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The Top Business, Social and Media Mobile Apps of 2012

From the hundreds of thousands of apps across the spectrum of devices, what have you been downloading and using on your smartphone most this year? CMSWire takes a look at those that have appealed most to us.†

Pinterest Lets You Block Users & Report Profiles, Let the Security Begin

Pinterest wants to give its users more control. This week, the popular social photo-sharing site announced that it is adding several new features to do that.†

Newsweek Drops Print Edition, It's Digital Publishing Only for 2013

After almost 80 years in print publication, weekly U.S news magazine, Newsweek is leaving the print world behind. Today, the magazine’s parent company, The Newsweek/Daily Beast Company LLC, announced that the long time magazine would cease the publication of their print†version, in†favor†of a digital one in early 2013.


RockMelt: The Social Browser Goes Public

rockmelt_logo_2010.jpgBased on Chromium, socially-focused web browser RockMelt (news, site) has grabbed plenty of attention during its private beta, but now it's open for everyone to try.

RockMelt: New Social Browser Backed by Netscape Co-Founder


New browser on the block RockMelt aims to add social value to your browsing experience by doing things a little differently.

Flock Tries Again with Twitter and Facebook Support

codeandvisual_logo_2009.jpgStatistically, Flock (news, site) is like the little browser that could, but didn’t. Translate that into numbers and you get 7.5 million people that have downloaded the browser, but only 1.1 million that actively use it.

So, why does Flock keep Flopping? Well, we’re not really sure. Dubbed the social Web browser, Mozilla-powered Flock is made up of all the things we typically love: integrated social networking, micro-blogging, chat, etc. Will the newly released 2.5 version be enough to finally take flight? Let’s take a look at the fresh features:

The Social Media Minute (22-May-2009)

Social media moves so fast, it's hard to keep up. Here are the week's top stories in scan-friendly format:

  • Facebook Verified App Directory Now Live
  • Flock is Updated With More Support for Twitter, Other Services
  • Facebook Accepts OpenID
  • Should You Switch Back To Yahoo! For Search?

ScribeFire and Zemanta Partner for Smarter Blogging

ScribeFire with ZemantaDesktop or browser-integrated blogging applications have been around for some time now and many are quite similar in function. Blogging suggestion tools that will suggest related articles, images and links based on what you are writing are also not new. But a partnership between ScribeFire and Zemanta bring the two together in an single browser add-on setup.

The Social Media Minute 10-17-08

Social Media moves so fast, it’s hard to keep up. Here’s the week’s big stories from the Social scene, in scan-friendly format.

This Week:

  • MySpace to Trounce Facebook With US$1 Billion ‘08 Sales
  • Jobs Cut at Seesmic, but Digg is Hiring
  • Twitter Gets New CEO
  • Yahoo! Launches New Profiles, Social Strategy
  • Browser Wars 1: New FireFox Beta 3.1 has Geolocation API
  • Browser Wars 2: Flock Upgrade
  • Twitter-Watch: Joe the Plumber

Browser Wars: Flock Upgrades, Adds MySpace Support

Flock 2.0 integrates myspace

Flock, the self-proclaimed Social Web browser, recently released version 2.0 with a few notable upgrades, including the integration of their most requested service, MySpace.

Thatís right, you read that correctly, the browser that relies on social networking for popularity and downloads just integrated the biggest social network of all.

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