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Ibm Connections News & Analysis

HootSuite Enters the Enterprise with IBM Connections Integration

image-hootsuitesocialmedia-2013.jpgIBM has integrated its Connections enterprise collaboration system with the HootSuite social media dashboard, a move that could signal a new epoch in the social business space.

Workers at all levels of the enterprise have been bringing their own mobile devices to work with them and demanding their work tools behave more like their trusty iPads and iPhones. IBM is obviously widely used in the largest global companies and now the conversations employees have on its Connections system can live in HootSuite.

Document Management Roll-up: Nuxeo in 2013, Preparing SharePoint 2013 Migrations

Things are heating up in the document management space. This week, we see Nuxeo setting up its stall for the coming year, vendors and enterprises are gearing up for the release of SharePoint 2013, Micro Strategies connects SharePoint and IBM Connections and Atiz introduces a mobile scanner.

Game On: Bunchball Releases Nitro Gamification for IBM Connections #ibmconnect

IBM’s social software platform for businesses, Connections, is bursting with new features and add-ons. Now there’s one more, with the announcement this week by gamification vendor Bunchball of its first Nitro for IBM Connections. 

Qumu Launches IBM Connections Social Video Solution for Collaborative Knowledge Sharing #ibmconnect

Enterprise video solution provider Qumu is launching a new application designed to allow users to directly collaborate with video from the IBM Connections interface. The IBM Connections Social Video Solution enables uploading, sharing, distributing and managing video from IBM Connections.

From Liking to Leading: The Purposeful Application of Social Technology #ibmconnect

From the opening act of They Might be Giants, to a closing view of IBM Watson's new life in enterprise collaboration, the Opening General Session of IBM Connect 2013 was a play on the theme of “from 'liking' to leading” through the purposeful application of social technologies.

IBM Announces Connections 4.5, Employee Experience Suite #ibmconnect

Enterprise social collaboration software from IBM gets a boost in 2013 with the announced release of Connections 4.5 at the company's Connect Conference this week.

IBM Connections 4 Officially Hits the Street, Analytics, App Integration Take Center Stage

Late last week we announced that IBM had released Connections 4. While it's true, it wasn't really official until today. So we thought we'd take another look into what new. We think you'll be interested.

IBM Connections 4 Gains New Social Capabilities

IBM is unveiling version 4.0 of its Connections social business platform, featuring new social capabilities as well as support for open standards.

IBM Acquires Kenexa for Social Business Boost

IBM is acquiring Kenexa, a publicly-held recruiting/talent management solution provider, in an effort to bolster its social and HR business initiatives. Kenexa offers cloud-based front office applications and consulting services.

SharePoint 2013 and IBM's Lame Response

SharePoint was originally developed as a response, albeit a very weak one, to IBM’s Websphere software, which quickly became the leading enterprise portal solution. However, the mighty Microsoft, never one to rest on its laurels, decided to chase the leader by pouring billions of dollars into SharePoint and has arguably displaced Websphere as the category leader, while IBM has allowed Websphere Portal to plod along with comparably little fanfare, or investment.

Badgeville Places Gamification Functionality inside IBM Connections

Badgeville Places Functionality inside IBM ConnectionsGamification vendor Badgeville is allowing IBM Connections users to layer its game and reputation mechanics on top of the Connections social software suite via a new connector. Chris Lynch, Director of Product Marketing for Badgeville, explained how he thinks this inter-connectivity will add value for Connections users.

LeasePlan Creates Corporate Brain with Social Networking Platform #e2conf

Global car leasing company LeasePlan, with more than 6,100 employees spread across 38 different units in 30 countries, enables its workers to engage in social business collaboration using a platform based on IBM Connection. As explained by LeasePlan's Senior Global Project Manager Corporate Strategy & Development, Wim de Gier during an interview with CMSWire at this week’s Enterprise 2.0 Conference in Boston, his company sees social business as being far more than creating an internal version of Facebook.

IDC Report Again Names IBM First in Market Share for Enterprise Social Software

ibm logo 61812.pngThe number one company in worldwide market share for Enterprise Social Software is...(drum roll)…IBM. This is the third year in a row that the technology giant has been named first in this category by industry research firm International Data Corporation (IDC). 

IBM Connections: Analytics, Email, the Activity Stream & More #ibmsocbiz

IBM Connections is getting a major overhaul and it looks like the last two years of hard work by IBM has taken the social collaboration platform to a whole new level.

IBM Offers Social Apps for Apple, Android, BlackBerry Tablets

IBM has already staked its claim in the mobile arena with a number of social apps for the smartphone. And while these apps work just fine on the tablet, they don't take advantage of the UI and unique capabilities tablets offer. Which is why IBM has introduced tablet versions of their mobile apps. Here's what is on tap.

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