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Balancing Search Flexibility and Security in Enterprise CMS

shutterstock_41236837.jpg I’ve been fortunate in my career to see a drastic change in how Enterprise content management systems have evolved from the early, siloed document and web content management systems to the mission critical application platforms of today that distribute content across social media channels, web sites, email and mobile.

Welcome to the Content Marketing Olympics

Successful content marketing has been likened to running a marathon and not a sprint. Creating good content that targets the right audience doesn’t happen overnight, but requires continuous training and development. As such, we’re taking a cue from the Summer Olympics and are introducing eight key content marketing events for which you should be actively training in order to achieve Olympic level success. Go for the Gold!

Google Talk Goes Silent, Suffers From Major Outage

gtalk.PNGGoogle's video and chat software appears to have fallen off the cloud today, with a technical and widespread outage. With no immediate sign of restoration, Google is working on the problem. Are you experiencing issues with the service? Let us know. 

PhoneGap 2.0 Improves iOS App Creation, Adds Windows Phone 7 Support

Adobe-owned open source mobile development platform PhoneGap has released version 2.0 and the system could be a good fit for those who need to produce native and Web based apps all in one place.

Autonomy's Former CEO Mike Lynch is Primed to Create a Tech Start-up Fund

Does anyone remember Mike Lynch? Autonomy’s Mike Lynch, the one that bailed out of HP when Autonomy figures started heading south just after it was bought by HP? According to reports that are appearing on the financial news wires, Mike Lynch is about to set up a technology investment fund.

HP Launches Converged Cloud Solutions for APAC, Japan

Customers from the Asia Pacific and Japan region are found to prefer simple cloud solutions, and Hewlett-Packard wants to encourage businesses to adopt cloud deployments by offering pre-bundled kits to make things simpler to launch and manage. The HP Converged Cloud solutions are being launched in the region with simplicity and cost-savings in mind.

OpenStack Turns Two, Will Fragmentation Hurt the Open Source Cloud Platform?

OpenStack is gaining momentum. This week, OpenStack turns two, and with the "terrible twos" stage comes growing pains. Rackspace, which has partnered with NASA and a few other cloud computing industry players in developing the open-source project, is switching its codebase to OpenStack. But with this second-year anniversary, the open-source cloud computing platform faces new challenges altogether.

Oracle Early Results Show Cloud Already Performing, While Top Executive Departs

One thing you can definitely say about Oracle earnings calls is that they are never boring. This week’s fourth quarter call was no different. Apart from the fact that it arrived three days early, it also showed net incomes rising by 7.5 percent, and it looks like one of their sales VPs is "leaving" the company.

Autonomy, HP Combo Offers IDOL-Powered Hadoop Analysis, Marketing Analytics

Autonomy, with a mighty shove from its new owner HP, is the latest company to push its way into the Big Data space through the combination of Autonomy IDOL 10 and HP’s Converged Cloud.

HP Slashes 27,000 Jobs as Revamp Begins, Lynch Jumps From Autonomy

Just because you know something is going to happen -- particularly something bad -- it can still have a negative impact. A case in point is the loss of 27,000 jobs at HP out of its estimated 350,000 workforce.

HP Expected to Slash 30,000 Jobs This Week

HP Expected to Slash 30,000 Jobs This WeekAs new HP CEO Meg Whitman recovers from her trip to China, where HP introduced 80 products at a two-day conference, rumors of up to 30,000 company layoffs are circulating. HP's commitment to the Chinese market seems clear, whereas its vision for the US remains cloudy, with a chance of unemployment.

Forrester: Taming Business Processes for Better Customer Experience Management

It has been clear for some time that the market for software applications has been changing. "Agile" has become a buzz word in the apps world, with everyone talking about it, a few delivering and many more depending on their tried and tested on-premises apps.

Oracle Upgrades User Productivity Kit; HP, Oracle and the Sun Deal

Oracle Upgrades User Productivity Kit; HP, Oracle and the Sun Deal You got nothing, if you don’t have content. No number of business applications are going to help you do you business if there’s nothing for them to work on. Oracle, which has a vested interested in companies using business applications, have upgraded its productivity kit to make content creation easier.

EPiServer Introduces Real-Time SEO Advice

If you’ve ever created content on a website and wondered what you could do to make it appear higher in search results, you’re not alone. In fact, there is an entire industry is dedicated to search engine optimization (SEO). Digital marketing platform provider EPiServer has introduced another option, SiteAttention, an add-on that provides search optimization advice as users are creating content.

eBook: Mobify's 14 Essential Tactics for Mobile Engagement

eBook: Mobify's 14 Essential Tactics for Mobile EngagementOptimizing for mobile engagement is not always easy, thanks especially to the changing interfaces, screens and sizes of mobile devices. Still, the objectives remain the same: Provide relevant information or tasks in an accessible and user-friendly format. Many companies have been slow to adapt, struggling to decide between native and mobile apps or develop workflows that allow information to flow through content management systems. Challenges aside, there are many advantages to going mobile and many ways to leverage mobile to improve user access, engagement and ultimately revenue. In fact, the folks at Mobify have come up with 14 Essential Tactics for Mobile: Email, Search and Social Media Marketing.

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