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Say What? Cisco, Microsoft Want to Help Your Cloud Talk to Customers

Cisco is expanding its long-standing relationship with Microsoft. It's a new effort to automate hybrid cloud service provisioning for service providers. 

Normally, when we say “service providers” and we don’t mean cloud providers like Amazon, we mean communications providers like Verizon. But in this case, we mean both.

We’re also referring to any business that sells computing capability, storage capacity and software services to its customers. 

If your business provides a service for your customers to, say, contact your support agents directly and share their troubles with products or other services, then by definition, you’re a service provider.

Congratulations: You, Verizon, Netflix and Amazon are in the same boat.

Fed Regulator Tells Marketers: Be Careful with Data Collection


Marketers recite the benefits of mobile tracking like a mantra: It helps give consumers the information they want at the exact time and place they want and need it. What's not to like?

No matter how hard they try, however, today's cross-channel digital marketers can't quite escape the "creepy" factor — the concern corporations have too much information on the who, what, where and when of our lives.

That point was driven home very gently yesterday as Jessica Rich, director of the bureau of consumer protection for the Federal Trade Commission, delivered a speech to the annual summit of the Digital Advertising Alliance. The speech contained plenty of plaudits, but also exhortations to "press forward" with self-regulatory efforts that will make it easy for consumers to opt-out of tracking and data collection entirely.

Long Road Still Ahead in Microsoft-Nokia Deal

steve_stephen.jpgThe US Justice Department and Federal Trade Commission have given their blessing to the merger of Microsoft and Nokia. Now the European Commission has followed suit, all but green-lighting the deal.

But what will happen to Nokia once the merger is complete? And how will Microsoft manage its increasingly integrated chain of operating systems and devices? Perhaps we'll know more once the company picks a new CEO whose first job will be to integrate the two giants.

FTC Updates Digital Advertising Guidelines, Focuses on Usability and Transparency

It used to be that business on the Internet was a lot like Las Vegas. What happened there, stayed there. But over the past few years, the web has become a hub to online business, resulting in millions of online transactions, interactions and marketing campaigns. Businesses and marketers have become more savvy, and it’s become much harder to decipher fact from fiction.

FTC Report Recommends New Mobile Privacy Practices

Smartphones are booming with new features, powerful tools -- and a growing supply of privacy issues. To address this, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has released a new report with recommendations for privacy standards and practices. 

FTC Closes Google Investigation; Google Required to Modify Business Practices #FTCantitrust

FTC.jpeg In June 2011, the Federal Trade Commission announced that it would begin examining Google for anti-competitive practices. Nearly two years later, the FTC announced what it found.

Google Expected to Pony Up $22.5 Million Fine for Safari User Tracking Violations

Google is expected to pay a governmental fine of US$ 22.5 million to settle charges that it bypassed privacy settings on Apple users’ Safari browsers, according to various news reports. The fine by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC), which would be the largest in that agency’s history, would amount to the technology giant’s revenue stream for five hours.

SAP Mobilizes ERP, Hints at Cloud Strategy, Gives HANA Big Data Support

With Sapphire Now, SAP’s annual gathering coming to a close later today, it’s hardly surprising that there is a bit of something for everyone. There’s cloud, mobile and databases, with the ERP king announcing the release of around 70 apps that do different things with different systems.

Google's Comprehensive Privacy Program Announced

Being true to its settlement agreement with the FTC in March of last year, Google pre-announced yesterday a comprehensive update that consolidates some 60 privacy policy documents, plus a refresh of its terms of service agreement. Both are to begin March 1, but are available now for review online.

This policy shift is generating buzz online over concerns of privacy, search anonymity and control over just what information gets shared.

Facebook to Propose 'Opt-In' Privacy Settlement With FTC

Facing challenges over its privacy practices -- or lack thereof -- Facebook is reportedly proposing a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission.

Introducing Consumer's Online Bill of Rights

What do two former presidential candidates have in common? They are behind The Commercial Privacy Bill of Rights Act of 2011, which "establishes a framework to protect the personal information of all Americans both online and offline." Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Senator John Kerry (D-Mass.) introduced legislation this week that sought to define how companies should handle consumers' personal information both online and offline.

Tracking Users with IP Addresses, Not Previous Behaviors

demandbase-logo.jpgWe’ve been following the Federal Trade Commission’s Do Not Track initiative and its progress in Congress. While its outcome is still not known and marketers and customers are still fighting it out over the privacy of their information, online businesses are scrambling to respond.

Mobile Enterprise: Clumsy Clicking Wastes Mobile Dollars, Legislation Protects Mobile Users' Privacy

This week, the mobile enterprise addresses mobile advertising, privacy and the availability of Verizon iPhone 4.

Is the Advertising Option Icon a Viable Alternative to 'Do Not Track'?

Interested in how information about your online behaviors is collected? Forget Do Not Track or the Privacy Bill of Rights. Instead, look no further than the Advertising Option Icon, which lets consumers make informed choices about online privacy.

Is 2011 the Year of Online Advertising Transparency?

Will 2011 be the year that online advertising becomes more transparent? Thanks to a few key initiatives, consumers can expect to have better control over how their data is used online.

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