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Hotmail News & Analysis

Microsoft Slams Door on Linked Accounts Due to Security Weakness

Microsoft Shuts Down Outlook Linked AccountsMicrosoft kills linked accounts functionality in

When Microsoft introduced as a Hotmail replacement that was equally good as both a personal and business email service, it also introduced linked accounts. Microsoft, however, has changed its mind about linked accounts and will scrap this functionality at the end of July.

Microsoft Kills Hotmail, Now Has 400 million Active Accounts

The move form Hotmail to is over. It's official. According to a post on the Microsoft Office blog, everyone on Hotmail has been upgraded and everyone that doesn't already have access to the features Microsoft has been adding over the past months will be given access in the coming months.

Microsoft Upgrades Android App, Includes Mail Threads, Cleaner Interface

In light of the ongoing change-over from Hotmail to, news from Microsoft that it has upgrade its app for Android.

Microsoft Outage Rolls Into Second Day, Latest Update

outlook_2013_logo.jpg Trouble with is now in its second day as Microsoft struggles to resume service to many users, spread around the world. 

Microsoft Says 60 Million Signed Up To Hotmail Killer As Leaves Preview

In December we took a look at Microsoft’s Hotmail email replacement service to see how it was coming along. At the time Microsoft said that about 25 million people had made the jump with a lot more getting ready. Two months later, users number 60 million, the new service is out of Preview and able to scale to one billion users.

Microsoft Tightens Security, 'Encourages' Hotmail Users To Upgrade

By the looks of things, we are entering the End of Days for Hotmail. In spite of this, Microsoft is still not finished tinkering under the hood of, Hotmail's replacement, having just introduced new security features that should improve it.

Windows 8 Finished, on the Road to Launch


Windows 8 has been declared RTM, or released to manufacturing, by Microsoft, sending it to the hundreds of hardware partners for installation and testing on their PCs, notebooks and tablets. But what does the road to launch look like for businesses and developers? 

Hotmail Becoming as Microsoft Changes the Email Game

outlook_logo.PNG Microsoft has claimed over a million sign-ups on the first day of its new email service, with the promise of a far great experience through improved interaction with attachments and wider links to social media. With plans to migrate the millions of Microsoft Hotmail users, will it attract users from Yahoo, Gmail and other services?

Microsoft Overhauling Hotmail in October

Microsoft Overhauling Hotmail in OctoberWith a bicoastal relaunch event planned for next month, Microsoft has some big plans for Hotmail to better compete against the likes of Gmail and Yahoo.

EMC and SDL Strike an Agreement for Web CMS

EMC (news, site) is adding to its Web Content Management partnerships. Now, along with FatWire, the enterprise content management giant has struck an agreement with SDL (news, site).

Four Problems with Idea Management Systems, Plus How to Fix Them

Innovation is crucial to any business in today’s global economy. Companies are in a continuous hunt for better ways to capture, cultivate and capitalize on ideas. The team that can bring the best ideas to market first wins. That’s the essence of innovation.

Facebook Chat Now Available in Hotmail Inboxes Everywhere

Facebook Chat Now Available to Hotmail Users EverywhereWhen it was first announced that Hotmail would offer Facebook chat access from within the inbox, it was only available to six different regions.This week the Hotmail team has expanded the feature to reach customers worldwide.

Facebook to Challenge Google, Microsoft in the Hosted Email Market

facebook_logo_10.jpgNot satisfied with dominating social networks, Facebook (news, site) is now going after the major email services.

SMB Tech Roll-up: New Hotmail Goes Into Beta, Google Expands Tag Listings

For SMBs this last week was always going to be dominated by the release of Office 2010, but in the fuss the beta release of the new Hotmail service has been overlooked by many. Google has also expanded its Google places tag listing to include the entire US after its initial 11 city launch last month.

Enterprise 2.0 Roll-up: E-mail Isn't Going Anywhere (Not Even Hotmail), Google's Reign Continues

Though Google thought they could tear us away from our beloved e-mail accounts last summer with Wave, our convictions remained true. This season Big G's e-mail is back in the spotlight with contextual apps for bringing information directly from the Marketplace to your inbox. Meanwhile, Microsoft apparently got a wild hair up their you-know-what and decided to bring Hotmail back from the dead.

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