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GRC Roll-up: Symantec's Data Insight v3.0, IBM Analytics Tackles Fraud

Busy week with security and data insights taking pride of place. Symantec has two news offerings worth noting this week including the release of Data Insight 3.0 and the acquisition of Nukon, IBM offers analytics for fraud prevention, ControlPanelGRC upgrades and Vista Buys Equity.

GRC Roll-up: OpenText Offers Large File Transfer, Symantec Shows Smartphone Risks

This week, there are number of issues dear to the GRC heart. First, OpenText is offering a secure large file transfer application, Symantec has identified what happens to data on smartphones when the smartphones get lost, we take a look at SharePoint governance and content migration, while Canon secures information captured through printers.

Don't Let Your Enterprise Security Become Headlines

Hackers Elect Futurama’s Bender to the Washington DC School Board” -- posted by PCWorld on March 2, 2012.

STOLEN NASA LAPTOP HAD SPACE STATION CONTROL CODE” -- posted by Discovery News on March 1, 2012.

With headlines like this popping up, it seems a good time to ask the question -- how does your company protect itself from direct hacking or hacking through stolen property?

GRC Roll-up: EMC Consulting Enters Security Arena, Symantec Upgrades Mobile Security

This week in the GRC space, Symantec upgrades its offerings for mobile security, EMC announced that it is moving into the security space, Agiliance adds new connectors, SAS offers Big Data access using Hadoop and Centrix upgrades workspace.

GRC Roll-up: Security Industry 'Going Through Hell,' Salesforce Gets Symantec Security

This week it was always going to be about the RSA 2012 Conference that finishes on Friday coming. There’s a whole pile of releases, some of which we will look at this week, some next week. The most notable intervention so far has been from RSA’s Art Coviello, who says the security industry is going through hell. Meanwhile, Salesforce gets Symantec’s single sign-in, while RSA promises mobile security.

Getting Started with Social Business: Building the Culture

In my previous article, we discussed the five key drivers for adopting Social Business. With this follow up,  we will what companies have done who have been most successful in creating an optimal culture for Social Business deployments. By understanding the processes, skillsets and organizational structures associated with business value, we will see how companies have prepared themselves for collaborative success.

GRC Roll-Up: Symantec Previews Compliance Suite, Varonis Offers Big Data Governance

This week, Symantec offered us a preview of its soon-to-be-released upgraded compliance suite, Varonis offers a way of providing Big Data governance, Nuance gives healthcare document capture with HL7 CDA Standard compliance and Metaviz offers archiving for Office 365.

GRC Roll-up: OpenText Offers SharePoint Capture, Guidance Buys CaseCentral

This week, OpenText releases a capture solution that provides easier retrieval of content in SharePoint, DocuWare provides better email compliance management and Guidance announces that it is buying CaseCentral, while SAI outlines GRC predictions for healthcare.

GRC Roll-up: Ricoh Shakes e-Discovery Space, SAI/Compliance 360 Deal Sealed

Seems like GRC companies are still only recovering from LegalTech NY this week, as it’s been relatively quiet. That said, SAI has finalized the Compliance 360 deal, Ricoh is expanding its e-Discovery reach again, Congress is taking on spyware and Guidance has bought CaseCentral.

Last Day at LegalTech 2012 Brings Mergers, Collection Tools #ltny

Last Day at LegalTech 2012 Brings Mergers, Collection Tools #ltnyYesterday was the last day of LegalTech New York 2012, and though vendors and legal professionals alike have left, many of the product launches, announcements, case studies and panel discussions will stay with them for some time.

GRC Roll-up: SIA Buys Compliance 360, Finding Android Threats With Lookout #ltny

The week in the run-up to LegalTech tends to be quiet, with many companies holding their fire for the main event. This week, though, Equivio offered predictive coding to e-Discovery, Lookout offers insight into Android threats, SIA buys Compliance 360, BIA offers taste of social media collection features and TechNavio’s security industry report is now available.

GRC Roll-up: IBM's Identity Management, Symantec Buys LiveOffice

This week in the GRC space, IBM released its identity intelligence software, Symantec had a busy week with the acquisition of LiveOffice and its rethink of intelligent information governance, CMSWire’s contributors visited the governance space, particularly around website governance and Qualtrax upgraded to v4.3.

Is Your Intranet Legal?

There are a number of legal issues that intranet managers need to be aware of, and some apply to websites and any application with a web browser even if it is not an intranet.

Let me start by saying that I am not a lawyer and I guess you are not one either, so the information and advice I have set out below needs to be verified with the legal team in your organization. In this column I am only addressing accessibility issues and the use of photographs on intranets. There are many other issues!

GRC Roll-up: E-Discovery Key in 2012, EntropySoft Releases ZyLab Connector

It’s been a slow start to the year in GRC, but it looks like one where e-Discovery is going to play a major role, at least according to Nuix. Axceler and MetricStream have both entered partnerships with Jornata and Qualys, while EntropySoft has released a new connector with ZyLab for better e-Discovery.

HP Adds Autonomy's IDOL to TRIM Records Management

HP Adds Autonomy’s IDOL to TRIM Records Management The announcement that HP was buying Autonomy earlier in the year caused a lot of consternation, not least because of the US$ 10. 2 billion price tag. No one was really sure where the money would be recouped. The release of TRIM 7.2 built with Autonomy’s IDOL gives some idea of where HP is going with all this.

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