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The Intersection of Content Management and Social Business #Alfresco DevCon

alfresco-devcon-header.pngHow do you relate to a packed room of developers? Talk about Monty Python and the Holy Grail, of course. And that’s exactly what John Powel, CEO of Alfresco did. By comparing the Brave Knights to content application developers, he articulated companies’ ongoing need to penetrate impenetrable fortresses.

Enterprise Risk Management: Building the Business Case

Managing enterprise risk management (ERM) is something every organization should want to do, not just have to do. Here are some tips on how to build the business case and get management actively on board.

GRC Roll-up: Solving the Challenges of SharePoint Recovery, Betting on GRC Pays Off

One of the challenges with SharePoint is tooling for both farm recovery and granular recovery, and one company is aiming to solve the problem.

Autonomy, in the meantime, publishes strong Q3 results with GRC at their center.

Autonomy Bounces Back, US Acquisition Still in the Works

autonomy_logo_2009.jpg Following the market trading of October 6th, there has been some concern about the fate of Autonomy (news, site) when its shares plummeted by 16%, raising speculation that it would fall prey to one of the many predators out on the market at this time.

However, with the release of its Q3 figures, which show a rise of 10% in revenues, compared to the same quarter last year, to US$ 211 million and confirmation that a major acquisition will be announced this fall, the future looks brighter than some analysts were predicting earlier this month.

IBM Buys Clarity, Adds Financial Governance to Business Analytics

IBM_logo_2009.jpg Big Blue continues its run at the GRC market. This time with the acquisition of Toronto- based Clarity Systems for an undisclosed sum, while at the same time announcing that the deal it made to buy OpenPages last month is now officially closed, leaving IBM (news, site) clear to integrate it into its business analytics division.

Gartner Magic Quadrant Identifies Convergence in GRC, Lists Leaders

Anecdotal evidence suggests that the GRC space has been undergoing some change over the past year. With the publication of Gartner’s GRC Magic Quadrant report this week that evidence has been confirmed - GRC technologies are converging.

GRC Roll-Up: IBM Buys E-Discovery Vendor PSS, Oracle Looks at Data Mgt and Risk

GRC this week is dominated by compliance and risk and moves in the compliance market, including the acquisition of e-Discovery vendor PSS by IBM. Oracle has also been busy looking at risk and data management, while Varonis offers Exchange audit and monitoring.

Afflicted Governance Vendor Vamosa Finds a Buyer


As you may have heard, governance and content migration vendor Vamosa (news, site) fell into administration, despite the recent investment of £1 million through Glasgow-based Maven Capital Partners. According to our sources in the U.S., Vamosa has been sold.

IBM Extends Information Management Portfolio With PSS Acquisition

IBM_logo_2009.jpg IBM (news, site) has just announced further expansion of its information management portfolio, this time in the compliance and legal hold space with the acquisition of PSS Atlas, an e-Discovery vendor that provides software for document analysis, management and disposal.

GRC Roll-up: RSA Sees GRC Moving to Cloud, AIIM Outlines Records Management Concerns

This week RSA identifies a number of new trends that will increase the pressure on companies to look to the cloud for new GRC solutions. While security concerns have always been a concern in cloud deployments, there is no shortage of companies like Agiliance to offer solutions for this, while Applied Discovery has added document review to its hosted services.

GRC Roll-Up: StoredIQ Upgrades SharePoint e-Discovery, Oracle Buys Passlogix SSO

In a busy week for GRC there have been a few notable releases that are worth looking at. The first is from StoredIQ , which has upgraded its e-Discovery support for SharePoint, while Digital Reef has made its e-Discovery a lot more mobile. In other news, Archive Systems has upgraded its records management platform.

My GRC Journey: From Hype to Insight to Hype

In 2008, SAP acquired Business Objects, where I was the VP of Internal Audit and also ran the risk management, SOX program, and license compliance. After working on the integration of the new BusinessObjects division into SAP for most of the year, I moved to a new role as an “evangelist” for GRC.

I had never heard of GRC and naturally wanted to understand what it was all about. After all, how can I be an evangelist for something I don’t understand!

Is GRC just a term for a collection of related software products (audit management, policy management, risk management, and compliance management)? Or is it a term used to describe how to run the business better?

GRC Roll-up: The National Archives Determines the Value of Social Media

This week we examine two conceptual issues:†the inherent value of social media in records management and the components of corporate social responsibility.

GRC Roll-up: Oracle Upgrades GRC Offering for Health, ArcSight Upgrades After HP Acquisition

While it normally takes companies a considerable amount of time to close acquisition deals, HP has closed the Fortify deal in almost record time and is already looking at how to integrate security analytics products. IBM has also been buying security for business analytics and if you thought Agility and GRC are like chalk and cheese, think again!

Content Management Agility for Organizational Sustainability thru GRC

Have you ever asked yourself how information stewardship plays into the aspirations of your organization? How will it keep your organization viable?†Economists have indicated that the economic recovery could take 5 to 6 years. If this is true, it is crucial that companies enact measures to manage change, govern information and ensure sustainability.

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