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Gilbane News & Analysis

The Shared Goal of Customer Experience #Gilbane

Last month I attended the Gilbane Content and Digital Experience conference in Boston. I’ve written before about my appreciation of smaller, specialized conferences. At these smaller events, you really feel a connection to the other exhibitors and attendees. Everyone’s there out of specialized interest, and you leave feeling that you’ve had a chance to have conversations with some of the most innovative thought leaders in the field. And if J.Boye in Aarhus takes the cake as my favorite conference in Europe last year, Gilbane was its American counterpart.

When Marketing Automation Meets Salesforce #Gilbane

The Boston-based WGBH Education Foundation relies on donations. It's a public media entity.

So it also relies on technology to manage donations. Salesforce CRM. Marketing automation tools.

Cate Twohill, senior director and managing partner of CRM services at the WGBH Education Foundation, has her hands on the pulse of the organization's digital network and management of its donors. It's a job that comes with challenges. It recently uncovered and corrected more than 80,000 duplicate donor profiles and must manage donor relationships in a way that powers engagement.

Is a Private Equity Firm Buying Ektron?

BOSTON -- Rumblings that a private equity firm is buying web content management system (CMS) provider Ektron swept through the Gilbane Conference at the Renaissance Marriott Hotel in Boston this week.

Although sources were not willing to go on record with CMSWire, one industry insider told CMSWire that an acquisition was forthcoming — and that it did not involve another technology firm. The source did not respond when asked directly if the sale involved a private equity firm. 

Earlier this year, Ektron closed a growth equity funding round led by Accel-KKR. The company stated at the time that this minority investment, the company's first institutional round, will enable it to accelerate product and company expansion. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Neither Greg Williams, managing director at Accel-KKR and a member of the Ektron board, or Ektron employees immediately responded to our email requests for comment.

Has Personalization Hit a Dead End in CX? #Gilbane


BOSTON -- Martha Elliott started to catch on through her bank's home page. Each time she logged on, the home page included images of African-Americans. 

Elliott is African-American.

"I didn't like it. I like diversity," the technologist told CMSWire today at the 700-registrant Gilbane Conference at the Boston Renaissance Marriott Hotel. "I want a bank that's diverse."

Instead, she got some back-end personalization she felt was "disingenuous." Pretty much the opposite of personalization, right?

Microsoft Wants to Own You [Video]

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has a strong record of delivering on his promises and we’re now beginning to see what that looks like. While we’ve already told you a great deal about the company’s recent advances in big data, OneDrive, Office 365, AzurePowerBI, predictive analytics and Cortana + Bing, this week we’re getting a peek at how the company’s productivity apps might work in its mobile-first, cloud-first world.

We predict that they’ll be like spokes on a wheel with the individual in the center, thereby eliminating silos between our professional and personal lives.

After all, the generation of workers that brought Bring Your Own Device (BOYD) into the workplace isn’t going to want to toggle between roles.

Forrester: 4 Things About Customer Experience Management #gilbane

BOSTON — Stephen Powers and a colleague grabbed breakfast the morning of a business conference in Las Vegas. They were dressed in casual business attire. The waitress offered them coffee and orange juice.

Two young men walked into the same dining room, dressed in night-club-like gear and looking as if they hadn't slept yet. The waitress offered them a Bloody Mary.

Technology didn’t matter. She used a little intuition to determine her customer’s needs.

SAP Says: Link Revenue to Social Media to Show ROI #gilbane

Return on Investment

BOSTON -— Social media marketing programs are sexy. But do you know what’s even sexier? Social media marketing programs that tie directly back into sales, conversions and strong leads.

SAP North America’s social media program was featured during this morning’s keynote on Day 1 of the Gilbane Conference here at the Westin Boston Waterfront Hotel.

CIO Reports to CMO: Technology Under Marketing? #gilbane

BOSTON -- Marketing and technology need to get married. Not the spur-of-the-moment kind of marriage that ends in two years, but a systematic, well-planned, engaging, long-lasting kind of marriage that starts with a 250 person, $85 a person prime rib dinner wedding that continues 50 years later.

That’s the message this morning on Day 1 of the Gilbane Conference here from Scott Brinker, founder and CTO of ion interactive.

Content Strategies and Evolution of the Marketing Technologist #Gilbane 2013

Thumbnail image for rsz_1boston13banner-for-bluebill-slide.pngBOSTON — It's all about content here this week. Content creation. Content migration. Content that makes your organization a sensation.

We'll be at the 12th annual Gilbane Conference at the Westin Boston Waterfront starting tomorrow. All week, we'll be following the news and the latest and greatest from the four tracks: content marketing and the customer experience; content collaboration and employee engagement; technology and the post-digital experience; and digital strategies for publishing and media.

Follow CMSWire's coverage on Twitter @cmswire with the conference hashtag #gilbane.

