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How to Maintain a Governance Strategy in the Cloud

A lot of thought goes into the decision to move part or all of a company's resources to the cloud, but one thing often goes ignored: governance.

Why I Worry About Uncertainty First, Then About Risk

Uncertainty is inherent in any plan. But there are actions that can be taken to increase the likelihood of positive outcomes and to reduce risk.

E-Discovery Is Risk Management

e-Discovery is normally thought of as a legal process related to the identification, gathering, analysis and transfer of data (e.g., documents and email) for lawsuits and other legal matters but though that is true, e-Discovery is at its core, a risk management issue.

Got a Case of SIEM? The Only Remedy is More Control

Got a case of the SIEM? Could be if your Security and Information Event Management (SIEM) strategy is taking longer to deploy or you're struggling with managing its complexity. A new report from eIQnetworks, which offers simplified security, risk and compliance solutions, reflects responses from 191 IT decision makers and shows that 44 percent said that it took a few weeks to more than a month to deploy their latest SIEM product.

HiSoftware's Newest Sheriff Expands SharePoint Security to Mobile Devices

There's a new Sheriff in town, and it's ready to protect iPads. The newly released Sheriff Workspace for Mobile and Windows expands HiSoftware’s SharePoint product suite to include secure mobile collaboration. 

HiSoftware Launches Security Sheriff SP 3.0 to Lock Down SharePoint Documents

Whether or not companies plan to upgrade to SharePoint 2013, HiSoftware has launched version 3.0 of its Security Sheriff SP tool for locking down sensitive documents in any SharePoint configuration.

Third-Party Risk Management Means Never Having to Say 'Sorry'

It's your vendor's job to sell to you. When they fail to do so, they are failing at their job. Though you may have an established rapport with your vendor, their job provides for their own basic needs and those of their family. Each of those priorities is of greater importance than you.

E-Discovery Trends for 2013

Like any relatively young industry, the e-Discovery technology market is undergoing a process of maturation. In a relatively short time span, e-Discovery has evolved from a somewhat isolated activity to an expansive, business-critical operation.

Verdasys' Digital Guardian Now Supports Citrix ShareFile

The proliferation of file-sharing resources is great for users, but they can be a major pain for the IT department attempting to secure all communications at enterprise levels. One solution to the problem is being offered this week by Enterprise Information Protection solution provider Verdasys, which has announced it is now supporting Citrix ShareFile.

Managing SharePoint - Know Your Data

The only way you can truly manage your content is to understand it. Depending on who you are, that may sound really simple. The reality? It’s something organizations struggle with every day.

HiSoftware Compliance Sheriff App for Sitecore Monitors Web Security, Accessibility, Policy Issues

Content management company, Sitecore has with HiSoftware released the HiSoftware Compliance Sheriff App for Sitecore’s App Center. This new application is designed to ensure that web content and applications follow privacy guidelines.

A Leap Forward for Risk and Compliance

Recent improvements in in-memory and big data analytics technology spell benefits for those working in risk and compliance

GRC Roll-up: E-Discovery in Office 2013, OpenText Releases InfoFusion

There have been a number of announcements in the GRC space recently, especially in e-Discovery. Among them are the new e-Discovery capabilities in Office 2013 and the release of OpenText’s InfoFusion. Otherwise, Modus releases Early Insights, LockPath upgrades Keylight, while Catalyst and Rimkus partner.

OCEG Study Says Fragmented GRC Causes Problems for Many Organizations

A recent study by the Open Compliance and Ethics Group (OCEG) points to the high cost for the enterprise a fragmented GRC can have and indicates there is much room for improvement.

HiSoftware Parters with NewsGator for Social Communications Compliance #spc12

HiSoftware has announced that their HiSoftware Compliance Sheriff SP2010 Suite will be paired with the NewsGator Connector service. The combination product, the HiSoftware Compliance Sheriff NewsGator Connector, works with NewsGator Social Sites to monitor internal and external communications on social platforms to ensure that only appropriate material is shared.

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