks to a new browser extension for both Chrome and Firefox, we are a step closer to simplifying our lives.

Twitter Allows 'Do Not Track' Privacy Feature

twitter_logo_2011.jpgMicro-blogging website dynamo Twitter announced today that it will allow visitors to enable the Firefox Browser's Do Not Track feature, allowing users who don't want any info gathered about them to visit the site anonymously.

Firefox to Challenge IE on Windows 8 ARM Devices

firefox_logo_2011.jpg Microsoft's Internet Explorer market share is back on the rise thanks to its use in Windows Phone 7 smartphones. But it won't have everything its own way as Mozilla plans to bring Firefox to Windows 8 tablets.

Internet Explorer Regains Market Share From Firefox, Chrome

"The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated," says Internet Explorer, as Microsoft's default Windows web browser regains some of the market share previously lost to its major competitors Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

Google Renews Firefox Partnership 3 More Years

Word came from Mozilla of a new revenue agreement between Google and Mozilla, makers of the Firefox Search engine. The announcement on the official Mozilla Blog called the deal a "new agreement for default search in Firefox," extending the search relationship with Google for three more years.   

In early December, the web was abuzz with word that the long-standing deal between Google and Mozilla (Firefox) had not been renewed. While the companies were in negotiation throughout November, the hour passed, and the default search engine relationship that started in 2006, practically the Stone Age in web chronology, was dead.

Did Google Let Its Mozilla Search Partnership Die?

Ever notice how your newly installed Firefox browser would always default to the Google search site? That’s because of a lucrative deal Mozilla, owner of the Firefox brand, cut with Google back in 2006, in the pre-Chrome days. Well, the world has shifted since then and with the November expiration of the Google deal, Mozilla could stand to lose up to 80% of company revenue according to Computerworld. And while the deal has reaped a windfall for Mozilla, it also gave Google time to develop what is now a rising star in the quest for King of the Browser Hill.  

Firefox 8 Adds Twitter to the Bar, Available Now

Firefox 8 Adds Twitter to the Bar, Available NowAs usual, you can grab the latest version of Firefox from the product servers before it goes live for general consumption. This iteration offers new features, better Twitter integration and improved start-up performance tweaks.

Publishing for Tablets: Going Native?

So where were we? In the first article of this series, What You Need To Know About iOS and Android, we decided that the wise publisher currently targets iOS first and Android second. In a second article, Data Formats for Fixed and Flowable Content, we agreed that HTML is the sensible way to expose a publisher’s content to the world. Today we’ll talk about how we take this content and create wonderful tablet apps.

Firefox Browser for Android Tablets A Creature of Beauty

In a new blog post, the Firefox team has unveiled its tablet-specific web browser, showing a feature-packed app for the Honeycomb-powered tablets.

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