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Forget the Channels, Focus on the People

2014-10-July-Car-Lot.jpgThe elusive promise of the seamless customer experience might be within reach, but sometimes seamless doesn't equal good -- or great -- customer experience. Are we focusing on the wrong things?

Put on Your Content Marketing Helmet - It's a Content Explosion

Customer Experience,Put on Your Content Marketing Helmet, It's a Content Explosion For many years it’s been said that publishing is every organization's second business, and that has never been truer than it is today, as the need for content to drive consumer transactions has moved from limited print advertising to the insatiable needs of the web-empowered consumer.

Four Reasons Why You Should be Thinking About Customer Journeys

customer journey from desire to delightWondering why you should be thinking about customer journeys? I've got four reasons.

Customer Communities: Build it and They Will Come? Or Move to Their House?

Customer communities are now an active part of your marketing funnel -- how you nurture them is a choice you must make. 

Navigating the 3 C's of Customer Experience - Part 3: Control

This is the third article in my mini-series on managing the customer experience; in the previous article I discussed the first C – Customer and then in my last article I discussed the second C - Content.

Ian Truscott: 2013 Belongs to the Content Professional

2012 was an important year for customer experience management and 2013 will drive our CXM strategies even further. According to VP Products for SDL Tridion, Ian Truscott, it's the content professional who will be in high demand this year and to be honest, content is something you simply can't ignore.

Navigating the 3 C's of Customer Experience - Step 2: Content

Content managers, our time is now.

Navigating the 3 C's of Customer Experience - Step One: The Customer

Whether you call it CEM (experience with an E), CXM (Experience with an X), web engagement, digital experience management, customer lifecycle management or Susan  -- read any contemporary marketing writing and you’ll discover that there is a business imperative to pivot your organization around the empowered consumer.

Mobile - The New Normal #gilbane2012

Mobile technology is evolving from a niche consumer engagement channel to the primary means customers utilize the Internet, according to Ian Truscott, VP of Marketing at SDL. Truscott explained how mobile is changing and businesses need to change their strategies with it during “Why Do You Need to do Mobile Now and How Do You Justify It?”, a session at today’s Gilbane Conference in Boston

Is SharePoint Integration a Mandatory WCM Requirement?

There are a lot of opinions about Microsoft Office SharePoint, some favorable and others less so, but no matter the camp you sit in, there is no denying it’s ubiquity in our organizations.

Webinar Redux: Rethinking Web Engagement - Leading with Content Marketing

Digital marketing is being disrupted. New technologies, including social media, and increased consumer sophistication are requiring digital marketers to rethink how they engage their audiences.

As detailed in CMSWire's August 8th webinar, “Rethinking Web Engagement - Leading with Content Marketing,” by changing their approach to a content- and journey-centric marketing strategy, marketers can weather this change and distance themselves from the competition.

Read on for a recap of the webinar content and to access the full recording of the event.

Engaged, Collaborative Employees Require CXM Style Thinking

shutterstock_94957648.jpg While organizations are recognizing that they no longer control the message in the social web, and a lot is written about how consumers shape perceptions about brands, products and services, the role of the employee is often underrated.

Web CMS Professionals, This Holiday, Spare a Hug for SharePoint

As the nights are drawing in and a chill fills the air, the most wonderful time of year is descending upon us. It’s the season for predictions and Content Management professionals are making their lists and checking them twice.

Rather than listing my industry predictions for 2012 however, I’m going to pool my holiday wishes into one big hope for 2012. That big hope is that we truly figure out where SharePoint sits in our content management and digital engagement strategies.

How Context Can Define a Great Online Customer Experience

Hello, which “you” is reading this, how and where? As many others have observed in these articles, at no time has the mantra “be where the consumer is” been more relevant in our multi-channel world. But it’s not quite that simple.

WEM Perspectives: Have the Buzzword Magpies Stolen our "Engagement"

Oh yes I did -- I said the engagement word. And did I hear a small sigh? Is the word already starting to creep into the lexicon of marketecture? Has it fallen to the same reason that I can no longer utter the word leverage without people giggling? Is it all a bit, you know, web 2.0?

Or can we still talk about it as an industry best practice, a unit of measure, a goal or a set of tools for defining and describing that connection with our audience? I'll argue for the latter.

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