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Ibm Connect News & Analysis

Social Plus Gaming = Higher Engagement #ibmconnect

Wednesday's opening keynote at IBM Connect 2013 came in three parts, which continued to reinforced the idea of purposeful application of social in a business environment.  

Game On: Bunchball Releases Nitro Gamification for IBM Connections #ibmconnect

IBM’s social software platform for businesses, Connections, is bursting with new features and add-ons. Now there’s one more, with the announcement this week by gamification vendor Bunchball of its first Nitro for IBM Connections. 

Is Changing Company Culture the Biggest Hurdle for Social Business? #ibmconnect

Forty six percent of companies increased their investments in social business in 2012, while 62% said they would do so in the next three years an IBM report has found.

Social is the [insert your industry here] Shift You Can't Miss #ibmconnect

Tuesday's opening keynote at IBM Connect 2013 focused on how the combination of social, mobile, digital and analytics are having an impact in all industries. IBM Information Management General Manager Bob Picciano, along with IBM Global Business Services new markets Managing Partner, and IBM Public Sector General Manager Dan Pelino, described how these 4 key technology trends combined are leading to a fundamental transformation of front office processes.

IBM Enables Easy Cloud Application Management, Extends SAP Cloud Alliance #ibmconnect

It seems as if every year IBM Connect always throws in some interesting items -- and this year is no different. In what almost appears to be a timed response to Oracle’s outline of its cloud strategy, IBM has given its SmartCloud a lot of attention, including a great big dollop of SAP love.

From Liking to Leading: The Purposeful Application of Social Technology #ibmconnect

From the opening act of They Might be Giants, to a closing view of IBM Watson's new life in enterprise collaboration, the Opening General Session of IBM Connect 2013 was a play on the theme of “from 'liking' to leading” through the purposeful application of social technologies.

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