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Webinar Recap: Have Social Business Tools Killed the Intranet?

Webinar Recap: Have Social Business Tools Killed the Intranet?Intranets have for many years been a place where companies disseminate information to employees in a top down, static way. As workers become more remotely distributed, the need for online collaboration tools is butting up against the concept of the traditional intranet. Combining the two is a hot trend in the social business world.

Igloo Intranet Update Adds Responsive Design, Mobile Apps for On the Go Employees

The latest release from Igloo shows the company is thinking about the mobile worker. The Rockland update brings responsive design to mobile devices, and looks like it could solve some of the problems for those that regularly move between desktops and mobile.

Report: Buyers Rule, Sellers Play Catch Up in the New Matrix of Commerce

It’s a buyer’s world. According to a new Constellation Research report, buyers are rulers served by channels galore, a fleet of payment technologies, supply chains ready to do their bidding, and Big Data tracking their every whim. To keep up, the report said, sellers need to align themselves with this new environment, which it dubs Matrix Commerce.

Prediction: SharePoint Will Disappear Very Soon

In the not too distant future, I predict SharePoint will disappear altogether. It might take a year, maybe a little longer. But at some point soon it will be gone.

Calling James Bond: Igloo Grabs Your Gadget Maker's Name for Intranet Updates

Q is the head of R&D in James Bond stories, supplying him with all those wonderful gadgets. In honor of the latest Bond movie, Igloo has used the same letter to name the release of a bunch of new virtual gadgets added to its intranet platform. 

The Future Will Be Built Around Social Content Context, Cloud Collaboration

A final visit to the Advanced Intranet+Portal Conference from last week. We heard already that the importance of content is changing so that now the context of that content is really where it’s at. At the heart of this is the next emerging trend in content: Social, mobile and cloud.

Sharing is Caring: Learn What Works, What Doesn't #jboye12

At J.Boye 2012, it was made clear that sharing is caring. Whether it’s information about what’s working or what isn’t, it’s essential that everyone from development teams to sales and marketing to community managers share insights so as to help everyone innovate and make improvements. Session after session, valuable information about mobile web strategy, SharePoint development and web governance were shared, giving us great insight on how we can avoid pitfalls and work smarter.

IGLOO Adds Social Analytics Through MicroStrategy Integration

IGLOO continues to develop its social networking suite and this time it’s with the help of MicroStrategy, which provides business intelligence and which will integrate its reporting and analytics into the suite. With it, users will be able to track participation in activities in social intranets or extranets.

Opportunities Abound for Social Video, Dynamic Conversations, Enterprise Search #gartnerpcc

Gartner: Portals, Content and Collaboration isn’t just about the sessions and keynotes, it’s about building relationships with attendees and exhibitors alike. This week, many key social business vendors announced new releases and launches. Here are a few that caught our attention.

Igloo Pushes Social Business Software Globally With C$ 5 Million Venture Funding

Igloo Pushes Social Business Software Globally With C$ 5 Million Venture Funding Since it was founded in 2008 in Ontario, Igloo has grown steadily in North America and the EMEA. Its growth has been aided by the confluence of cloud computing, social media, and mobile technologies. And this year, it's set to grow again and has raised C$ 5 million to push growth.

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