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Oracle Upgrades User Productivity Kit; HP, Oracle and the Sun Deal

Oracle Upgrades User Productivity Kit; HP, Oracle and the Sun Deal You got nothing, if you don’t have content. No number of business applications are going to help you do you business if there’s nothing for them to work on. Oracle, which has a vested interested in companies using business applications, have upgraded its productivity kit to make content creation easier.

EPiServer Introduces Real-Time SEO Advice

If you’ve ever created content on a website and wondered what you could do to make it appear higher in search results, you’re not alone. In fact, there is an entire industry is dedicated to search engine optimization (SEO). Digital marketing platform provider EPiServer has introduced another option, SiteAttention, an add-on that provides search optimization advice as users are creating content.

eBook: Mobify's 14 Essential Tactics for Mobile Engagement

eBook: Mobify's 14 Essential Tactics for Mobile EngagementOptimizing for mobile engagement is not always easy, thanks especially to the changing interfaces, screens and sizes of mobile devices. Still, the objectives remain the same: Provide relevant information or tasks in an accessible and user-friendly format. Many companies have been slow to adapt, struggling to decide between native and mobile apps or develop workflows that allow information to flow through content management systems. Challenges aside, there are many advantages to going mobile and many ways to leverage mobile to improve user access, engagement and ultimately revenue. In fact, the folks at Mobify have come up with 14 Essential Tactics for Mobile: Email, Search and Social Media Marketing.

HP's Converged Cloud Packs Many Solutions in One Offering

Hewett-Packard (HP) has finally revealed details for its new massive cloud program, which has been generating rumors for weeks. HP is calling the new bag of services the Converged Cloud, and the name signals HP’s plans -- a unified architecture for all flavors of the cloud -- public, private and managed.

Amazon's S3 Storage Service Massive Usage Numbers

amazon_aws_logo.jpgAmazon has just posted a peek into the usage statistics for its S3 service, perhaps aware of HP's imminent arrival on the scene. This looks like some mountain for any rival to climb.

How Consumer Privacy Policies Help the Mobile Enterprise

As mobile usage within the enterprise surges, security risks still pose a threat. A recent agreement among leading mobile application platform operators may help ease company's concerns. 

No Sign of Autonomy In Poor HP Q1 Figures; Whitman Outlines Future

Some miracles take longer than others, and HP looks like it might be one of the long ones. After her first quarter as CEO, Meg Whitman gave her first earnings results yesterday, and it looks like HP will need a miracle to get it back to where it once was.

GRC Roll-Up: Symantec Previews Compliance Suite, Varonis Offers Big Data Governance

This week, Symantec offered us a preview of its soon-to-be-released upgraded compliance suite, Varonis offers a way of providing Big Data governance, Nuance gives healthcare document capture with HL7 CDA Standard compliance and Metaviz offers archiving for Office 365.

Document Mgt Roll-up: Autonomy to Apply IDOL to Computers, Printers?

With the long weekend it was a quiet week. However, there were some nuggets. HP looks set to offer IDOL to ordinary consumers, the Document Foundation was incorporated in Germany, Dropbox released Automator, eDocSign upgraded its electronic signature functionality and DocuLex’ ArchiveStudio gets specialized.

How to Predict Article Popularity Pre-Tweet

A recent HP Labs study examines how to predict the popularity of an article prior to publishing it online or promoting via social media. The researchers were able to estimate ranges of popularity with an overall accuracy of 84% by considering only article content features.

Autonomy's Major e-Discovery Upgrade, HP On Board #ltny

If anyone was wondering what Autonomy was going to do after getting the check for US$ 12 billion, then the upgrade to its e-Discovery software is a good indicator: It appears to be carrying on business as usual, even if it is now branded as a HP company.

HP Cloud Services (Beta) Open for Business

It's been described as the "Wild West of Cloud Computing" -- no slick "urban" services like Amazon provides, but HP is in beta with its cloud services, and the time is ripe to make your land grab with free real estate (for now) hosted by the world's second-largest PC maker, looking to move into Web services in a big way.

The Future of Enterprise CMS: Interview with Real Story Group's Alan Pelz-Sharpe

The Real Story Group published its annual report on the enterprise content management industry last week. We talked to Real Story Group (RSG) Principal Alan Pelz-Sharpe, who outlined some of the main findings and who argues that the industry has already passed a turning point which will result in some established and newer trends gaining ground in the year to come.

HP Adds Autonomy's IDOL to TRIM Records Management

HP Adds Autonomy’s IDOL to TRIM Records Management The announcement that HP was buying Autonomy earlier in the year caused a lot of consternation, not least because of the US$ 10. 2 billion price tag. No one was really sure where the money would be recouped. The release of TRIM 7.2 built with Autonomy’s IDOL gives some idea of where HP is going with all this.

Document Mgt Roll-up: Microsoft's OneNote for iPad, SpringCM's Salesforce Problems

Heading into the holiday season and things are slowing down. But there are still some gems like SpringCM’s problems with Salesforce, Xerox’s progress in the MFP space, the iPad version of Microsoft’s OneNote productivity app, HP research that finds enterprises are not protecting documents and Mike Doane on effective taxonomies for documents in SharePoint 2010.

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