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Google Analytics News & Analysis

News Bites: Google Smart Lists, Contact Center Tips, & More


And now, the news. Google gets Smart Lists, Sysomos integrates with Clarabridge, Bulldog gets Boosted, and 3CLogic goes 5.0.

Also in the headlines: multichannel contact centers get tips, addresses get corrected, reps need to know what they need to know, and Clari offers a new mobile sales productivity platform.

Making the Most of Dynamic Tag Managers

Solving chaos in complexity usually requires a solution that provides refinement. In automobiles, for example, fuel injection enables more refined gas and air mixtures needed to improve vehicle performance while meeting government standards for emissions. 

For digital marketing, tag management systems are becoming that refining element for better performance while meeting immediate needs.

Tag management systems have been available as long as web analytics has relied on JavaScript tags. But over the past few years — with more devices connected online, more ways to market messages and growing customer access through multiple devices — marketers need more tags to measure the health of a campaign.

Universal Winds of Change for Google Analytics


Technology and comic book characters have one thing in common – they both require a reboot once in a while to renew excitement. Comic book fans got a rebooted Superman on film when Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures released Man of Steel.

But for Google Analytics users, they received their own reboot in a quieter, yet still exciting, way.

Last year Google launched a new version of its main analytics code called Universal Analytics (UA), featuring a new script, analytics.js that replaces ga.js, an asynchronous script Google introduced in 2009. The new code introduces several enhancements that permit the script to work in conjunction with developer protocols or other measurement interfaces.

Google Adds Analytics APIs for Large Companies

Google Adds Analytics APIs for Large CompaniesGoogle has updated its Analytics APIs for things like account setup and configuration, and large companies that want to get in on some of the closed beta availability action can sign up now.

Google Integrates AdSense Experiment Objectives into Content Experience Platform

customer experience,Google Analytics Features Put Marketing Objectives Into Action

Gathering data and providing that information to top-level executives is no longer the be-all, end-all job objective of marketers.

Actually translating that data into actionable items that improve your brand health management and, ultimately, increase sales is. 

Google Analytics Segmentation Reimagined

Google Analytics Segmentation ReimaginedSegmenting and grouping site visitors together for analysis is now more granular in Google Analytics, and there's been a flurry of updates to the popular system this week.

Google Analytics Introduces Google Tag Manager for Mobile Apps

customer experience: Google Tag Manager for Mobile Apps

Google Analytics has announced a mobile apps management feature designed to improve mobile capabilities for developers.

Google Unveils Analytics API in Closed Beta, Offers Real-Time Website Visitor Monitoring

Google Real-Time analytics API.jpg

Google has announced the beta-launch of a new analytics reporting API that enables users to act immediately on information that their Analytics account receives from other Google services. 

The Data Management Problem and the RedPoint Global Solution

Customer Experience: Analytics and Data Management with RedPoint GlobalIn marketing, data is an important tool for engagement, improving the customer experience and targeting, but sometimes it’s not as manageable as marketers would like. Marketers don't have to spend a lot of resources and time sorting this data by themselves; there are platforms and products to help with this task.

Dale Renner is the founder and CEO of one such company, RedPoint Global, and he spoke to CMSWire about this problem and his company’s solution.

Turn Google Analytics into A/B Testing Tool with Content Experiments API

image-googleanalyticscontentexperiments-2013.pngOver the last year, Google has been tracking feedback on its Content Experiments testing tool, and now it's been released as an API so testing website changes can be done without redirects.

KISSMetrics Releases iOS Google Analytics App

KISSMetrics Releases iOS Google Analytics AppAnalytics patterns are always changing, so instead of relying on a daily summary report that’s only available in a desktop format, marketers need to be able to track this data from anywhere and on any device.

This is where KISSMetrics’s My Analytics could prove useful. Designed to track Google Analytics, the new app is an iOS alternative to Google’s own mobile analytics app for Android.

Wrap Up of Google Analytics Updates: Mobile App Tag Management, Setting Goals

Many aspects of digital marketing concentrate on the customer, but in order for companies to create a good customer experience they need to have access to the most up-to-date data. Recent Google Analytics updates focus on Goals and the division's mobile capabilities.

Mobile Analytics: Analytics3D for iOS, Modern Web Analytics for Windows 8

Mobile Analytics: Analytics3D for iOS, Modern Web Analytics for Windows 8

For the on-the-go employee, analytics is becoming a popular app to have on their mobile device. This week we see two new Google analytics focused mobile apps from Analytics3D and Metia.

Google Analytics Debuts Real Time Widgets, Customer Journey Tool

screenshot-googlecustomerjourney-2013.png Web stat geeks will be stoked about Google Analytics updates that include real time widgets and interactive insights that help define how customers really decide to finally make a purchase.

Google Analytics Improves Social Business by Offering Easy Tracking of Links, Statistics

Google has announced another small step forward with Google Analytics, this time with the redesign of its Social Reports that enables users to track conversations and activity that is developing around content on Google’s Social Data Hub Partners.

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