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Html5 News & Analysis

Celtra Offers Cross-Screen HTML5 Tech for Brand Advertising


Which HTML5 camp are you in?

Some think HTML5 hasn't met expectations as a platform for mobile applications. An IDC report, "The Evolving State of HTML5," noted the technology is still plagued with misconceptions. Native app development and HTML5 will continue to co-exist, the IDC predicted. Native app development will continue to be "the primary way mobile applications will be delivered and run."

Others see the technology as promising. Sencha, an open-source web application frameworks provider, said standards-based HTML5 development, whose popularity has been growing in part because such apps can run cross-platform, has caught on big in the enterprise.

Celtra feels there's promise.

HTML5: Still Not Living Up to Expectations

HTML5 hasn't met expectations as a platform for mobile applications, according to a new report from industry research firm IDC. The report, "The Evolving State of HTML5," [fee required], notes the technology is still riddled with misconceptions.

Has Adobe Found the Missing Link to Rich Web Experiences? #SXSW


Alert the Discovery Channel. I officially spotted a potential yeti at SXSW recently. Not the hairy kind with big feet, but a missing link nonetheless.

CJ Gammon, a creative technologist at Adobe, hosted a packed house — with a line out the door — at a session that focused on ways the web can be used to create rich media experiences. His talk, Rich Web Experiences and the Future of the Web, proved two things: The five tool user interface engineering tool does indeed exist and the browser is anything but dead.

Report: HTML5 is the Future for Enterprise Developers


A new report finds standards-based HTML5 development, whose popularity has been growing in part because such apps can run cross-platform, has caught on big in the enterprise.

HTML5 is the latest version of the HMTL hypertext markup language. In conjunction with other standards-based technologies like CSS and JavaScript, it can run in browsers and across platforms without plugins. The State of HTML5 Development in the Enterprise report from Sencha, a provider of open-source web application frameworks, surveyed more than 2,000 business application developers from its business-focused community. It found HTML5 is booming:

  • More than 60 percent of developers have converted to HTML5 and hybrid development of their key projects
  • More than 70 percent of HTML5/hybrid developers are using HTML5 more this year than last and 75 percent intend to use it more in 2015
  • 19 percent of native mobile developers expect to use native technologies less in the future


Trilibis Embraces Device Aware Mantra for Mobile Websites

Trilibis Embraces Device Aware Mantra for Mobile WebsitesResponsive Web design has been catching on in 2013, but the technology is not without its drawbacks. Now, a company called Trilibis is moving past responsive design to a device aware technology using a lightweight server plugin.

Google Announces Web Designer for Building HTML5 Sites

Google Announces Web Designer for Building HTML5 SitesGoogle has debuted a free animation and website building tool called Web Designer for creating HTML5 content, the kind that is better suited to being used on various sized devices like smartphones and tablets.

Telerik Updates TeamPulse to Ease Multiple Project Management


To help software development managers concentrate more on the software and less on the logistics, software tool provider Telerik has released an update to its TeamPulse agile project management software, including a new HTML 5 interface intended to enhance efficiency. 

YouTube App for Windows Phone Blocked by Google

YouTube App for Windows Phone Blocked by Google


A Microsoft Windows Phone version of the YouTube video app was finally re released this week, but Google has once again forced it back into the shadows for violating its terms of service.


Twitter University: Engineers Head to Class

They're going to school at Twitter.

IBM, SAP + Adobe Lead in Gartner MQ for Mobile Apps Development

IBM, SAP + Adobe Lead in Gartner MQ for Mobile Apps DevelopmentIBM, SAP and Adobe made the Leaders quadrant in Gartner’s latest MQ for mobile application development as mobile continues to be the top technology priority for CIOs, and as the installed base of mobile teeters on the edge of overtaking PCs.

Google Maps Set to Display Ads

Google Maps Set to Display Ads
Google's mega popular Maps app is ready to enable advertisements, the company announced, and relevant local listings will pop up at the bottom of the page when a search is performed inside the mobile app.

HTML5 Apps Gain First-Class Citizenship at Amazon's Appstore

Amazon, mobile apps, html5HTML5 apps have a big new backer -- Amazon. This week, the retail giant announced that it would distribute HTML5-created apps without requiring them to be wrapped in another technology, becoming the first major app store to do so.

Trends in Enterprise Mobile App Development [Infographic]

As we tackled in the ins and outs of the mobile digital experience, this month, something was made terribly clear -- it's already here. Consumers are devouring mobile, employees are flocking to mobile apps and devices, and your company's ability to adapt, adopt and strategize for the mobile web, mobile apps and the overall mobile experience is critical. 

Atex 10.8 Released with HTML5 Authoring Tool + Built in Paywall

Atex 10.8 Released with HTML5 Authoring Tool + Built in PaywallContent publishing and advertisement specialist Atex has updated its Web CMS to version 10.8, and it includes an HTML5 authoring tool and a built in paywall to allow customers to set up subscription or meter based revenue streams.

Mobile Helix Launches 'Link' HTML5 App Dev/Security Platform

mobile apps, mobile development, mobile enterprise, Mobile Helix Link.png

With HTML5 technologies booming, enterprise app/data security platform provider Mobile Helix is stepping up the game. This week, the company announced Link, which it described as the “industry’s first pure HTML5 platform” for application development and delivery for mobile devices, desktops or laptops.

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