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Iks News & Analysis

IKS Offers Cash for Developers Who Have a Great Idea for Using Semantic Technology

The Interactive Knowledge Stack (IKS) project is attempting  to generate developer interest in creating semantically enriched applications using a compelling tool – cash.

IKS Means Semantic Intelligence for Content Management, But Will it Survive?

If you believe (as I do) that semantics is the key to smart content -- to content enriched and structured to promote findability, reuse, and task-focused knowledge extraction -- and if you believe (as I do) in open source, then the IKS Semantic Project may be for you.

IKS Workshop Offers Practical Semantic Technology Training

iks_logosmall.jpgInteractive Knowledge Stack (IKS), the open source endeavor to increase speed of adoption for semantic web technologies, is planning its largest workshop to date. Over 100 participants are expected in Paris July 5-6 for the free event.

Enterprise CMS Nuxeo Adds Semantic Packages to Marketplace

nuxeo_logo_2009.jpg Nuxeo (news, site) added two new semantic modules to its recently released Nuxeo Marketplace. Both the Semantic Linking and Auto-Categorization packages use semantic technologies.

Update: IKS Semantic Technology Project Making Solid Progress

In only two years, the Interactive Knowledge Stack (IKS) (news, site) project has released its first working demo of a semantic knowledge engine and is making quite a stir, as early adopters begin integrating it into their content management software. Recent events have also seen part of the results acceptance as an Apache incubator projected named Stanbol. Here's an update.

Be a Pal, Help IKS Bring Semantic Technologies to CMS

Be a Pal, Help IKS Bring Semantic Technologies to CMSAttention all CMS vendors, IKS (news, site) is inviting you to take part in a survey for evaluating their product's coverage of features, particularly with respect to semantic capabilities. 

Be an IKS Early Adopter and Enhance your CMS with Semantic Features

IKS-leader.jpg If you want to get involved with the Interactive Knowledge Stack(IKS) Early Adopters program then now is probably a good time to start looking at your options.

The Interactive Knowledge Stack, or IKS (news, site) has just announced details of how it intends to proceed with its prototypes: an Alpha Version available between July and September this year and a Beta Version -- which you could be a part of -- targeted for April to June next year.

Semantic Project Update: Interactive Knowledge Stack

The Interactive Knowledge Stack, or IKS, has reached its second year. In that time they've made promising headway, but like the rest of the semantic web, they're really just getting started.

IKS Workshop: Semantic Search in CMS - Fact and Fiction

IKS Workshop: Semantic Search in CMS - Fact and FictionInteractive Knowledge Stack (news, site) has a new workshop planned for November 12 in Rome, Italy to discuss what is needed for its proposed semantic open-source CMS framework.

The IKS project started at the beginning of 2009 with the big idea of creating semantic features for CMS companies to benefit small to midsize businesses. Sponsored by the European Union and partnering with several universities, research outfits and software companies, it will use the upcoming workshop to gain ideas and insight into what users want.

The €6.5 million project will then convert those lessons and information into the Interactive Knowledge Stack. This software stack of techniques, components and specifications will help existing and future CMS products work with semantic search, as and when it becomes a requirement of CMS tools.

The workshop is looking for insight from those in the CMS space, particularly vendors, users, open source developers and others who can help shape development of the IKS. To catch up on the latest results from the project, you can check out the site's blog to see what happened at the first workshop in Salzburg and who was there (including representatives from Plone, Drupal and Jahia), and also catch up on the latest developments.

The two questions being asked in Rome: What exists in terms of search tools that can be developed further? And, what kind of information will we expect from CMS?

If you have an opinion then why not join up and venture it to the team?

Open Source Knowledge Stack Call for Contributors

Open Source Knowledge Stack Call for Contributors The Interactive Knowledge Stack (IKS) project is relatively new, formed in January 2009 in part with funding from the European Commission. Its goal is to provide an open source technology stack for adding semantic web enhancements to existing open source content management systems.

There are many ways the IKS can enhance existing content management system implementations for this purpose, from the user interface down to the guts of the database layer. The IKS is currently seeking developers, integrators, vendors, end users, consultants and others in the open source community who are involved with related projects.

The mission: to build a specification, design, and then implement the IKS. To this end, a requirements workshop for open source developers has been scheduled in Salzburg for May 27 through 29, though it may move to Munich in June if there is enough interest. The purpose of the workshop is to present the technical vision of the IKS, offer your critical assessments and discuss participation details.

For more information about the IKS Project, see the IKS Project site.

Movable Type Vulnerability Found, Patched

In an impressive display of coordinated execution, blog software maker Six Apart yesterday coordinated an emergency point release of the popular Movable Type blogging tool.

Version 3.15 fixes a vulnerability in the mail sending packages for Movable Type versions 1.0 to 3.14. The weakness allowed malicious users to send email through the application to any number of arbitrary users. Hello spammers!

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