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Cryptzone Company Promises to Secure Office 365 Data #SPTechCon

Although Microsoft has been building up Office 365 at a furious rate, the development of its security features haven't kept pace. Enter the Sheriff — or at least Cryptzone’s version of it.

HiSoftware, a Cryptzone company, now offers Security Sheriff for Office 365, which extends the features and functions of its on-premises solution for inspecting, classifying, securing and auditing content to Office 365.

Social Media Briefs: Facebook Likes, Shares and Sensitive Tweets

Social Media Briefs, Facebook, Twitter, Social Login, Social Shares, Pinterest

This week, we learned more about what's behind a Facebook like, how Twitter will shield our eyes from sensitive Tweets and what social login users prefer most.

HiSoftware's Kurt Mueffelmann Talks Compliance, Secure Data for SharePoint

HiSoftware.jpg As social collaboration becomes more common among organizations, there is a need to balance the ability for employees and partners to work together, yet ensure that information is secure and used properly. I spoke with Kurt Mueffelmann, HiSoftware President and CEO, about these issues and how HiSoftware can help.

HiSoftware's Newest Sheriff Expands SharePoint Security to Mobile Devices

There's a new Sheriff in town, and it's ready to protect iPads. The newly released Sheriff Workspace for Mobile and Windows expands HiSoftware’s SharePoint product suite to include secure mobile collaboration. 

HiSoftware Launches Security Sheriff SP 3.0 to Lock Down SharePoint Documents

Whether or not companies plan to upgrade to SharePoint 2013, HiSoftware has launched version 3.0 of its Security Sheriff SP tool for locking down sensitive documents in any SharePoint configuration.

HiSoftware Compliance Sheriff App for Sitecore Monitors Web Security, Accessibility, Policy Issues

Content management company, Sitecore has with HiSoftware released the HiSoftware Compliance Sheriff App for Sitecore’s App Center. This new application is designed to ensure that web content and applications follow privacy guidelines.

HiSoftware Parters with NewsGator for Social Communications Compliance #spc12

HiSoftware has announced that their HiSoftware Compliance Sheriff SP2010 Suite will be paired with the NewsGator Connector service. The combination product, the HiSoftware Compliance Sheriff NewsGator Connector, works with NewsGator Social Sites to monitor internal and external communications on social platforms to ensure that only appropriate material is shared.

GRC Roll-up: EMC Upgrades SourceOne, SharePoint Governance, Compliance

There’s quite a lot of interest in SharePoint this week with SharePoint-based compliance from NextDocs, compliance for those who are using SharePoint as an enterprise CMS from HiSoftware and a discussion on SharePoint governance from Symon Garfield. EMC has also upgraded SourceOne e-Discovery Kazeon to v4.6, while Check Point has bought Dynasec.

HiSoftware Adds Content Compliance, Security to SharePoint 2010

Use of SharePoint as an enterprise content management platform has reached upward of 70 percent of enterprises, with 70 percent of users and one third of enterprise users operating the system with third-party add-ons. The content compliance issues are huge, which makes the release of HiSoftware’s Security Sheriff SP and the upgrade of its compliance offering timely.

Marketing Professionals Prefer Email for Personalized, Targeted Messages

Targeting is not an alien concept to marketing professionals. But as businesses get more intimate with social media and CRM applications, does this mean that social media marketing is also increasingly becoming personalized? A recent survey among marketing professionals gives us a few insights into how firms target and personalize their marketing messages.

Governing Content in your SharePoint 2010 Environment

The concerns about information run rampant in SharePoint implementations is still big news. Which is why we wonder, why there aren't more vendors out there offering content governance solutions like those offered by HiSoftware (news, site)?

Compliance Sheriff 4.0 Includes Performance Dashboard, Enterprise CMS Integration

HiSoftware,SharePoint AccessibilityHiSoftware (news, site) has announced a new version of their web content and social computing compliance solution Compliance Sheriff at SPTechCon, happening today in Boston. For those of you who are struggling to ensure your online properties are meeting the required accessibility and compliance guidelines, take a closer look at what's new and improved.

SharePoint Gets Smart Accessibility Capabilities

HiSoftware,SharePoint Accessibility v2.0Accessibility is an important part of any collaboration or web content management system. For SharePoint this is no exception. In partnership with Microsoft, HiSoftware has developed an Accessibility Toolkit for SharePoint. That toolkit has just been updated to version 2.0 offering a number of new features to help you meet World Wide Web Consortium’s (W3C) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 Priority 1 and 2 checkpoints (WCAG 1.0 AA) and the newest WCAG 2.0 AA Candidate Recommendation.

HiSoftware's AKS 1.1 and Compliance Sheriff

HiSoftware,SharePoint Accessibility

News from the SharePoint User Conference in Seattle, where HiSoftware present on Thursday with an update of AKS, and with the launch of ‘Compliance Sheriff’, a new compliance solution.

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