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Acquisition Action 2012: Microsoft Gobbles Up Yammer, Facebook Snaps-up Instagram

Economically, we still haven’t left the Great Recession behind. It’s everywhere; in every enterprise balance sheet, in every merger and acquisition, in R&D departments on both sides of the Atlantic. That said, it hasn’t really dampened enthusiasm for buy-outs and there were many this year across the entire IT spectrum.

How Cloud Computing Is Shaping Your Business, How Business Is Shaping The Cloud

There have been numerous reports over the years on how cloud computing has developed, how businesses are taking to it, and how it is being used in the home. However, little enough research has been done to assess what vendors think about it. A new report aims to remedy that.

HP Unveils Hybrid PC-Tablet For Business, Government Users #HPDiscover

With all the financial controversy surrounding HP over the past few months -- including poor quarterly figures and Autonomy write-downs -- sometimes its core business gets overlooked. During this week’s HPDiscover conference in Germany, we got to see a lot of really interesting new products. The last one we will look at is the new HP EliteBook Revolve.

HP Ups Cloud Game With Extended Converged Offerings #HPDiscover

Over the past couple of days we've seen a number of new solutions and enhancements in a number of IT spaces.  With its Big Data abilities already having been extended significantly, Autonomy is now being pulled into the HP fold proper -- today it’s with HP's cloud offerings. 

Whitman Foresees HP Growth On IT Innovation, Autonomy, Big Data, Infrastructure Key #HPDiscover

Even with all the product releases around Big Data, or signs that HP is finally beginning to integrate Autonomy technology into its portfolio, one event that everyone was waiting to see, and maybe even looking for inspiration from, was the keynote speech by CEO Meg Whitman.

HP Underlines Big Data Strategy With Vertica, Hadoop Upgrades, Extends AppSystem #HPDiscover

Earlier on we took a look at HP’s upgrade to its Marketing Performance Suite, which combined technologies from Autonomy and HP. Another set of announcements from today’s proceedings at HPDiscover in Frankfurt cover HP’s future take on Big Data and how it is going to tackle it.

HP, Autonomy Combine Technology: Advanced Marketing, CXM Analysis #HPDiscover

Autonomy and HP have been making the headlines for all the wrong reasons in recent weeks, but today's release of an upgraded Marketing Performance Suite gives some kind of indication of where HP might be going with Autonomy’s IDOL technology -- if only it could get this nasty accounting issue out of the way.

Document Mgt Roll-up: Quest's Email Analysis, Google Super-Sizes Gmail Through Drive

This week was a quiet one -- with the Thanksgiving Weekend and the US only slowly waking up. That said, there are a few things to announce in the document management space -- Google enabled super-sized Gmail attachments, Cabinet released an iPad app, Quest just announced a new version of MessageStats, and OpenText made Autonomy customers an offer.

HP Investors Sue Over Autonomy Deal, Accounting Practices Spotlighted

The HP-Autonomy snowball just keeps gathering momentum. It was predictable that once HP accused the former CEO of Autonomy of dodgy accounting practices, the lawyers would step in. But it seems that the legal mud will be flying in all directions as an investor jumps in to grab the salvage of the HP-Autonomy business wreck.

Where Were Your Thinking Caps? Shame On All Involved in HP and Autonomy Mess

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison could very well be driving around in his US$ 445,000 Lexus LFA right about now, laughing uncontrollably.

This Week: Lynch Slaps Down HP Fraud Allegations + Obama's CXM Election Debt

HP & Autonomy Pointing Fingers
What started as a US$ 11b acquisition story is now a tale of cheating and scheming. HP says Autonomy cooked the books. But former Autonomy CEO, Mike Lynch, says it's not true -- that HP's politics and business practices are the reason behind Autonomy's financial woes.

What Customers Want
It's about more than getting that sale, it's also about promoting the brand and building loyalty. Customers increasingly demand more, it's how the enterprise responds to the customer's needs that makes the difference.

Even President Obama understood how to reach into the hearts and minds of the country via digital marketing to get the right information to the right people, at just the right time to win the 2012 presidential election.

Social CRM Tweet Jam
A final reminder that our #CXMChat Tweet Jam on the social side of customer relationship management is taking place on November 28th. Get the Tweet Jam questions and panelists here.

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Lynch Slaps Down HP Fraud Allegations, Accuses HP Of Corporate Faction Fighting

Anyone that thought Mike Lynch, former CEO and founder of Autonomy was going to sit back and let Meg Whitman, CEO of HP, make all the running on a story that has left the rarefied atmosphere of information management and entered the mainstream, prime-time news, would be underestimating Mike Lynch.

HP Alleges Fraud Around Autonomy Deal As Q4 Figures Fall

 You just couldn’t make this up. HP, formerly one of the New York Stock Exchange’s darlings and until recent times often mentioned in the same breath as IBM, could be set to call in the cops over the acquisition of Autonomy 18 months ago. According to CEO Meg Whitman, someone had been cooking the books before the deal was inked.

Real-Time Marketing for Real-Time Consumers #futurem

The changing nature of the consumer requires marketers to use digital and online technologies to change how and when they deliver messages. Singh Shiv, global head of digital for PepsiCo, dove into the details of engaging in real-time marketing with real-time consumers during his closing keynote address during the first day of this week’s FutureM conference in Boston.

Sitecore Symposium 2012 North America Kicks off Day Three #sitecoresym

Sitecore is kicking off Day Three of Sitecore Symposium 2012 North America in Las Vegas, their expanded conference for the Sitecore user and partner community, and the first North American conference not held in Boston.

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