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HP Cloud Services (Beta) Open for Business

It's been described as the "Wild West of Cloud Computing" -- no slick "urban" services like Amazon provides, but HP is in beta with its cloud services, and the time is ripe to make your land grab with free real estate (for now) hosted by the world's second-largest PC maker, looking to move into Web services in a big way.

The Future of Enterprise CMS: Interview with Real Story Group's Alan Pelz-Sharpe

The Real Story Group published its annual report on the enterprise content management industry last week. We talked to Real Story Group (RSG) Principal Alan Pelz-Sharpe, who outlined some of the main findings and who argues that the industry has already passed a turning point which will result in some established and newer trends gaining ground in the year to come.

HP Adds Autonomy's IDOL to TRIM Records Management

HP Adds Autonomy’s IDOL to TRIM Records Management The announcement that HP was buying Autonomy earlier in the year caused a lot of consternation, not least because of the US$ 10. 2 billion price tag. No one was really sure where the money would be recouped. The release of TRIM 7.2 built with Autonomy’s IDOL gives some idea of where HP is going with all this.

Document Mgt Roll-up: Microsoft's OneNote for iPad, SpringCM's Salesforce Problems

Heading into the holiday season and things are slowing down. But there are still some gems like SpringCM’s problems with Salesforce, Xerox’s progress in the MFP space, the iPad version of Microsoft’s OneNote productivity app, HP research that finds enterprises are not protecting documents and Mike Doane on effective taxonomies for documents in SharePoint 2010.

Federal Government Outlines Cloud Computing Strategy, Legacy Systems to Be Cut

If you think competition in the cloud computing market is getting crazy, then you'd better brace yourself, because it's set to get crazier. The White House has outlined its approach to cloud computing for the next year that will see dozens of legacy systems go, as well as a new set of uniform security requirements that contractors will have to meet.

HP Open Sources WebOS, But What Will Use it?

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With the drama building over the week as a decision loomed, HP has taken the halfway route and decided to offer up its WebOS and the ENYO app framework to the open source community.

HP-Microsoft Cloud Computing Deal Follows Box Partnership

If Meg Whitman is already starting to make her mark on HP by reversing many of the decisions that her predecessor Leo Apotheker made and sticking to traditional HP business fare, it hasn’t stopped her from looking for new initiatives, as this week’s agreement with Microsoft shows.

Box and HP Announce Free Cloud with Every Purchase

If you had any doubts that the cloud has gone mainstream, the latest news from Hewlett Packard (HP) and Box might change your mind. The companies announced that several models of HP business PCs will have access to a free Box account.

HP, Autonomy Releases Focus on Big Data, Social Intelligence

While everyone had been expecting speedy action following the Autonomy acquisition, HP’s release today (Tuesday, November 29) of a new platform to process unstructured information based on IDOL has to be a record.

HP Clarifies Strategy, Rules Out Large Acquisitions, Denies Apotheker, Turns to R & D

If investors and observers were looking for clarity from HP’s quarterly figures, then last night’s conference call by newbie CEO Meg Whitman won’t have disappointed. There were a lot of issues cleared up, even if some of the news was not what investors might have hoped for.

HP Considering Sale of WebOS, Possibly to Oracle

HP has been on-again, off-again in its plans to spin off its PC division. But as the company's old management was firm in its plans to leave the hardware business to focus on enterprise software, newly-appointed CEO Meg Whitman has decided to keep HP's core business intact, which means the company will continue producing PCs for the enterprise and consumer market. But what becomes of HP's mobile platform, webOS?

Take a Tour of the New HP Cloud Services Project

hp_logo_2010.jpgA couple of months back, HP unveiled its new Cloud Services project, but has been a bit quiet since then. Now you can at least take a virtual tour while you wait for your beta invite to arrive.

Forrester Wave Q4 2011: Fragmenting Enterprise CMS, 12 Firms,Targeted Content

Yesterday we saw in the Forrester Wave for Enterprise CMS Suites 2011 for Q4 that there is a shift in the enterprise CMS market away from the big, lumbering giants of a couple of years ago toward more content-centric apps designed to fulfill a specific business function. Today, we’ll take a look at how some of the major vendors are dealing with this challenge.

Can HP's Slate 2 Succeed Ahead of Windows 8?

Can HP's Slate 2 Succeed Ahead of Windows 8?

Even in the current state of uncertainty, HP continues its PC operations with a new Slate tablet device. Will professional users fancy a Windows 7 runner, or hang on for the super-sleek Windows 8 era?

Whitman Puts HP Back on Track, Talks Windows 8, Avoids WebOS Commitment

On the stock market, everything is about perception. Share prices go up and down depending on how a company is viewed on trading floors all over the world, sometime even regardless of how the company’s products are performing. This probably explains why HP has decided to keep its Personal Systems Group (PSG) rather than spin it off.

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