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Enterprise Software: To Be or Not To Be Like Facebook

While most of us have been preoccupied with game-changing releases from Google, a war has been waged in the name of the future enterprise. On one side, Marc Benioff, chairman and CEO of, leads those who believe enterprise software should be more like Facebook. On the other, a crowd of naysayers who don’t like the idea of mixing business with pleasure.  

FMYI Celebrates Massive Growth with New Brand Video

fmyi_logo.JPG"You know that feeling of never quite being caught up? That's called work.”

These are the words of Justin Yuen, the president of FMYI (news, site). His company, which offers a Facebook-like collaboration platform for the enterprise and, strangely enough, adamantly rallies against work, saw some mighty fine numbers in 2009.

Have Fun at Work with FMYI's Facebook-like Application

Have Fun at Work with FMYI's Facebook-like Application For My Innovation (FMYI) stepped into the ring to duke it out with fellow social solutions for the enterprise (think Socialtext) six versions ago, but this is the first time they've popped up on our radar.

In addition to some delightful, tree-hugging values, the FMYI package includes several features that are common in enterprise-level tools: a calendar, news feed, workspaces, the ability to post and share text, links, files, events and tasks, etc. Like its predecessors, version 6 of the app claims to go beyond work needs, but this time the company aims to make it fun. 

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