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Hyperoffice News & Analysis

HyperOffice Releases Social Collaboration Tool

Enterprise communication and collaboration technology vendor HyperOffice is releasing a new version of its cloud-based SaaS communication suite that combines social and collaboration technologies and capabilities.

HyperOffice Plans New Social Features To Support Structured Collaboration

hyperoffice_logo_2010.jpg In an interview with CMSWire, HyperOffice President Farzin Arsanjani reviewed some of the new social features his company is planning to add to its cloud-based SaaS enterprise collaboration platform. Key changes include the addition of a mobility engine and social components to help the application complement other collaborative tools.

SMB Tech Roll-up: Google Docs Adds Discussions, SMBs Underline Interest in Virtual Offices

This week, the SMB space has produced a mixed bag of goodies including the addition of document discussions to Google Docs, email archiving from HyperOffice and email security from M86 Security, while Microsoft could end up competing with itself in the cloud office space through SMB Suite.

HyperOffice Adds Cloud-based Email Archiving

hyperoffice_logo_2010.jpg HyperOffice (news, site) has added another cherry to the icing of its cloud-based collaboration suite with the addition of email archiving promising easy email retrieval without the expense of investing in on-premise software like Exchange 2010.

ThoughtFarmer 4.0: Social Intranet Meets Document Management

thoughtfarmer_logo_2009.jpgCombining document management and social, ThoughtFarmer (news, site) helps unify work and working together.

SMB Tech Roll-up: HyperOffice Upgrades Cloud Offerings, Google Gives SMBs a Boost

In the SMB space this week, HyperOffice has launched a new cloud-based project management offering, while Google looks to release a new online advertising product.

SMB Tech Roll-up: HyperOffice to Take on Google Apps, Microsoft Web Apps?

Since HyperOffice went into beta last December with a new version of its cloud suite it has been threatening to take the collaboration thunder in the SMB space from Microsoft and Google. In the meantime Google outlines how much it is worth to the SMB market.

HyperOffice Expands SaaS Collaboration Suite Reach to EMEA

HyperOffice Expands SaaS Collaboration Suite Reach to EMEAHyperOffice (news, site) gets ready to invade the old world, partnering to offer its software-and-services bundle to Europe and beyond.

Document Management Roll-up: Autonomy Releases New CRM Tool, HyperOffice Gets Mobile

There was a lot about managing data in the retail sector this week with the launch of a new customer relationship management tool from Autonomy and a survey that shows the public is ready to go paperless . Also, HyperOffice makes data mobile with HyperSynch beta.

SMB Tech-Roll up: Facebook extends SMB reach, Microsoft Shifting SMB Strategy?

This week, Facebook takes more SMBs into more advertising markets in more cities, while HyperOffice finally releases its “no geek required” suite of collaboration tools for business users.

HyperOffice Collaboration Suite Offers Google Apps, Zoho Alternative

hyperoffice_logo_2009.gif The new beta version of HyperOffice (news, site) is targeting the SMB market with a whole new bunch of tools that the company says will provide a real and viable alternative to other collaboration suites from the likes of Google Apps to Zoho.

Working Smarter - 4 Potential Ways to Avoid E-mail Chaos

hyperoffice_logo_2009.gif Why is it that the fraught subject of e-mail management gets so much coverage? There are probably dozens of reasons anyone can think of, but at the core of all of them is the often weary acceptance that we just can’t live without it.

Love it or hate it, we are going to have to learn not just to live with, but also to manage our e-mail more effectively.

It was probably with this in mind that HyperOffice, a provider of SaaS solutions for online collaboration, issued its recent white paper with possible solutions to managing the e-mail overload.

Personalization is Back...for Web Content Management

Rhythmyx web content management Once upon a time personalization was a magic and wonderful word. The promises came and went, largely unfulfilled. That’s not to say that the technology didn’t work. It did. Nor is it to say that the basic ideas were bad. They weren’t. The problems by and large were related to how people attempted to use the stuff and the complexities and costs related to integrating it.

Amazon and others have continued to pursue the grail, if in modest strokes. Now were seeing web content management vendors investing in this direction. I say “grand!” If it’s done simply and with out too much ambition, personalization can be a great tool.

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