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Google Hangouts News & Analysis

News Bites: Picturepark's 6-Month Trial, Nuxeo Offers and More


Summertime, and the news is flowing. This week: ImpressPages CMS updates, Kalamuna releases Kalabox, Google Hangouts offers a start button and 3CLogic goes 720 degrees with Zendesk.

Plus: Extole rebuilds its referral platform, Picturepark provides six-month full trials, Nuxeo gives birth to, Shopzilla combines units into Connexity, and Voxbone releases WebRTC.

Need Help? Google Offers New Video Chat Option

image-googlehelpoutsreview-2013.pngGoogle has brought the concept of advice videos to its Hangouts service with a new service called, appropriately called Helpouts. Users can access free and paid advice through live video chat sessions, which can be recorded, scheduled and, of course, shared on Google+.

It's a new way of responding to that often heard response to difficult questions — Google It!

Google Hangout Wrap Up: The Changing Face of SharePoint in the Enterprise

SharePoint is more popular than ever, and the 2013 version is getting more and more attention as we discover exactly what Microsoft has envisioned for the Swiss army knife like content management tool.

Social Media Briefs: Twitter Conversations, Facebook Albums, Google Hangouts in HD

Social Media Briefs: Twitter Conversations, Facebook Albums, Google Hangouts in HD

It seems like there was a little bit of everything for all the social networks. Let's take a look at what made headlines. 

Google Hangout Reminder: The Changing Face of SharePoint in the Enterprise #SocBizHangout

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for cmswire_hangouts_logo_200x200.gif

Love all things SharePoint? Well then be sure to tune in to our Google Hangout taking place in just under an hour! We've formed a panel of experts who will take on the changing face of SharePoint -- where it began, how far it's come and where it's going in the future. 

CMSWire's Google Hangout: The Changing Face of SharePoint in the Enterprise #SocBizHangout


SharePoint may have started as a document focused collaboration tool but it's certainly come a long way from its humble beginnings. So where does SharePoint go from here? Be sure to join us Wednesday, August 28th as we host a great panel in a Google Hangout to discuss the changing face of SharePoint in the enterprise.

Wrap Up: The Customer-Centric Approach to Customer Journey Mapping #CXMHangout

Customer Journey Mapping Google HangoutIt's a funny thing about people: they rarely do what you predict or what you want them to do. If you remember that customers are people then you've got a good starting point for customer journey mapping.

Google Hangout Reminder: Understanding the Customer Journey #CXMHangout

cmswire_hangouts_logo_200x200.gifThe time is upon us! In just under an hour we will be gathering for CMSWire's Understanding the Customer Journey Hangout. We have a great group of panelists who will be discussing the ins and outs of customer journey mapping, how it differs for B2B and B2C, and how customer journey mapping might change in the future.

CMSWire's Google Hangout: Understanding the Customer Journey #CXMHangout

CMSWire's Google Hangout: Understanding the Customer Journey #CXMHangout

Companies all over are jumping on the Customer Journeys strategy in hopes that it will increase customer engagement and provide them with the support they are seeking. So, what is customer journey mapping? How do we explain it and how do they differ between organizations? Find out at this month's Google Hangout!

tibbr Meetings Debuts: Choose from Skype, WebEx or Google Hangouts

tibbr Meetings Debuts: Choose from Skype, WebEx or Google HangoutsEnterprise collaboration system tibbr has debuted a feature called Meetings, and it allows people to launch a videoconference using Skype, WebEx or Google Hangouts right from within an activity stream.

CMSWire's Google Hangout Reminder: Customer Communities #CXMHangout

The hour is almost upon us for our Google Hangout. Join us at 12 noon EDT for an in depth look at customer communities: where they fit in customer experience strategy, their influence on business decisions, and how social media is affecting them.

CMSWire's Google Hangout: Customer Communities & Customer Experience Strategy #CXMHangout

Be they grassroots or company owned, customer communities play an important role in customer experience strategy. Listen in this Thursday, April 11, as we host a Google Hangout to discuss these important customer connections.

Google Hangout Reminder: Universal Social Engagement Standards #cxmhangout

The time is upon us! We're just a little under an hour away from this month's Google Hangout. We'll be talking about Social Engagement Standards -- how can businesses establish the value of social engagement? Is it even possible?

Google Hangout: Universal Social Engagement Standards #cxmhangout

A "like" is to "Tweet" as a comment is to... With new platforms to support social business emerging every year, the need for a standard method of engagement measurement grows stronger. How can businesses establish the value of this social engagement? Is it even possible?

How to Join CMSWire Google Hangouts

Confused how to join in on CMSWire's Google Hangout fun? So were we. But it’s easy to do and you have options for how to join.

First things first: We do "On Air" events -- these are recorded Google Hangouts that once completed are available in Google+ and on our YouTube Channel.

But just to be clear, you will not be in the video unless you are an invited panelist (so no need to take a shower), you will just be watching the discussion. If you’d like to ask a question, use the hashtag associated with the Hangout and post your question in the comments section of the event, on Twitter, CMSWire’s Google+ page or on CMSWire’s YouTube page -- we’ll be watching and we will show your question to the panelists.

Door Number One: CMSWire’s Google Plus Home Page

Beginning at least 5-10 minutes before the event is scheduled to start, you will see a placeholder for the Hangout on CMSWire’s Google Plus page in the Activity stream. It will go live when the event goes live. In the meantime, it will look a bit like this:


Door Number Two: The Google Plus Event Page for the Hangout

Each Hangout is listed on CMSWire’s Google Plus Events page, listing the event topic, date and time. Our events are open to viewing by the public, so you can use this page to rsvp to let us know you’ll be watching.

It will look a little like this:

events page1.jpg

When you click on the Google Hangout you are interested in, you will be brought to the detailed Event page for that Event. This is the place to be to get updated information on the event, see who's attending and ask any questions before or during the event.

Please note that thanks to Google, the Event invitation is not directly connected to the Google Hangout for On Air events. So you won't see a placeholder for the event like you do above in Door Number One.

When the Hangout is ready to start, we'll provide links to our YouTube stream of the hangout, a location on where you can watch the hangout, or be pointed to the Google+ Activity Stream.

Here is what an Event Page for a Hangout looks like:


Door Number Three: CMSWire’s YouTube Page

The event will broadcast live on CMSWire’s YouTube Page. You will see the placeholder for the Hangout starting a few minutes before the scheduled time; the event will go live when the moderator starts to broadcast the Hangout.

Use the comments section to ask any questions you may have for the panelists. The Hangout will be posted permanently on the page for future viewing shortly after the Hangout concludes.

Door Number Four: CMSWire’s Home Page

There will be a reminder article related to the Hangout posted on CMSWire’s Home Page the day of the Hangout. The video will be embedded in this article just before the event begins for your viewing pleasure.

Door Number Five: CMSWire’s Twitter Feed

Want to follow the conversation as it happens, but can’t watch the whole video? Follow CMSWire’s Twitter feed, where we will be live Tweeting the event. Use the Hangout’s hashtag to post any questions you may have for panelists on Twitter.

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