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Lessons in Corporate Agility: A Records and Information Manager's Quiet Leadership

Personnel may change; business processes may change; retention periods do not. Every records culture is different. The Records and Information Manager requires the skills of an astute surveyor.

Oracle Enhances its ECM with Imaging and Process Management

Oracle_logo_2010.jpg Oracle (news, site) has announced two major additions to the document management module of its Universal Content Management (UCM) Enterprise CMS today: Forms Recognition software and Imaging and Process Management 11g.

GRC Roll-up: The Impact of Social Media and Governance

Companies have been contemplating compliance and governance issues for decades. But it’s only recently that they’ve been tackling the challenge that social media brings to corporate governance, risk and compliance. This week we examine a few of the elements impacting the industry.

10 Important Issues for Risk and Compliance Managers (Part 2)

Last week we talked about 5 of 10 important issues facing risk and compliance managers in 2010. You can read part one here. This week we continue that discussion with the final 5 issues focusing on risk management investment, integration, reporting and more.

EMC SourceOne Adds Email Supervisor for GRC

GRC is at the forefront of most industries and they all struggle with managing policy-based information so as to meet compliance and mitigate risks. Because email can generate massive amounts of information and is subject to great scrutiny, companies are always eager to implement new tools designed to make the management process easier. Like this new one from EMC (news, site).

10 Important Issues for Risk and Compliance Managers (Part 1)

As risk and compliance managers look toward the new decade, they are hoping for several changes in the GRC landscape. Based on conversations with industry experts and customers, we've compiled 10 of the most important issues for compliance professionals. Here we give you a look at the first 5, with the second five in part two.

GRC Roll-up: Protecting Personal Info, Studying Risk Behaviors

This week in GRC we examine data-centric security, new consumer protection laws in Massachusetts and Pension Risk Behavior Index.

IBM's Chief Privacy Officer: Consultants Should Integrate Compliance and Process Expertise

IBM's Vice President, Security Counsel, and Chief Privacy Officer Harriet Pearson told CMSWire during last week’s IBM Pulse 2010 event that compliance consultants really should know how to apply regulations and mandates to working IT processes, such as document and record management. Leaving the interpretation of regulations to the IT department is just begging for disaster.

GRC Roll-up: Data Security Tips, Data Storage NOT in the Cloud?

This week in GRC delivers data security tips, options for storing data off the grid and an executive shift in priorities.

GRC Roll-up: The Mistakes and Rewards of IT Security Compliance

This week the GRC Roll-Up tackles IT security compliance, both the mistakes to avoid and the rewards it can reap. There's also some HIPAA thrown in for good measure.

Embrace the Fundamentals: Destroy Your Records Regularly

Perhaps it’s a cultural decision; perhaps it’s a financial one. Either way, in the world of governance, risk and compliance (GRC), implementing regular business records destruction curtails data explosion.

GRC Roll-up: Companies Driven to Compliance, CIOs Prepare for Risk

This week in GRC focuses on the many challenges 2010 poses for companies, in regards to spending, compliance and risk management.

New eDiscovery Pricing Models Aim to Offer Flexibility

For as many eDiscovery vendors there are, there are as many eDiscovery prices. Two vendors, who have announced the availability of new pricing models, hope to revolutionize the industry.

DigiTech Offers One Touch Solution to Document Management

Single Touch to Scan and Manage Corporate Documents

DigiTech (news, site) and Fujitsu got together to bring, as they say, the simplest possible solution for those small to medium companies trying to wrangle paper documents.

RenewData: No More Manual Processing of eDiscovery Data

RenewData Enters the Race to Relevancy

In a world full of Rolls-Royces and Bentleys, RenewData (news, site) wants to be a Honda. That is, the eDiscovery provider would rather be regarded as automated, reliable and affordable than manual, over-priced and out of reach.

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