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Galaxy Siii News & Analysis

Samsung Unveils A Titanium Galaxy SIII Model as Apple iPhone 5 Orders Drop

samsung_titanium_thumb.jpg Information released over the weekend shows Samsung's Galaxy range ship over 100 million units, with a new Titanium model going on-sale, while Apple is supposed to be reducing build orders for the iPhone 5. The Galaxy range now has massive appeal across the board, while Apple's take-our-model-or-leave-it approach may now be starting to bite.

Apple iPhone Blinks in Face of Samsung Galaxy SIII

Apple's iPhone has slipped temporarily behind the Samsung Galaxy SIII in terms of units shipped according to research from Strategy Analytics, but the numbers will quickly catch up to both companies as the holiday shopping season approaches.

Smartphone Sales Figures: Apple vs. Samsung, No One Else In Sight

applelogo.png With smartphone sales booming, the latest research shows Samsung and Apple leaving the rest of the pack standing. A trend that could leave Microsoft and BlackBerry in the wilderness, before they even launch their next-generation products.

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