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GRC Roll-up: Gets Social GRC, Why SharePoint is Barely Legal

There are a couple of major events this week so GRC has been busy. now offers ClearGRC for social governance, OpenText has released content management for the legal vertical, we looked at why SharePoint is barely legal and Clearwater has upgraded its HIPAA auditing tool. Symantec, meanwhile, offers new backup possibilities.

Gmail Gets Records Management with RecMan

CMSWire recently looked at why Google Docs is not Enterprise CMS. We did note at the time, that the on-going development of both native and 3rd party functionality was shifting its shape. The most recent of these additions brings certified records management functionality to Gmail and Google Docs.

HP, Autonomy: Information Management, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Money

There has been speculation over the past five days as to the significance of HP’s announcement that it intends to buy UK-based Autonomy for US$ 10.7 billion. Questions over the wisdom of the deal are rife, but ultimately, the answer to the general question as to what it is all about was provided by HP CEO Léo Apotheker in the initial announcement.

GRC Roll-up: CrownPeak Gets Governance; Records Management for SharePoint

This week in GRC, CrownPeak and Magus team up for SaaS Web Content Management system governance, Socialware picks up US$ 7 million in Series C funding, DocuWare v5.1 gets FDA certification renewed and McAfee goes mobile with Sony. Also this week, we took a look at records management for SharePoint again.

Why Enterprise Content Management and Google Docs Are Not the Same

Recently, Alan Weintraub of Forrester Research published a paper in which he posed an interesting question: Can Google solve your ECM needs? Let's have a look.

Why You Need a Records Management Foundation for SharePoint

When it comes to enterprise compliance and records management (GRC), collaboration isn’t usually the first word that comes to mind. In fact, "collaborative records management" sounds like a compliance nightmare. This is precisely why you need a good records management foundation, before moving into social business.

GRC Roll-up: SAP's BusinessObjects GRC Available, Google Gets Security Certified

This week, after announcing its release in March, SAP has put BusinessObjects 10 GRC on general release, Google gets some more security certification, BMC offers cloud Lifecycle Management to mitigate the risks associated with cloud computing outages, and Hostway offers email encryption.

SharePoint, eContent and the GRC Challenge

Every time an employee innocently sends a forgotten password to a co-worker over the system, every time an HR staffer forwards a resume to a hiring manager, every time a website content writer posts a new blog entry with an old brand mark -- there’s a question of violation of GRC rules.

GRC Roll-up: GRC Magic Quadrant Revisited, Symantec Finally Delivers Enterprise Vault

GRC just keeps ticking away. By far the biggest thing this week was the release of this year’s Gartner’s GRC Magic Quadrant, while Symantec finally kept good on its earlier promise and released Enterprise Vault 10. Android security was also under the microscope by Lockout, while Lockpath and Network Frontiers released a badly needed dictionary of compliance. We also looked at process and policy in e-Discovery.

Accenture 2011 Global Risk Management Study: Important, Startling, but Deceiving Results

Despite the apparent sampling bias in this Accenture study, the study’s shocking results -- some of which I highlight in this article -- still reveal interesting and important insights into how risk management philosophy and practices may have shifted and progressed since Accenture’s last study in 2009.

E-Discovery Process, Policy More Important Than Tools

With the maturing of the e-Discovery marketplace, it can be easy -- too easy -- to think that it's all just a matter of using the right tool. But as with most business processes, and particularly with e-Discovery, it's a matter of policy and process as well.

GRC Roll-up: Symantec Identifies Social Media Risks, Are Your Mac OS Passwords Safe?

Quiet week in the GRC space this week, but there’s still a few nuggets worth noting. Social media and the risks it poses were identified by Symantec, Passware shows that its new product finds your OS passwords, SDL’s translation software gets further security certification and Nextware legal services offers iPad support.

IBM, Oracle, SAP Make Gartner GRC Magic Quadrant Leaders, But Small Vendors Hold Their Own

It’s taken a couple of weeks to get it, but Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for the GRC space is finally out. Leaving aside the list of vendors that made it into the "'Leaders' quadrant," Gartner says that over the course of this year, the market shifted from a tactical focus on regulatory compliance to a wider focus on enterprise risk management.

GRC Roll-up: AvePoint, KnowledgeLake Partner on SharePoint 201, Symantec Closes Clearwell Deal

It’s July and bound to be quiet. Even so, in the GRC space, AvePoint and KnowledgeLake have paired up for SharePoint 2010 content governance, Symantec has finally closed the deal with Clearwell, Aveska’s enterprise governance solution is in big demand, while Vista SP1 support has stopped so no more security upgrades there.

GRC Roll-up: Email Security for Office 365, Search Engines Becoming Major Web Security Threat

With Office 365 now on general release, Proofpoint offers security for its email services, LexisNexis upgrades its Concordance e-Discovery software, Blue Coat identifies search engines as one of the web’s biggest security threats, and DocuLex PDF functionality.

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