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Box and HP Announce Free Cloud with Every Purchase

If you had any doubts that the cloud has gone mainstream, the latest news from Hewlett Packard (HP) and Box might change your mind. The companies announced that several models of HP business PCs will have access to a free Box account.

HP, Autonomy Releases Focus on Big Data, Social Intelligence

While everyone had been expecting speedy action following the Autonomy acquisition, HP’s release today (Tuesday, November 29) of a new platform to process unstructured information based on IDOL has to be a record.

HP Clarifies Strategy, Rules Out Large Acquisitions, Denies Apotheker, Turns to R & D

If investors and observers were looking for clarity from HP’s quarterly figures, then last night’s conference call by newbie CEO Meg Whitman won’t have disappointed. There were a lot of issues cleared up, even if some of the news was not what investors might have hoped for.

HP Considering Sale of WebOS, Possibly to Oracle

HP has been on-again, off-again in its plans to spin off its PC division. But as the company's old management was firm in its plans to leave the hardware business to focus on enterprise software, newly-appointed CEO Meg Whitman has decided to keep HP's core business intact, which means the company will continue producing PCs for the enterprise and consumer market. But what becomes of HP's mobile platform, webOS?

Take a Tour of the New HP Cloud Services Project

hp_logo_2010.jpgA couple of months back, HP unveiled its new Cloud Services project, but has been a bit quiet since then. Now you can at least take a virtual tour while you wait for your beta invite to arrive.

Forrester Wave Q4 2011: Fragmenting Enterprise CMS, 12 Firms,Targeted Content

Yesterday we saw in the Forrester Wave for Enterprise CMS Suites 2011 for Q4 that there is a shift in the enterprise CMS market away from the big, lumbering giants of a couple of years ago toward more content-centric apps designed to fulfill a specific business function. Today, we’ll take a look at how some of the major vendors are dealing with this challenge.

Can HP's Slate 2 Succeed Ahead of Windows 8?

Can HP's Slate 2 Succeed Ahead of Windows 8?

Even in the current state of uncertainty, HP continues its PC operations with a new Slate tablet device. Will professional users fancy a Windows 7 runner, or hang on for the super-sleek Windows 8 era?

Whitman Puts HP Back on Track, Talks Windows 8, Avoids WebOS Commitment

On the stock market, everything is about perception. Share prices go up and down depending on how a company is viewed on trading floors all over the world, sometime even regardless of how the company’s products are performing. This probably explains why HP has decided to keep its Personal Systems Group (PSG) rather than spin it off.

Mobile Roundup: Samsung Beats Apple, TouchPad Back from Dead, Apple's Talking TV

After a hectic few weeks of financial reporting and launches, the mobile landscape is changing rapidly as the players align themselves for the battles to come.

HP Closes Autonomy Deal, Rethink on PC Business Possible

The only thing that is clear about the HP acquisition of Autonomy deal at the moment is that it was concluded, after the U$ 10.24 billion deal was finally given the green light by 87% of Autonomy’s shareholders.

Document Mgt Roll-up: Xerox Upgrades DocuShare for SharePoint

It’s a busy week everywhere, with Oracle and SharePoint’s annual conference. And there’s been a lot of document management too. Xerox has upgraded DocuShare, Oracle’s E-Business Suite has new invoice security, Autonomy has upgraded WorkSite, there’s mobile document management for iPad from NewSoft, while Colligo and NewsGator have teamed up for SharePoint functionality.

The Rumor Mill: Amazon to Buy Palm?

Far be it from me to spread rumors. Actually, I love spreading rumors, just like Wall Street, blogs and about every other human as soon as they are big enough to whisper. “They,” the definitive source for all information, are saying that Amazon may be planning to purchase troubled Palm.

Oracle Enters Business Intelligence Space With Exalytics, Targets SAP, IBM #OOW11

Oracle’s OpenWorld has finally kicked off with the customary keynote from CEO Larry Ellison. Leaving aside the fact that many are saying this was his worst keynote ever, for those in enterprise computing the launch of the Exalytics analytics appliance is the one most will be watching.

GRC Roll-up: Autonomy Announces Products, Spats With Oracle, Plus Surveys, Reports

This week, Autonomy -- under the spectre of what might happen to its planned acquisition by HP -- announces several new products, and spats about whether Oracle was really its first choice for a partner, plus we have surveys and reports. Boy, do we have surveys and reports.

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