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HP Autonomy Gives TeamSite Massive Digital Marketing Makeover #HPDiscover

Autonomy TeamSite Digital Marketing

More digital marketing news from HP Discover is the last big piece of release news today. This time it comes in the shape of a major upgrade to the Autonomy content management system TeamSite that will offer marketers advanced capabilities in customer experience management (CXM) and multi-channel digital marketing. 

HP-Autonomy Releases Marketing Cloud For Agile Digital Marketing #HPDiscover

HP-Autonomy Releases Marketing Cloud ForAgile Digital Marketing  #HPDiscover , cxm, customer experience, digital marketingWhile there has been a number of releases already out of Discover, one that is really going to create a stir both inside and outside HP is the new Autonomy Marketing Cloud, which was just made public this afternoon.

HP Ups Big Data Play with HAVEn, Releases Autonomy Data Clean-up #HPDiscover

HP Haven For Big DataHP's Discover conference got under way yesterday with a number of releases that will certainly push it forward over the coming months. Included is the new big data platform that puts to use technologies it has acquired over the past years through the acquisitions of Vertica, ArcSight and Autonomy.

Will HP's Discover Conference Point To Change in HP Fortunes? #HPDiscover

HP Discover ConferenceIf the run-up to HP’s bi-annual Discover conference in Las Vegas has been quiet, it is possibly because no one really knows what to expect. However, there’s already indications of significant product releases and pointers to HP’s plans for the coming year.

HP Kicks Off Discover with CXM, Mobile, Printer Joy #HPDiscover

With Discover just opening the shutters, HP has already announced a couple of releases that will muscle-up its cloud offering, and offer around-the-clock access to data anywhere and anytime. Given that CEO Meg Whitman sees cloud computing as one of the four key elements in the HP recovery bid, both releases are of interest.

HP Ups Cloud Game With Extended Converged Offerings #HPDiscover

Over the past couple of days we've seen a number of new solutions and enhancements in a number of IT spaces.  With its Big Data abilities already having been extended significantly, Autonomy is now being pulled into the HP fold proper -- today it’s with HP's cloud offerings. 

Whitman Foresees HP Growth On IT Innovation, Autonomy, Big Data, Infrastructure Key #HPDiscover

Even with all the product releases around Big Data, or signs that HP is finally beginning to integrate Autonomy technology into its portfolio, one event that everyone was waiting to see, and maybe even looking for inspiration from, was the keynote speech by CEO Meg Whitman.

HP Underlines Big Data Strategy With Vertica, Hadoop Upgrades, Extends AppSystem #HPDiscover

Earlier on we took a look at HP’s upgrade to its Marketing Performance Suite, which combined technologies from Autonomy and HP. Another set of announcements from today’s proceedings at HPDiscover in Frankfurt cover HP’s future take on Big Data and how it is going to tackle it.

HP, Autonomy Combine Technology: Advanced Marketing, CXM Analysis #HPDiscover

Autonomy and HP have been making the headlines for all the wrong reasons in recent weeks, but today's release of an upgraded Marketing Performance Suite gives some kind of indication of where HP might be going with Autonomy’s IDOL technology -- if only it could get this nasty accounting issue out of the way.

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