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Mobile Business Intelligence: Putting Information in the Palm of Your Hand

Businesses are making it increasingly easy for their workers to access business intelligence on the go. While the benefits of this trend can be felt enterprise-wide, how will it help those working in risk management?

Symantec Survey Reveals Risky State of Information in the Enterprise

Symantec Survey Reveals Risky State of Information in the EnterpriseOne of the advantages that cloud technologies have afforded us is the ability to share and access content without having to create more than one copy. So you’d think there would be a lot less document duplication in the enterprise. But according to a new report from Symantec, you’d be wrong.

Gartner Enterprise GRC Magic Quadrant: EMC, IBM, Oracle, SAP Lead, Big Data, Social Causing Problems

The Enterprise Governance, Risk and Compliance (EGRC) market has been evolving steadily since it emerged eight years ago. It has now matured to such a point that, according to Gartner’s recent Enterprise GRC Magic Quadrant, the key differentiators are the delivery of advanced risk management functionality. Running straightforward GRC components is no longer enough to make the cut.

Xerox Upgrades e-Discovery Platform, Adds Streamlined Redaction

Xerox Upgrades e-Discovery Platform, Adds Streamlined Redaction While the upgrade to Xerox’s document review platform is interesting from a functionality point of view, it's even more interesting from an industry perspective because it shows the company's ongoing commitment to extending and building its document management capabilities.

GRC Roll-up: TransPerfect Buys Digital Reef, Guidance Upgrades EnCase e-Discovery

There have been a number of announcements in the GRC space in recent weeks, including the acquisition of Digital Reef by TransPerfect. Varonis has also upgraded DatAdvantage, while Guidance has upgraded its e-Discovery product. There is also a new resource for e-Discovery documentation.

Smarsh Launches Compliance Archiving for Salesforce Chatter

How can the explosion in social media communications conform to compliance requirements? Compliance solution provider Smarsh has launched Archiving & Compliance for Salesforce Chatter, that might just make it a little easier for companies to meet those standards.

Risk Management: Understand Vulnerabilities First

Determining suitable controls to effectively mitigate risk is a balancing act. More money can always be spent. More effort can always be put forth. But the right choices are all too often elusive and recognized in hindsight. 

Axceler, Webtrends Partner For Better SharePoint Governance, Visibility

There’s just nothing like seeing a couple of old hands get together for a common cause. That’s what’s happened today with the announcement that Webtrends and Axceler are joining forces to help another old pardner -- SharePoint.

Internal Audit Needs to Stop Assessing and Reporting on Controls #IIAGRC

Love him or hate him (few are undecided), Tim Leech is a man of passion. He is passionate on the topics of internal audit and risk management, to name just two.

Gartner: Enterprises Must Develop Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) Policies

Despite the reluctance of many companies to seriously consider Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) polices, Gartner says that in the coming years the development of such polices will create as big a shift in enterprise computing as PCs did when they first entered the workplace.

SharePoint Business Governance Strategy: Human Forces

You can't run a SharePoint project and expect it to be maintenance free. You need to have an organization, both during and after the project.

What You Need to Know About Incorporating Social Media Into Your E-Discovery Strategy

An employee, excited about a new product the company is developing, mentions it on Facebook. Due to his privacy settings, a competitor gets wind of potential trade secret information. In another situation, a disgruntled employee sends a negative Tweet about his company to hundreds of followers, including company shareholders.

A Little Bit of Knowledge Does Not Good Risk Management Make

There are certain specialties that appear to be so simple from a laymen’s point of view that one can’t help but wonder the harm in doing the job themselves. But the idiom “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing” originated for a reason. Unfortunately, it is all too often capably illustrated in organizational risk management practices.

SharePoint Projects: Ant Clay on the Importance of Vision

Everyone wants to believe that there is a single bullet solution to solve all SharePoint problems. While the answers are never that simple, the starting point is: asking the question "why?"

Ant Clay, Founder and CEO of Soulsailor Consulting Ltd, is one of a new breed of SharePoint business technology consultants. Known to ask clients repeatedly “Why?” until they breakdown and admit “they just don’t know,” we thought we'd turn the tables on him to ask a few questions about SharePoint, governance and the upcoming release of SharePoint 2013.

SharePoint Business Governance Strategy: Managing Governance Documents

Continuing my high level SharePoint business governance strategy series, today we are looking at methods of managing governance documents to ensure that information is easily accessible to all, aiding in communication of and adherence to governance rules.

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