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CrownPeak Integrates SaaS Content Management and Google Optimizer


CrownPeak (news, site) announced its integration with the [updated] new Website Optimizer Experiment Management API (based on Google Website Optimizer) [/updated], claiming to be the first content management vendor to do so as one of three “inaugural partners.” This integration is "a new API program that will provide users with an integrated solution for Web content management." Sounds a tad confusing, doesn't it?

Truth be told, quite a few other CMS providers -- including the direct SaaS competitors like Clickability, Ingeniux, Marqui and others -- have already dabbled with Google Optimizer integration. But let’s take a look at what CrownPeak had done and how it might be different from the others.

Editor's Note: Leave it to Google to provide some clarity ;) According to the big G, this is a "new Website Optimizer Experiment Management API...  [that] allows for the creation and management of experiments outside of the Website Optimizer interface." So, pretty much everything we talk about below in regards to tapping into the existing API, less coding steps and a more native within the CMS integration still seems to be valid.

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