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Forget Likes, These Are the 3 Facebook Metrics to Watch

Forget Likes, Here Are the 3 Facebook Metrics You Should WatchMarketers nowadays are data driven numbers people. I get it. I consider myself a numbers guy, too. That said, when it comes to Facebook, I think a lot of marketers have it all wrong. The Facebook metric marketers tend to focus on -- a page’s Like count -- does not matter as much as marketers and business owners think it does.

Adobe Releases Flash Player Security Updates for Mac, Windows, Android + IE 10

Malicious Flash Player content has been circulating, and Adobe has responded with an emergency security update for Mac, Windows, Linux, Android and various browser systems.

Finally - It's All About Us! Thoughts from the SharePoint Conference Keynote #spc12

The keynote of any Microsoft conference is really not to be missed, it is when the entire group comes together to hear the latest and greatest and to get a glimpse into the vision of the product team. Any good keynote will have some surprises, laughter and good demos. Yesterday's SharePoint Conference keynote fit the bill and in some cases raised the bar for keynote events. A great foundation was presented that will really carry us through this next release of the product. Here I touch on the high points and focus on the aspects that really detail the future of SharePoint.

Get Adobe's Creative Suite From the Cloud, For Just $49 A Month


Adobe's new offering, Creative Cloud, brings the company's expansive and expensive range of legendary publishing and art applications, Flash development software and other tools to all via an affordable software as a service solution.

Wix Brings No-Coding-Skills-Needed Design to HTML5 Sites

wix_logo_2012.PNG Site design for those lacking in actual design skills is a problem that many seem to want to solve. Wix is a dab hand at creating Flash sites from a drag and drop system, now it offers the same for those needing a result in modern, sexy, smartphone-friendly HTML 5.

Microsoft Releases Silverlight 5: The Final Version?

Microsoft Releases Silverlight 5: The Final Version?As widely discussed last month, Flash has already been squeezed out of the front end of the mobile experience. Now here comes Silverlight to try to fix its place among developers' favorite framework tools, but will its place at the front of sites be relevant for long?

The Stream of Changes Continue: Adobe Donates Flex to Apache

adobe-logo_2009.gif Let’s hope they have an excellent change management team at Adobe. This month they have slashed 750 full-time positions, killed the mobile version of Adobe Flash Player, acquired an Internet video advertising company and changed strategic direction to focus on digital media and marketing, and it’s just the middle of the month. Now, they’ve decided to donate the Adobe Flex Software Development Kit (SDK) and BlazeDS to the Apache Software Foundation.

Is Silverlight the Next Victim of HTML5?

Is Silverlight the Next Victim of HTML5?With Adobe quitting Flash development for mobile, it looks like Microsoft could give up on Silverlight too, leaving users with no more "incompatible browser" messages and giving developers just one standard to focus on.

Adobe Dumping Flash From Mobile?

flashlogo.jpgReports suggest that Adobe will move to an Adobe AIR/HTML5 solution for mobile content as it gives up trying to get Flash on our digital devices.

Adobe Announces Flash 11, Offers 3D, Mobile-Friendly, Windows 8 Future

 Adobe Annouces Flash 11, Offers 3D, Mobile-Friendly, Windows 8 FutureEveryone's favorite developer-tool company Adobe is looking firmly forward with its latest version of Flash, packing in high-quality communications, multimedia and 3D gaming-focused features for all devices.

Windows 8 Metro Sees Flash Axed From Internet Explorer 10

 ie10_metro.jpgWhen running on tablets, Windows 8 will run a different version of Internet Explorer 10, consigning Flash to the desktop mode. Does anyone still love Flash?

QuarkXPress Server Revs Up to Match Desktop

quark_logo_2009.jpg Has it really been two months since QuarkXPress 9 came out? You know what they say, one good desktop product deserves a server version. Or something like that. Nerdy cliches aside, Quark (news, site) is back in the news with the release of QuarkXPress Server 9.

How Will HTML 5 Affect Websites, Development?

With the final HTML 5 specification due to ratify this summer, it seems like the language has already become part of the landscape. Where could it take us and what obstacles lie ahead?

Adobe Wallaby Converts Flash into HTML 5, Bringing Flash to iPhone, iPad

Flash may have its critics, particularly in certain smartphone and tablet markets, but Adobe (news, site) is making sure the platform doesn't just fizzle out. Adobe is evolving with the times, and is preparing for when the Web finally adopts the HTML 5 standard. The most recent addition to Adobe's collection of software is code-named Wallaby, which can help developers more easily transition from Flash to HTML 5.

HTML5 Gets Glitzy New Logo, Bids Adieu to Flash

The W3C has unveiled a new logo for HTML5, a "striking visual identity for the open web platform." But really, what's more important here, a glitzy new logo or the potential end of Flash?


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