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Google Search Appliance News & Analysis

Google Upgrades Enterprise Search Appliance, Adds SharePoint Integration

The Google Search Appliance (GSA), first introduced ten years ago, is getting upgraded. Version 7.0 from the search giant provides new capabilities for employees to find what they need inside an enterprise.

Document Mgt Roll-up: Office 365 Public Beta Unveiled, Nuxeo Adds Google Search Appliance

This week, Microsoft finally gave the world a look at Office 365 in beta, Oracle pulls the plug on commercial ambitions for OpenOffice, Nuxeo adds a Google Search Appliance connector, Autonomy extends its reach in the health sector and there are two releases from AuraPortal and Visioneer.

New Relic Offers Lucene and Solr Performance Monitoring

NewRelicLeader.jpgTwo technologies that many sites and services rely on these days are web applications and search. Those relying heavily on web apps plus Apache Lucene (news, site) and Apache Solr (news, site) now have a new tool available to help them track down and identify performance problems within their sites, thanks to a company called New Relic.

Google Search Appliance 6.0 Offers New Scalable Architecture

Google (news, site) released Google Search Appliance 6.0, offering brand new architecture that promises improved scalability, customization and search results quality.

Jadu Updates Web CMS with Social Computing

Jadu Updates Web CMS with Social Computing

Jadu, a UK-based web content management company, has released an updated version of its namesake product, Jadu CMS. With version 1.8 Jadu focuses on delivering and managing content combined with social computing capabilities.

There is a slew of new features and capabilities to highlight.  For starters, Jadu 1.8 (codenamed Clearwater) introduces the idea of Jadu Directories -- key component of the new CMS platform. Looking to allow advanced functionality use by non-technical users, the Web CMS offers the use of directories to deliver database and directory information. Directories can be configured to pull data from outside data sources, including spreadsheets or other databases.

Google Personalizes the GSA Experience

When David Girouard, vice president and General Manager of Google enterprise, said the Google Search Appliance has “had a vision to make search inside of business as simple and effective as searching on” he wasn’t lying.

And with the recent slew of upgrades to GSA, we think it’s safe to say the line between that vision and reality has blurred considerably.

Google Goes Virtual with Search Appliance

There are a number of organizations today that use the Google Search Appliance. And why not, it’s a solution in a box that is relatively easy to use. You buy a machine, plug it in and then configure your setting appropriately. Very nice.

But what if you aren’t sure the Google Appliance is the right solution for you? How do you test before you buy? Google now offers you the ability to do just that with a virtual edition of the Google Search appliance.

Google Uses Connections to Enable ECM Search

All content management system vendors, big or small, are known for maximizing the ability for end users to get content into their CMS of choice. Unfortunately, few of these vendors provide a way for users to locate managed content quickly and easily.

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