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GRC Roll-up: Oracle Database 11g Secured by Agiliance, Google Tracks Hacked Websites

It’s the last GRC Roll-up of the year and it's full of news. Agiliance has just announced the interoperability between its GRC platform and Oracle’s Database 11g, Google tracks websites that have been hacked, we look at e-Discovery predictions for 2011 and a release from BWise. Finally, Intel and McAfee get thumbs up from the US but there could be problems with the EU.

More e-Discovery Trends for 2011

Since we published our e-Discovery predictions for 2011, one more industry vendor has added their predictions to the mix. With only a few days left until 2011, there isn’t much longer until the future is now. Yet, from early case assessment to GRC, it’s apparent that the future of e-Discovery holds many opportunities.

Experts Dish on 2010 Trends, Predict the Path for 2011

Our contributing experts continued to hammer our their predictions for 2011 this week, covering our most favorite acronyms -- ECM and WCM -- as well as intranet trends and our future ability to predict the future (spoiler: outlook not good). 

GRC Roll-up: Clearwell’s e-Discovery in BPOS, How Safe Are Your Smartphones?

This week in the GRC space, we look at e-Discovery in BPOS (and Office365), LiveOffice archives Salesforce Chatter, OpenLogic offers open source governance for agile developers and new research reveals how safe our smartphones really are. 

Experts Dish on 2010 Trends, Predict the Path for 2011

Well kids, another year is almost behind us. To celebrate, our gracious contributing experts have been focusing on the highlights of 2010, as well as what they predict awaits in 2011. Read on if you're feeling sentimental and/or ready to start preparing your business for the future.

GRC Roll-up: IBM Secures Applications, Google Adds New Security to Chrome 8

In the GRC space this week, IBM secures development of applications in the enterprise from the start of the build process, Google adds a number of security patches and PDF viewer to Chrome 8, Forrester predicts growth in the GRC market over the coming 12 months and Kalido and SutiSoft both announce new releases.

Norman Marks: Reflections on GRC in 2010

This year has been one of both progress and frustration when it comes to GRC. While there is a lot to cheer about, and hope for 2011, irritants and obstacles continue.

Regulations & Legal Framework Challenge Asia Pacific Cloud Computing Initiatives

The Asia Pacific region is keen on cloud computing, as we earlier reported. This is one of the premises by which the Asia Cloud Computing Association (news, site) was built on. The consortium stands to face difficulties in certain markets, though, and will need to muscle up in order to attain its goal of promoting the adoption of cloud computing initiatives in the region.

GRC Roll-up: Linux Box Releases Free Email CE, Problems with Adobe Reader X?

It has been an interesting week in GRC. The Linux Box as released the community edition of its email archiving as a prequel to the enterprise edition release early next year, Invincea says there may be problems with the new Adobe Reader X , while data back-up is creating cloud migration issues.

GRC Roll-up: Governance Policies in Cloud Migrations Lacking, Is Your Facebook Page Safe?

Data security is high on the list of GRC priorities this week. An app launched in October shows that up to 20% of info on Facebook news feeds is malicious while EMC-backed research shows information governance policies in cloud migrations are lacking. In other news, new releases from CipherPoint secure SharePoint content.

GRC Roll-up: SharePoint 2010 Gets Physical RM, SOA Offers IBM WebSphere Governance

There have been a number of interesting announcements in the GRC space this week. First, we had the release of a new governance product from SOA to manage IBM’s WebSphere, followed by a physical records management release for SharePoint 2010 and Mimecast support for BPOS. In the meantime, Autonomy was making its move into the healthcare market.

Autonomy Offers Information Governance to Healthcare

autonomy_logo_2009.jpgThere is growing product-based evidence that vendors are either designing or adapting software for specific tasks and verticals. Today’s release of Auminence by Autonomy (newssite) and the application of IDOL to the healthcare vertical is a case in point.

Archiving Everything is Not Information Governance Sanity


The amount of information building in organizations today forces us to put in place smart information governance policies. Simply archiving everything is not a feasible or an intelligent plan.

One of the biggest information governance drivers today is eDiscovery. With eDiscovery pressures management now has the ability to create a solid business case for refining information governance practices: reducing the volume of records flowing into eDiscovery systems translates into real cost savings.

But creating an information governance plan is no easy task. Consider for starters that most of the involved groups don't typically talk to one another.

Enterprise CMS and Information Management firm Open Text, along with Forrester Research Senior Analyst Brian Hill, is holding a mock eDiscovery meeting on November 16th at 2pm Eastern time. The event will bring together key players from IT, legal, Records & Information Management and the executive team to hash through strategies for meeting requirements while reducing current pains.

Along with a discussion about the current state of information management, this light-hearted session will examine many of the serious issues organizations face when trying to manage the mounds of information they're responsible for. 

This event is designed to help you understand the concerns of different groups and provide solid guidance for creating an information governance strategy that works for your organization.

The bottom line message is that it's time to get smarter -- stop archiving everything and utilize the proven business case to support a more discerning governance strategy. Reserve your seat for this session and learn how to take the next steps towards governance sanity.

GRC Roll-up: Oracle Upgrades GRC Software, Is Your Android Safe?

Security is an issue again this week with the publication of Coverity’s Scan 2010 Open Source Integrity Report which asks whether your Android is safe or not. Oracle upgrades its GRC offerings and we take a look at risk management in the enterprise.

The Intersection of Content Management and Social Business #Alfresco DevCon

alfresco-devcon-header.pngHow do you relate to a packed room of developers? Talk about Monty Python and the Holy Grail, of course. And that’s exactly what John Powel, CEO of Alfresco did. By comparing the Brave Knights to content application developers, he articulated companies’ ongoing need to penetrate impenetrable fortresses.

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