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SharePoint Business Governance Strategy: Managing Governance Documents

Continuing my high level SharePoint business governance strategy series, today we are looking at methods of managing governance documents to ensure that information is easily accessible to all, aiding in communication of and adherence to governance rules.

GRC Roll-up: Google Continues Postini Move To Apps, SharePoint Governance Strategies

Even with the summer lull there are a few notable GRC points. The main one this week is Google's further plans for Postini. This week also saw Clearwater’s new SaaS released, a new series on SharePoint governance and Accenture’s acquisition of Octagon.

SharePoint Business Governance Strategy: An Overview

Many portals, intranets, public websites and other solutions fail to deliver objectives and ROI within 6 months to a year because no one governs the solution. This series will share my high level SharePoint Business Governance strategy to help your company turn those success rates around.

How Secure are Your Mobile Devices?

As more organizations allow the use of personal devices in the workplace, questions of risk and security remain. A recent study looks into the state of mobile security and it looks as if there is more work to be done.

Successful Risk Management Starts Small

Personal, proprietary and payment card data is being routinely compromised to the tune of a Ponemon Institute estimated US$ 194 per lost record and average total breach cost of US$ 5.5 million by loss leading United States-based organizations. Yet for many headlines and statistics seem removed from daily operations in lieu of optimism that such events won’t hit home and legal, public relations safety nets.

The European Commission Geolocation Cookie Monster: Friend or Foe?

Regardless of whether you are a Web designer, IT administrator or not-so-humble end user of the World Wide Web, the chances are that the new European Commission’s rules on cookies -- which became law in late May of this year -- will have changed your outlook on the Internet.

GRC Roll-up: SpringCM's Secure File Syncing, Check Point to Release Doc Security

Seems a lot of people are at the beach or on vacation this week. Which might explain why it's so quiet in the GRC space. That said, SpringCM still managed to release a file syncing app that secures files, Check Point said it will release document security software by the end of the year, BackOffice bought Headwell, and Recommind partners with Hudson.

GRC Roll-up: Symantec Improves Security for Bring-Your-Own-Device Programs

This week in the world of enterprise information management, Symantec takes on BOYD with the provision of new security features for mobile devices, RSA takes a deep look at GRC across business, Kroll Ontrack upgrades Verve, and LockPath lands US$ 6 million funding.

Smarsh Study Shows e-Communications Compliance is Evolving

SmarshLogo2.jpgIn March, Smarsh released an infographic that warned us about the risky business of social media within the financial industry. It recently released its 2012 Electronic Communications Compliance Survey, which continued to outline the challenges facing financial services when it comes to online communications. However, it seems as though in some areas, they are beginning to adapt and adopt.

GRC Roll-up: Kofax Offers BPM Compliance, Axceler's SharePoint Governance Program

This week there are a number of upgrades and releases following the July 4th celebrations, including an upgrade to Kofax’s TotalAgility offering and an upgrade to Clearwater’s HIPAA security assessment products. Axceler offers a new program for SharePoint governance, while QlikTech buys Expressor.

Ernst & Young 2012 Global Fraud Survey: An Overview

The latest Ernst & Young survey (their 12th) is an excellent and essential read for all concerned with the risk of fraud.

GRC Roll-up: OpenText's SharePoint Governance, Symantec & Azure Cloud

This week OpenText has announced an upgrade to its SharePoint 10 governance solution, Symantec has pushed its Windows recovery solution onto Azure, NextDocs offers a cloud-based compliance solution built from ground up, while AccessData and dtSearch Partner.

GRC Roll-up: MetaVis Supports Office 365 for Gov, Recommind's SharePoint Module

This week, it seems everyone is concerned about finding the right information in the right place. MetaVis makes its migration tools compatible with Office 365 for Government, Recommind adds a SharePoint module for Decisiv Search, DiscoverReady and Equivio extend their partnership, while QlikTech buys Expressor.

GRC Roll-up: Metric Stream Buys TBD, Kroll Ontrack Offers Simple Data Recovery

This week, MetricStream announces that it has bought TBD Networks, Pathway and Equivo Partner for better email management, Gartner releases its e-Discovery Magic Quadrant and Kroll offers easy data recovery, while SOA offers better cloud governance.

Gartner: E-Discovery Magic Quadrant Shows Firms' Growth, Maturity, Consolidation

E-Discovery is growing. If you had any doubt about it, a quick look at this year’s Magic Quadrant for e-Discovery, would indicate just how tight competition is getting in the market with six companies in the Leaders quadrant and another four jostling to bust in from the Challengers Quadrant. But like all IT areas that have a high content element, the market is shifting.

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