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GRC Roll-up: SAP Offers Mobile GRC, Jive Offers Social Media Compliance

As in previous years, this week's SAP Sapphire conference has generated a number of interesting releases this week in the GRC space. Jive offered enterprises a way of keeping their social media compliant, while Krolls provided them the tools to DIY e-Discovery and C2C has simplified email archiving.

Together, Jive & Actiance Keep Social Business Compliant

Together, Jive & Actiance Keep Social Business Compliant Adhering to electronic communications laws in the realm of social business can be tricky. Hoping to ease the process, Jive has partnered with Actiance, a company bent on improving the security, management and compliance of unified communications. 

GRC Roll-up: EMC Upgrades SourceOne, SharePoint Governance, Compliance

There’s quite a lot of interest in SharePoint this week with SharePoint-based compliance from NextDocs, compliance for those who are using SharePoint as an enterprise CMS from HiSoftware and a discussion on SharePoint governance from Symon Garfield. EMC has also upgraded SourceOne e-Discovery Kazeon to v4.6, while Check Point has bought Dynasec.

Information Security Study Shows Increased Risk, Insufficient Spending

The latest report from PwC, conducted with CIO and CSO Magazines, points to some interesting trends in international information security. The global study drew its respondents from 138 countries, indicating the common threats, improvements and concerns facing industries worldwide.

GRC Roll-up: IBM's Governance with Algorithmics, OpenText Upgrades

This week IBM announced that it has finally closed the Algorithmics deal that,  among other things, gives it financial governance software, OpenText upgrades its records management for email, StoredIQ adds a records management module, and Mitratech looks at legal IT spending.

GRC Roll-up: Laserfiche, DocFinity Release Records Management Products

In the GRC space this week, there’s a lot of records management updates. Laserfiche has been showing off its iPhone records management app at ARMA, DocFinity has released a records management module, StoredIQ has also been working in records management, RSA and McAfee have formed a new partnership and Autonomy has released new policy management software.

Autonomy Adds Context, Meaning to Data Governance, Policy Management

Autonomy Adds Context, Meaning to Data Governance, Policy Management With Autonomy now officially owned by HP, it is worth keeping an eye on to see where it goes and what it’s doing. While it’s too early to make anything of any changes, the release this week of Policy Authority would suggest that, at least for Autonomy, it's business as usual.

10 Planning and Governance Keys to SharePoint Success #spc11

In his keynote address at the SharePoint Conference in Anaheim, CA earlier this month, Microsoft CVP Jeff Teper, who many in the community refer to as the "Godfather of SharePoint," stated that governance "is not an issue in SharePoint 2010." That claim caused a bit of a stir from the audience, and Twitter was suddenly jammed with feedback and speculation.

Social Business: Compliant Communities as a Strategic Differentiator

I recently attended JiveWorld11, where a key theme in many of the presentations, as well as most of my conversations, was compliant communities. I’ll admit to being a little bit surprised, because to date, Enterprise 2.0 and social media practitioners seem to be, if not completely unconcerned with compliance, at least less concerned than they should be.

GRC Roll-up: Symantec's War Chest for Buys, Microsoft Plays Down Zero-Day Attacks

This week it’s all about security. Symantec has come back from its Vision annual conference where it announced that it intends to spend US$ 1.25 billion on acquisitions and gives the world a chance to see its O3 cloud security offering. Android gets more security, while MS says zero-day attacks are relatively rare. WebLayers beefs up its governance.

The Art of SharePoint Success: Governance - What It is & What It Isn't #spc11

This month I am writing from the Microsoft SharePoint Conference in Anaheim where governance is a recurring theme. I’ve only been to a few sessions so far (I am writing on day 1 of the conference), but governance has been mentioned in every session I’ve been to so far. In the keynote, Jeff Teper claimed, “Governance is not an issue… we have lots of customers doing it on a large scale.” Good, so that’s all sorted then!

This is the third in a series of articles discussing my Art of SharePoint Success framework which consists of four key elements: Governance, Strategy, Architecture and Transition. The first article gave a quick start guide to the framework, quickly covering all four elements, and last month we took a look at the reasons why some SharePoint projects fail. Over the next two months we are going to take a look at the most overused (yet still misunderstood) topic in SharePoint: Governance. We are going to start with the basics -- what it is and what it isn’t.

GRC Roll-up: IBM Builds Security Division, SharePoint Conference GRC Releases #spc11

GRC releases this week are dominated by the SharePoint conference, but there have been a couple of interesting acquisitions too with IBM announcing that it is buying Q1 Labs for enhanced security and what looks like the start of a serious move to develop its security division, while McAfee, recently acquired by Intel, has announced it is buying Nitro.

Shining the Spotlight on Mobile Risks and Opportunities

Today, I want to share a treasure trove of information and perspectives on mobile security from SC Magazine.

GRC Roll-up: Autonomy Announces Products, Spats With Oracle, Plus Surveys, Reports

This week, Autonomy -- under the spectre of what might happen to its planned acquisition by HP -- announces several new products, and spats about whether Oracle was really its first choice for a partner, plus we have surveys and reports. Boy, do we have surveys and reports.

GRC Roll-up: HP Expands Cloud Security Offering, SOA Offers .NET Governance

This week in the GRC space, HP continues its cloud charge, SOA offers governance for .NET web services, Perimeter offers email compliance across Office 365, Norman Marks from SAP talked to us about GRC for life and Avior upgrades its GRC suite.

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