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Apple Toys With the Idea of A Bigger iPad and iPhone Ahead of Earnings Report


Have you ever wished for a larger screen iPad? That dream could come true if reports pan out, suggesting that Apple's partners are working up larger-screen versions of the company's iOS-family devices. 

Samsung's New Tablets, Notebooks and HDTVs to Dominate at CES 2013

 ces_logo_2013.JPG 2013 gets under way for gadget lovers with a raft of new computers, TVs and tablets coming, plus a host of web-enabled smart devices for the home being shown at CES, with Samsung leading the way in many categories. 

iPhone 5 Announcement Coming in Weeks? iPad Mini A Cert?

applelogo.png You wouldn't think that Apple has the time, what with creating mini iPads, HDTVs and other works of design genius in its secret labs. But, somehow, it has apparently managed to build enough iPhone 5s to make an announcement in early August. 

Raspberry Pi Launches, A Rebirth For Computing?


Decades ago, young men standing in garages building circuit boards launched the personal computer revolution. Are we about to come full circle as a device the size of your hand and the cost of a cheap lunch offers easy programming, decent power and Linux?

Mobile Roundup: Samsung Beats Apple, TouchPad Back from Dead, Apple's Talking TV

After a hectic few weeks of financial reporting and launches, the mobile landscape is changing rapidly as the players align themselves for the battles to come.

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