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GRC Roll-up: Open Text Offers SharePoint 2010 Governance, EMC Offers Cloud Security

Since the ILTA conference in Las Vegas there have been a number of developments in GRC. Open Text for one has introduced new services and software to ensure SharePoint 2010 sites conform to corporate governance guidelines, while Guidance offers to bring e-Discovery in-house.

Efficient Processes for GRC Are Agile

The best way to describe how GRC can be agile, is to have a look at these three men who walk the GRC line.

Smarsh Partners with LIMRA to Provide Social Media Compliance

Thumbnail image for smarsh logo.pngWe recently introduced you to Smarsh, an organization that provides hosted solutions for archiving electronic communications, including various social media platforms. This week Smarsh and LIMRA formed a strategic partnership designed to help its members meet a variety of needs associated with electronic message archiving and compliance.

GRC Roll-up: EMC to Offer VM Compliance, Guidance Brings e-Discovery in-House

After all the hoopla around the ILTA conference in Las Vegas last week seems things have quieted down a bit GRC-wise. Even still EMC is looking to guarantee the safety of data located in cloud services, CA is trying to set itself up as the cloud security provider and Guidance Software has just released a complete e-Discovery platform.

A Look at Automated Content Migration: Part 3 - Proventeq

proventeq_logo_2010.jpgIt's been awhile since we talked content migration, so we thought we would take a look at a couple of other solutions on the market. Proventeq has been in the content migration market since 2007, with a special focus on Oracle and SharePoint. Let's have a look.  

GRC Roll-up: Autonomy Unveils Risk Management Platform, Open Text Adds Legal Social Media

This week from a GRC perspective was always going to be about announcements from the International Legal Technology Association’s (ILTA) conference in Las Vegas that runs until tomorrow. Nearly everyone is there including Autonomy, Open Text, IBM and Recommind. But there are others too and we’ll catch up with them next week.

Socialite: SaaS Tool for Social Media Compliance


Sometimes combining social media and the enterprise mixes as well as oil and water. FaceTime's new product Socialite aims to offer guidelines, security controls and compliance to regulatory standards.

GRC Roll-up: FaceTime Secures Social Networks, HP Buys Security Vendor Fortify

Seems security has been high on everyone’s list of priorities this week with FaceTime releasing its Socialite software to secure social networks, and HP buying Fortify to add application security at the blueprint stage. Not surprising though, after recent research from Gartner showing security software is a priority for enterprises.

GRC Roll-up: Linux Foundation Assesses Open Source Compliance, MetaVisís SharePoint Governance

With the growing use of open source code across corporations, there is considerable unease about use of the code and compliance. The Linux Foundation has decided to tackle this and is offering free tools to trace your sources. Meanwhile, new research from Symantec shows information retention is still a problem.

GRC Roll-up: Web 2.0 Apps Threaten Systems, SharePoint Gets New GRC Offerings

This week new research from Check Point, carried out by the Ponemon Institute shows that many systems administrators get very jumpy when enterprise users try to deploy Web 2.0 apps, believing that the apps will expose systems to outside interference. Some GRC attention with a new partnership.

The Value of Social Media for GRC Professionals

If you think a GRC professional can't benefit from social media, think again. 

GRC Roll-up: Google v Microsoft Enters Public Sector, Cyber Attacks Cost US$ 3.8m Each

Google and Microsoft continue to chase each other’s tails. Public sector email was in focus yesterday, today its Google Apps which has just received a government security certification. Meanwhile IGC has joined the XML project for Electronic Discovery.

GRC Roll-up: Adobe Tightens Readerís Security, CA and SAP Offer GRC Solution

Security is the big concern this week on the GRC front with Big Blue closing the BigFix deal that offers them better enterprise and database security, while Adobe also looks to the security of Adobe Reader with a new sandbox solution. Meanwhile, SAP and CA also get together this week for a combined GRC solution.

GRC Roll-up: Autonomy Speeds e-Discovery, Compliant Social Media from LiveOffice

This week is dominated by e-Discovery with the release of new software from Autonomy that the company says will dramatically cut times and costs in legal review, while IBM and PSS Systems integrate for better legal hold. Social media and compliance is also the target of a new release from LiveOffice.

GRC Roll-up: SharePoint May Create Compliance Issues, IBM Adds Compliance with BixFix

With all the raz-ma-taz around the release of SharePoint in May, and the rush to SharePoint deployments, many enterprises forgot to ask themselves whether they should deploy it. There are also possible GRC issues for open source GPL licenses, new research shows.

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