Gilbane Boston 2012 Live Coverage (#gilbane2012)

GilbaneBoston2012.jpgWeb and enterprise content management have steadily evolved from the “bleeding edge” IT practices of interest only to the most hardened tech geeks to the key underpinnings of any modern organization’s IT strategy. This year’s Gilbane Conference in Boston from November 27-29, 2012 is designed so that attendees in marketing, IT, business units and internal functions can all receive targeted information to assist them with their specific content management needs. 

The conference is divided into 4 tracks and we'll bring you as much information as we can on some of the sessions in each.

  • Customers and Engagement
  • Colleagues and Collaboration
  • Content Technology
  • Web and Mobile Publishing

Images from Conference:


Gerry Murray
Research Manager IDC
Marc Strolling, Principal Agile Business Logic

The Latest from the Sessions & Keynotes

The Human Side of Knowledge Management

By Dan Berthiaume  |  Thursday Nov 29, 2012   

Technology is a critical factor in knowledge management, but according to expert speakers in a session at today`s Gilbane Boston 2012 Conference, the human element is actually the most important element of all.

Mobile - The New Normal

By Dan Berthiaume  |  Thursday Nov 29, 2012

Mobile technology is evolving from a niche consumer engagement channel to the primary means customers utilize the Internet, according to Ian Truscott, VP of Marketing at SDL. Truscott explained how mobile is changing and businesses need to change their strategies with it during “Why Do You Need to do Mobile Now and How Do You Justify It?”, a session at today’s Gilbane Conference in Boston.

Guiding the Buyer's Journey 

By Dan Berthiaume  |  Thurs Nov 29, 2012   

It is now generally understood that by the time a customer meets with a salesperson to make a potential purchase, they are at the end of a long journey with many stops. Marketing content cannot dictate the path of that journey, but can help guide customers in the right direction.

Building Communities to Promote Collaboration

By Dan Berthiaume  |  Wed Nov 28, 2012   

The development of social media and other leading edge communication and collaboration technologies is creating a “perfect storm” of change, and social communities are the best means of surviving the weather. This was the main message of both presenters in a session entitled “Collaboration from the Inside Out and Outside In” during day one of the Gilbane Conference in Boston

Gilbane Keynotes Cover Broad Data, Content Ground 

By Dan Berthiaume  |  Wed Nov 28, 2012

Two back-to-back morning keynote sessions at the first day of the Gilbane Conference in Boston featured a wide variety of presenters speaking on an array of information and content management topics. Following is a roundup of the key points each keynote speaker made.

Event News

Percussion, DivvyHQ Partner For Excel-free Calendaring, Content Production

By David Roe  |  Wed Nov 28, 2012   

From the Gilbane Conference in Boston Wednesday, Web and marketing content management vendor Percussion has announced a partnership with DivvyHQ, a vendor of a spreadsheet-free editorial calendar applications.


Gilbane Boston 2012: Content Management Comes of Age #gilbane

Web and enterprise content management have steadily evolved from the “bleeding edge” IT practices of interest only to the most hardened tech geeks to the key underpinnings of any modern organization’s IT strategy. This year’s Gilbane Conference in Boston from November 27-29, 2012 is designed so that attendees in marketing, IT, business units and internal functions can all receive targeted information to assist them with their specific content management needs.

The Role of the Community Manager

Last week’s visit to Gilbane provided great access to insights and applications about the convergence of content, collaboration and the customer experience. In our attempt to provide you with a snapshot of sessions and vendors, it’s not always easy to be everywhere at once, especially when you’re not just an observer, but an active participant. Such was the case when I presented about the role of the community manager.

Mobile First, Converting Big Data with Ektron, Data Conversion Laboratory #gilbane

GilbaneConference.jpgOn our last day at Gilbane Boston 2011, we learned how to work together better to achieve better results and innovation. Remarkably, much of the conference emphasized people processes rather technology to improve the way projects are streamlined, websites are built and content strategies are aligned.

Percussion, Elcom Offer Insights, Content Opportunities #gilbane

GilbaneConference.jpgWhile at Gilbane Boston 2011, we've met with vendors to get the inside scoop about their newest projects and greatest insights about the state of web content management. In a world of rapidly increasing data, customers demand more meaningful content, while companies demand better control over how they create, share and manage it all. So what do you do, and how do you manage it all? 

Context, Agile Infrastructures Key to Managing Mashups #gilbane

Context, Agile Infrastructures Key to Managing Mashups #gilbaneYour website is dead. But your content lives in other formats, across other devices. What is currently available is only the beginning -- the world is changing, and as a result the way we interact with information is changing. In the session, Managing New Kinds of Content Mash-ups, Stefan Schinkel of Hippo walked us through the endless possibilities that content engagement afford us.

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