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It's Time for Packt's Open Source Awards

packt-logo.png Has it been a year already? It must have because Packt Publishing (news, site)  is launching its annual Open Source Awards, formerly the Open Source CMS Awards, designed to recognize and support promising open source projects . This year’s awards will be very similar to the awards in previous years, but there are a few changes.

Jaspersoft Enhances Open Source Business Intelligence in Eclipse

jaspersoftLogosmall.gifOpen source business intelligence provider Jaspersoft (news, site) has announced an open source business intelligence (BI) design tool for users of the popular Eclipse development environment. The tool is open source and allows Eclipse Java developers to build, secure and share reports free.

Analytics & Monitoring Key to Effective Enterprise Search

Organizations are investing heavily in enterprise search and information accessibility, but a surprising number have no understanding of their users’ search behavior. We recently sat down with Otis Gospodnetić, founder of Sematext (newssite) and co-author of the book Lucene in Action. Otis shared some key lessons learned via the emerging discipline of Search Analtyics.

Acquia, Engine Yard Partner to Bolster Drupal, Ruby on Rails PaaS Integration

acquialogo.pngAcquia (news, site) -- providers of commercial support and hosting for the Drupal Web CMS, and Ruby on Rails platform-as-a-service (PaaS) Engine Yard (news, site) have announced a partnership to offer a managed cloud-based solution for Ruby on Rails (RoR). The partnership should allow developers who use the popular Drupal web content management system and RoR to create solutions more quickly.

The Guardian's Open Platform Reinvents Open News with Apache Lucene

The Internet and social media have drastically affected traditional news and journalism business models. But smart news gathering organizations are are striking back, and open source tools like the Apache Lucene search engine are proving invaluable.

At the recent Lucene Revolution conference in San Francisco CMSWire interviewed Stephen Dunn, Head of Technology Strategy at British newspaper The Guardian. Dunn shared how The Guardian has reinvented content and news openness with their Apache Lucene-based Open Platform.

SubHub Offers Drupal 7 Marketplace, Monetization Platform

subhubLogo.jpgCMSWire covered SubHub (news, site) when the cloud-based web content management provider released its initial SubHub Lite Drupal 7 offering back in December, becoming one of the pioneers on the platform. The company, which has offered website building and content publishing since 2005, has now announced a Drupal 7-based Content Monetization Platform (CMP) including a marketplace (App Store) for Drupal 7 (news, site) modules. CMSWire walked through the new offering shortly before it went live with Evan Rudowski, Co-Founder and Director of SubHub.

Lucene Revolution Attendees Find More Uses for Search on Day Two #lucenerev

lucidLogosmall.png Day two has wrapped-up here in San Francisco at Lucid Imagination's (news, site) Lucene Revolution event. I can honestly say I’ve never seen so many computational linguists in a single location. Before lunch, Lucid Imagination managed to squeeze in eight sessions, a panel and a keynote address -- all about search. Didn’t know there was that much to discuss? Maybe you should consider attending next year.

Lucene Revolution Day 2: It's About All Data, Big & Small #lucenerev

Today is day two of Lucid Imagination’s (news, site) two-day conference, Lucene Revolution in San Francisco. Lucid Imagination, provider of commercial products and services for Apache Lucene and Solar, has managed to attract nearly 500 participants from all over the globe to learn, review case studies and network with their peers about the widely used open source search solution. The second day kicked off with a discussion of extracting value from data big and small.

Lucene Revolution Day 1: Searching for the Value of Certification #lucenerev

lucidLogosmall.pngDay one of Lucid Imagination’s (news, site) 2011 Lucene Revolution has concluded. Lucene Revolution is the only conference dedicated to the popular Apache Lucene/Solr projects. This is the second year the conference takes place in the U.S., and interest in attending the open-source enterprise search fest continues to grow -- like the data it interrogates.

Half of Software Purchases In the Next Five Years Will be Open Source #osbc

Today is the second day of the Computer World Open Source Business conference and it's big. No really, it's big. The four main topic areas: Big Data, Big Cloud, Big Legal Problems and Big Money. The conference is being held at the Hilton San Francisco Union Square in San Francisco.

Lucid Offers Lucene Certification

lucid_imagination_logo.jpgDevelopers seeking to demonstrate their mad skills in Apache Solr/Lucene (news, site) Search now have something new to do other than stay up at night playing first person shooters on XBox 360. Lucid Imagination (news, site) is offering the first Lucene certification -- and it's free for a few Lucene Revolution attendees.

Nuxeo Releases DAM with Combined Content Repository

nuxeo_logo_2009.jpgNuxeo (newssite) is having a busy week with content management goodies. The company has gotten approval for its content repository, dubbed Apricot, and now it's announced a point release of its open source document assessment management (DAM) product over at the corporate blog.

Eclipse Foundation Accepts Nuxeo's Content Repository Proposal, Nicknames it Apricot

Nuxeo (news, site) has announced that its content repository technology, has been approved and will soon be provisioned by the Eclipse Foundation (news, site). The project even has a new, much tastier nickname than the official Eclipse Enterprise Content Repository Project -- Apricot -- and it's just in time for summer.

PHP Fog Offers PHP Developers a Cloud Platform

PHP Fog Offers PHP Developers a Cloud Platform It’s been a busy month in the cloud. PHP Fog has announced the general availability of its PHP PaaS joining Red Hat’s OpenShift multi-language PaaS announcement.

Lily Brings Big Data to Content Management

lily-long-logosmall.pngThere is another new entrant to the Hadoop market. Belgium-based Outerthought has announced its repository for big data and content management, Lily. The company is simultaneously launching its commercial services, but has decided to play nice by supporting Cloudera’s (news, site) Distribution including Hadoop (CDH).

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