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GRC Roll-up: Symantec Offers Mobile Security, Iron Mountain Pushes NearPoint

This week there has been a whole spate of new releases in the world of GRC, most of which -- unsurprisingly -- have been focused on better security. There have also been a couple of acquisitions as well as increasing interest in services and cloud computing.

Autonomy Adds More eDiscovery Capabilities via Governance Acquisition

autonomy_logo_2009.jpg The recent release of annual figures from Autonomy (news, site)  indicated that company was in the market for more acquisitions. No surprise then that it has just announced it is buying CA’s information governance business, including CA Records Manager and CA Message Manager.

GRC Roll-up: IBM Builds Security Into Application Design, Smartphone Users To Get MAD

In a week that has seen a number of new releases on the GRC front, IBM has decided that the best way to deal with security is to build it into applications at the blueprint stage. Social media content is also being vetted for unstructured content that could end you up in e-Discovery hot water.

GRC: Letís Talk About Governance

 Although risk is the often the most discussed element of GRC (Governance, Risk, Compliance), it is important to understand all aspects. Let's start with Governance.

GRC Roll-up: Search Engines Run Foul Of EU, Archiving Social Media Content

There has been a lot of noise in the past week made by the EU who says three major search engines are holding onto search data too long. A new release from ConverterTechnology ensures safe migration to Office 2010.

Monitoring, Analyzing and Governing Social Media in a Compliant Enterprise


With industry talks about social media policies and governance abound, Autonomy (news, site) released a new product called Autonomy Social Media Governance built to monitor and govern enterprise information on social media channels.

GRC Roll-up: Autonomy Assesses Social Media Risk, Symantec Continues Buying Spree

Social media was and will always create compliance headaches unless there is a way of monitoring its use. Autonomy has come up with a solution to do just that, while Laserfiche produces a governance framework for public sector workers.

GRC: An Introduction To Records Management

Recent events -- particularly in the financial services sector -- have increased the pressure on enterprise records management practitioners, as more and more companies face regulatory audits or litigation-related discovery requests. The idea of document management is easy for most people to understand. Records management, on the other hand, presents some conceptual challenges. Here's a primer.

GRC Roll-up: Compliance Looses Out To BPM, Web Browsers Have Fingerprints

There’s always a lot to chew on in the AIIM annual State of the ECM Industry and from a compliance perspective this year is no different. While compliance is losing out to BPM as a adoption driver, we can’t seem to get enough of risk management solutions.

GRC Roll-up: Google Privacy Concerns, Encrypting Federal Data

This week Google addressed the concerns about issues raised by information commissioners in ten different countries over privacy and Buzz, while data protection in federal agencies is also a concern.

GRC Roll-up: Mitigating Risk In Social Networks, A New Privacy Bill in the Works?

The growing use of social networks has received a considerable amount of attention this week from companies looking to mitigate the risk associated with the information that appears in them. There are also further moves in Washington to protect personal information.

What is GRC?

There is a new buzzword in the business world, or rather buzz abbreviation. GRC -- or governance, risk management and compliance -- has invaded the language of consultants (including the major accounting firms), analysts such as Gartner and Forrester Research, and software vendors. Increasingly, it is an abbreviation used in the executive suite and boardroom. Unfortunately, there is no single, commonly accepted definition of GRC.

GRC Roll-up: Social Media Use Monitored, SAP Moves On Insurance Compliance

Who’s not using social media? Probably very few. But while you’re using it, research shows chances are you are being monitored by your employer. Your iPad is also being watched, not by your employer but by hackers trying to get into your PC.

GRC and Social Media: Implementing a Strategy for Success

Governance and social media are at the forefront of most discussions these days. Companies are either actively searching for viable solutions or choosing to ignore social media altogether. Choosing to be proactive about managing and archiving social media communications will help most companies in the long run, just as implementing eDiscovery strategies before regulatory disasters ensue has proven successful.


GRC Roll-up: Autonomy Licences IDOL to IRS, Oracle Upgrades Public Sector Financial Software

Following IBM’s release of new tax compliance software, Autonomy has licensed its IDOL technology to the IRS to keep track of companies’ tax liabilities. While it might be difficult to secure Federal IT contracts now, it could be about to get a lot harder.

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